Winners Round 77- Action Shadows

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Because there were only 7 entries this week, @hangin has declared each one of the entries a winner! Thanks so much to @hangin for hosting this week!

And since I am feeling generous I have upped this week's prize to 7 Steem so that everyone gets 1 Steem just for entering!

7 entries.
7 Steem
Contest number 77

Thanks to everyone who entered!


@shasta hg8p90jnly.jpg




@annephilbrick owufgalwco.jpg


Go here to enter

Shadow Photo Contest Round 78- Office Shadows

banners by @shasta

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Thank you! 😊

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Interesting images this week, it is very generous of you that we are all winners. Thank you and have a happy day.

My pleasure and congrats to you!

Many thanks for your generosity dear Melinda. Much appreciated. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 💕

My pleasure! Thanks so much for entering!

You're very welcome. 😊

Congratulations to all the winners ..🎈🎈
Thank you..!!!!!!
@melinda010100 !!!!!
and 😊
@hangin !!!!!!


Congrats to you! Be sure and let me know if you have any ideas for a theme!

Thank You...!!!
😊Musical Instruments /music related ..

Oh! That sounds like fun! Will you be the host/judge that week? I would just need you to get me a sample photo.

Sure I can do that...!!
I shall get some samples pictures.
Please come out sun🌞...!!
Going to need a couple of days or so take the photos. I already know what Instruments I want to use.

No rush... It can even wait until September

I am truly most excited about hosting a shadowphoto contest..

My email is Melinda.010100 if it works for you to send the picture that way.

Congratulations 🎉 to all the awesome action shadow winners!
Fantastic number seven @hangin! :-)
Thank you so much @melinda010100! @hangin!

Thanks do much for always supporting the contest!

Thank you very, very much @melinda010100 and @hangin! 😀

My pleasure... Thanks for all you do for the contest!

You are all welcome congrats to you all and thanks for supporting @melinda010100 contest :)

I brake for shadows - I love that.
This contest is on my next up (or soon anyway) list.
Nice work everyone!

The slogan was @annephilbrick's idea and @shasta created the banner. I love it, and any shadow hunters can use it. I'll be looking forward to a Shadow Photo entry from you!

Howdy Melinda! Really great entries as always!

Each week is a surprise! Hope you are having a good weekend!

Howdy today Melinda! I'm have a great weekend and things are going very well, how are you doing? anything happen at your house this weekend?

The kids have been around pressure washing the deck and getting things the way they want them for the party they are hosting here next Sunday for my 65th birthday. Not sure how I feel about this event, but it is sweet of them to make the effort!

lol! We are the same age! Welcome to retirement age!'s strange to think about isn't it? I still think young most of the time at least, or at least not old!
That is wonderful of them!

Maybe that explains the connection here! 😃 It is strange to be this old.... There are 4 women friends who are coming to the party that I went to kindergarten with and we graduated from high school together. When we get together and start reminiscing it seems like it was only yesterday! How in the world can we be this old?🧓

Exactly. In fact there's a meme about that and I'm going to post it today. lol. It doesn't seem real because our spirits and minds don't really age so it's not fair! It's amazing that you have kept friends with people since kindergarten! That has to be rare I think.

I think it is pretty rare, too, to have friends for a lifetime! I am grateful for them all.
I love that meme.

I don't think many people have freinds like that, I don't for sure. yes that meme is one that we can all relate to!

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Thank you so much for the blessing early in the morning @melinda010100
Oh! 7,7,77 it's lucky number!

Congrats to you! Lot's of lucky 7s!

It's your luck and our luck!

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