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Very cool colorful shadows! Thanks for entering

A pencil sharpener! It is an interesting colorful shadow. Thanks for entering.

Hello, @melinda010100! Here is my entry:


These are beautiful, Zori! Thanks for entering.

My entry for the Shadow Photo contest this week. Colorful Shadows


Does it still bounce to the ceiling? Great colorful shadow! Thanks for entering!

Yes it does...!! I had to wait before I could play with it because my cat Bruce wanted to...!! Truly was challenge trying to get a photo of it on the floor where the sun was coming in. He kept swatting at!!

Now that your photoshoot is done I hope Bruce is having a good time playing with the ball. Seems like a really 'super' use for it!

Wonderful colorful shadows! Thanks for entering!

Thank you, @melinda010100!!!

I was thinking stained glass might have looked pretty neat, but didn't come across any, so I had to make do! ;)

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Congratulations to the winners of the previous contest!

And this is my new post

Lovely shadows! Thanks for entering!

What lovely shadows! Thanks for entering!

A lovely shadow photo! Thanks for entering!

Hello! Good eve from the Philippines! 😍 This is my entry Colorful Abaniko

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That is a beautiful photo! Thanks for entering!

I love to enter your shadow contest ma'am.. Thank you

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These are fantastic! You could have won 2 Steem this week with any one of these! Wish you would have posted them sooner!

Those a wonderful colorful shadows! Thanks for entering!

What a fun shadow shoot! And what a lovely color! Thanks so much for entering and supporting the contest!

Finally dear finally i entered. And i SA Some great entries and my friend @wesphilbin entered with a hart and i SA anaorta in the hadow, maybe i see things in shadows like the devels Horns befor hahaah
Love it and thank you for the original contest

Wes always has cool entries! I'm so pleased that you entered this week!

I Will try to enter more often

More devilish shadows? I'd love to see more entries from you!

Wonderfully colorful shadows! And great little birds, too!

Thanks so much @melinda010100!! 🐦

These are beautiful colorful shadows! I love the names on each glass! May the spirit of the Ramadan Illuminate the world and show us all peace and harmony.

Glad you like it! Thank you for your kind words Mel ;)

I love this! Wonderful colorful shadows! Thanks for entering!

All those colors make a beautiful Shadow photo! Thanks for entering!

My colored shadow entry :-)


Congratulations to all the winners of Round 67!!

Here is my entry into the #shadowphoto contest:

What a perfectly lovely colorful shadow! Thanks for entering!

What a perfectly
Lovely colorful shadow!
Thanks for entering!

                 - melinda010100

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

A colorful photo! Thanks for entering!

hi! I hope this will not disenchant your have-seen-eyes :P
took the least colourful shadow and made it a picturesque one!


(and this is original, as shot)

Perfectly lovely and colorful! Love the edit! Thanks for entering!

A lovely red shadow! Thanks for entering!

Thanks for the lovely entry and for the Mother's Day wishes! You are so sweet!

Hi Melinda, another great theme for the shadow contest. Here is my scare wasp.


great capture! He has an unexpectedly wonderful colorful shadow! Thanks for entering!

I was not sure if I could find a proper colourful shadow, but this one stands out that I could not miss it.

@melinda010100, Colours are everywhere just we need to have some time so that we can slow down and can capture those refreshing colours.

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You are right! Noticing things like this is the first step in slowing down.

Yes. Have a peaceful time ahead.

Due to lack of time, I missed several contests, but this week I will try to participate :)

I will be looking forward to seeing an entry from you again!

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Hey Melinda, thank you for running this contest. :)

Here is my entry:


That is a beautiful reflection! Such a lovely blossom. Thanks for entering!

Howdy Melinda! I have no idea how you keep coming up with these, what a great idea!

This one is a rehash of one we did last year! It was a favorite, so I figured it would be fun to do again.

Oh that's cool. I think you can redo all of them!

Wow! 2 steem will be a big prize, Keep on steeming my friends!

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Having the extra @curie prize money is going to be fun for all of us!

Because you did great in this community, your vision and mission to help us grow. @curie also does a good things in steemit community. Congratulations to you Ma'am you got @curie support. Steem on!

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very colourful, thanks to share.

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Hola dra melinda010100 saludos espero se encuentre bien al igual que su familia feliz fin de semana

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