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That is a lamppost with a lot going on! It makes a great shadow! Thanks for entering!

Haha...yep it like a universal :)

Haha! It certainly is multifunctional!

A few of them would go well around my backyard :)

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That is a great lamppost shadow! Thanks for entering!

Great lamppost and shadow! Thanks for entering!

Thanks a lot, with pleasure!


Sacral beam of light - colorful shadow

I know how difficult it is to find colored shadows! So i share this pics from yesterday ;-)

That is lovely! Beautiful photo--thanks for posting it here!

What an interesting shot! Thanks for entering!

What a beautiful old lamppost and a great shadow! Thanks for entering!

Beautiful night shots! Thanks for entering!

My lamp post shadow entry :-)


What a great shadow photo! Thanks for entering!

Good job capturing shadows on the water. That is not always easy to do. Thanks for entering!

Entry from the shadow hunter :)

Shadow Photo Contest-Round 69- Lamp Post Shadows.


What a lovely place for a beautiful shadow! Thanks for entering

What a lovely place
For a beautiful shadow!
Thanks for entering

                 - melinda010100

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Phew! I think I just made it in. Here is my entry. It is accompanied with a post. You can just click on the photo and it will take you there.


You are on time! The contest ends on Friday mornings. Great shadow shot! Thanks for entering!

Glad to hear that. Thanks Melinda:)

A bit late I know but I finally got a shot of a lampost and included it in this post

The contest doesn't end until tomorrow morning so you are here in plenty of time. And that is a beautiful lamp post shadow! Thanks for finding it.

Phew so I actually made it ;)

You did! And thanks for supporting the contest! The exposure it gets when you enter is great 'advertising'!

Thats why I also always do a link to you and your post so others may see and join

Thank you for that, too!

the least I can do :)

Another cool theme. I hope I will get some shots when the sun comes up. With the rainy forecast I will be extremely lucky if I manage to enter. Still there is time till Friday. :-)

We are still getting plenty of rain, too. But the last few days have been nice in that the sun has come out between rain storms. Good luck Shadow hunting!

I would love to see what lamp posts look like over there :)

Tomorrow I plan shadow hunting :-)

My gaze was fixed on the lamppost, perfect. The shadow of the lamou pole looks with a view of a building in white blends with its cleanliness. I also saw a clean place.
Thanks for this , My Friend

@ erikah took these marvelous photos in Romania. It does look beautiful there, doesn't it?

I can confirm this. There are many very beautiful places in Romania, like in all the countries of the world ... and many ugly places.

Generally we choose to show only the most beautiful ones.

I'm sure that everyone does the same and shows off the beautiful places!

Yes, of course! Between reality and beauty we chose beauty.

I'm glad you like them and also hope to see your entry :)

Howdy Melinda! Another great contest and idea and those are very cool examples!

They have great lampposts in Romania, don't they?

oh yes, those are beautiful! They look old and classic. And of course it's always fun to see what people come up with!

These are new but featuring old days ;)

Howdy erikah! Well the designs are classic for sure! Tnanks for commenting and I hope everything is well with you!

A great theme which I must try to remember and get some shots for this week

Sorry I have been so slack with entering in your contest

Looking forward to your entry.

I will do my best to find some shots and enter ;)

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I will keep my eyes peeled. Looked for a colorful shadow but it eluded me. Wish me luck:)

Can't wait to see what you find!

Good luck.

@erikah, In my opinion, with that lamppost human presence would be perfect match but it's awesome. Keep up and keep capturing.

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beautiful photography. thanks for share.

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