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RE: Shadow Photo Contest-Round 70- Sign Shadows

in #shadowphoto3 years ago

Thanks to this contest, I am always on the lookout for cool shadows. If I could make a suggestion for next week ... shadows that are not what they appear. Not that I have my entry ready-made or anything. Tee hee. Thank you, Melinda and @curie and great work @shasta. Here is my entry. Click on the photo for the accompanying post and more shadows.

IMG_7478 (1).jpg


That is a great sign shadow! Thanks for entering. I love your theme suggestion! Would you be willing to host and judge that week?

Can you tell me a little more what it entails?

Provide a sample photo to me via email, [email protected] and then a week later send me a list of the winners you have chosen The next two weeks are spoken for, so it would be the week of June 7th-14th.

Sounds good ... would you also like an accompanying post to advertise the contest with links back to your page?

Certainly! Getting the word out is always a good thing!

Okay ... sign me up. Feel free to give me a reminder closer to the week:)

Wonderful intense dark sign shadow @prydefoltz! Thank you for entering! :-)

Thank you, Shasta:)

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