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RE: Lost in Translation

in #shadowbrokers7 years ago (edited)

Hello there.
Seems like your presence here wasn't acknowledged by the community - that's changed right now! :)

Welcome to steemit!

For your security, have a look at piston-cli, that's a python command line tool which allows you to use a custom rpc endpoint (steemd) to post. You're not really required to use the website.


I have no idea what a shadowbroker is, maybe I'm like many people here on Steemit....clueless!

I added a bit of information to the OP of my post announcing them

I read some of his/her postings...hehe, sounds interesting!

Same for me but meanwhile I found out and amazed 🙀

I know, time to hack the king makers and slavers of this world....

Hi, Steemit community! Please check out my steem t-shirt, I was working for a long time on it!

Can you do me one with Bitcoineer on it?

Very welcome !!! Peoplessssss......

Awesome post by you, I say again @pharesim

I guess they took their measures before your advice :)

I'm sure they did. They asked for a hidden service on twitter though, and we can't provide that for now.

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