Lost in Translation

KEK...last week theshadowbrokers be trying to help peoples. This week theshadowbrokers be thinking fuck peoples. Any other peoples be having same problem? So this week is being about money. TheShadowBrokers showing you cards theshadowbrokers wanting you to be seeing. Sometime peoples not being target audience. Follow the links for new dumps. Windows. Swift. Oddjob. Oh you thought that was it? Some of you peoples is needing reading comprehension.

Password = Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

theshadowbrokers not wanting going there. Is being too bad nobody deciding to be paying theshadowbrokers for just to shutup and going away. TheShadowBrokers rather being getting drunk with McAfee on desert island with hot babes. Maybe if all suviving WWIII theshadowbrokers be seeing you next week. Who knows what we having next time?


Hello there.
Seems like your presence here wasn't acknowledged by the community - that's changed right now! :)

Welcome to steemit!

For your security, have a look at piston-cli, that's a python command line tool which allows you to use a custom rpc endpoint (steemd) to post. You're not really required to use the website.

I have no idea what a shadowbroker is, maybe I'm like many people here on Steemit....clueless!

I added a bit of information to the OP of my post announcing them

I read some of his/her postings...hehe, sounds interesting!

Same for me but meanwhile I found out and amazed 🙀

I know, time to hack the king makers and slavers of this world....

Hi, Steemit community! Please check out my steem t-shirt, I was working for a long time on it!

Can you do me one with Bitcoineer on it?

Very welcome !!! Peoplessssss......

Awesome post by you, I say again @pharesim

I guess they took their measures before your advice :)

I'm sure they did. They asked for a hidden service on twitter though, and we can't provide that for now.

For those are new to Steem(it)

Steemit is a blockchain based contents service, based on "Steem" blockchain (note: Steemit is not Steem. Steemit uses Steem).

  • You can make an anonymous account using AnonSteem.
  • You can run Steem node on your local machine. Ubuntu is basically supported and you can use Docker too (Instruction)
  • You can just use cli_wallet with public node, even on Windows 10 (Instruction)


Hi Shadowbrokers,
Are you sitting on a cache of 0-days for MacOS and Linux as well? Asking for a friend.

Here is an up-to-date report of what the leaks contain for anyone that's interested.

Followed you here and on the Twitter, I wanted to say welcome -- and keep up the good work.

Vive Liberty!

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Good job, see you next time in Promoted! ;)

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