SGL Week 12 Winners Announcement!

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Well here we are at week 12, this is kinda amazing because it means SGL just turned 3 months old! So a massive thank you to all those involved with this week, it was awesome to see our group of regulars back again <3

But as always with our main SGL posts I wanted to mention again, that from now on @ausbitbank will be breaking our ties if and when they occur. We had been relying on @swelker101 but with the time zones this means it was the middle of the night for him, this way if we have a tie I can hassle @ausbitbank until he does it :P and then you fine people don't have to wait!

Also I wanted to mention that the internet in Venezuela has been a bit sketchy this week, not only causing issues for people trying to entry - but also for our own team, @joseacabrerav was unable to get online this week to even listen to the entries. Sometimes things just get beyond our control so please bare with us during these hectic days, it happens to us all at some point.

I will also say to keep an eye out for @zipporah's post, both she and @pechichemena got their selections in but were unable to post before this main post went live. @zipporah's will be out soon I'm sure, she has been super busy photographing live music events and I'm super jealous :P

Alright so without further delays, here are our winners for week 12 of SGL!

First Place:

@kantos - Sonic Groove Live | Week #12 | TICO TICO NO FUBÁ

First Place Wins:

  • 5000 Sonic Groove delegation for 4 weeks!
  • 100 Steem
  • 100 Creative Coin
  • 200 Sonic Groove
  • 30 HLPE token
  • Winning post will be featured in SGL's weekly winner's announcement post.
  • Winning post promoted on
  • Winning post resteemed by SGL account to sit as the top post for at least 3 days
  • Winning post will be tweeted by the SGL twitter account and pinned for 3 days
  • Winning post will receive a 100% upvote from the Helpie account


"I love the flute and guitar duet combo...very beautiful sound! The syncopation and fast tempo are impressive as well."


"This was such an energetic and captivating performance, I have to say I wasn't sure where it was going at times. I just didn't realise the tempo would increase so much so suddenly, just a lively and active tune that you can't help but bop along to.

I really enjoyed your combination of instruments, it really added so much to this incredible performance. It's not only the combination of the two its the contrast they support through each other, I really love the complex sounds this creates and the result is truly stunning.

I do have to say this is a rather full on piece of music on a few different levels, its not only the intensity of the tempo throughout and the changes within it. It's also the music itself, the notes and their arrangement really make this song rather intense from the get go.

I really loved every moment of this performance and listened to it countless times, I only wished it was longer - but I don't really know how one could keep that up for a super long version of the song lol. It was a fantastic performance and entry, I really hope to see more from you both :D"

Second Place:

@exoelias - Sonic Groove Live · Week 12 · Cover "I Want It That Way" by @Exoelias

Second Place Wins:

  • 50 Creative Coin
  • 100 Sonic Groove
  • 20 HLPE token
  • Winning post will be featured in SGL's weekly winner's announcement post
  • Winning post promoted on
  • Winning post resteemed by SGL to sit at second post place for at least 3 days
  • Winning post will be tweeted by the SGL twitter account


"I love this song and you did a fantastic job performing it!"


"@exolias you've done it again my friend! Just wow on every level, I haven't heard this song in the longest time. Honestly it takes me back to my high school days, it was such a pleasant surprise and such a bloody kick ass performance to boot.

I love your combination of playing and singing, you are the perfect accompaniment when you sing - it's just so lovely to hear and I can't help but sing along with you, belting it out with all the passion possible. I also have to mention you mixed things up a bit, which is always just a delight for a classic song people know so well.

Hearing you get to change things around a bit really adds so much depth to a song, I have to also quickly mention that also added some key changes I don't believe were in the original version. Not to mention this was an ensemble performance with multiple vocalists, this means a whole lot of voices made up the original song - that is a lot of pressure to put on one performer, there's not a whole lot of opportunity for breathing.

I love that you always seem to be connected to the song you are performing, you seem to be feeling the lyrics and conveying the story with the emotion on your face as well as your voice. Your voice is just so pristine, you have an incredible ability to captivate your audience and hold it.

I really like how you reworded sections where there were layered vocals in the original, choosing a unique vocal line that I think added even more to the overall sound. I also really enjoyed your super high notes, especially on the held "why's" choosing to stick in your chest/mix voice really added the extra power needed there to pack the punch that it did.

Your arrangement meant reducing four or five vocal lines into one cohesive vocal line, that in itself deserves a kudos - but you also managed to take the most complicated elements and include them in your rendition, which just made the song sound even more complex.

I have been absolutely adoring your entries of late and you did not fail to impress us again this week, just an all round amazing performance and I really loved every second of it. I also want to take a moment to note you mention in your post you were wanting to not stress to much about the pronunciation, firstly massive props to anyone singing a language that was not their native tongue.

I have to say you managed wonderfully, whilst I could tell in a few places that English wasn't your first language - it wasn't obvious for most of the performance and whats more in the moments when I did notice, it took absolutely nothing away from the meaning, emotion or performance!

As a singer myself I have come across several songs in other languages I just love to "sing" along with, however my grasp of these languages is rather non existent so I am way too nervous to ever attempt them publicly - so again massive kudos on that front as well, but again your understanding of English far out weighs my own of other languages lol.

Another awesome performance, from a brilliant musician - I am becoming such a massive fan of your music, this is why I love my job :D"

Third Place:

@barski - Sonic Groove Live Week 12 - cover - BTS 방탄소년단 Butterfly 버터플라이 - Peter Barski

Third Place Wins:

  • 50 Creative Coin
  • 75 Sonic Groove
  • 10 HLPE token
  • Winning post will be featured in SGL's weekly winner's announcement post
  • Winning post promoted on
  • Winning post resteemed by SGL to sit at third post place for at least 3 days
  • Winning post will be tweeted by the SGL twitter account


"@barski you just keep on keeping on here my friend, seriously I am loving your song choices and also your execution of them. You just always make me smile, I love your entries they are just so clean and crisp - utter perfection on every level, it is honestly extremely hard to find any fault at all with your entries.

Your playing is quite honestly impeccable and I just can't get enough of it, each week I like to keep an eye out and see what you have in store for us. I can just drift away when I listen to your amazing music, I never grow tired of hearing - its just so peaceful and ready to be enjoyed."

Communities Choice:

@partitura - Sonic Groove Live, Week 12 - Jongbloed, Prelude "Tota pulchra es" (original)

Communities Choice Wins:

  • 200 Sonic Groove
  • Winning post will be featured in SGL's weekly winner's announcement post
  • Winning post will also feature sponsor promoted comments/review left on the original post in SGL's winners announcement post
  • Winning post is already promoted on
  • Winning post is resteemed by SGL to sit at fourth place for at least 3 days
  • Winning post will be tweeted by the SGL twitter account

This weeks Communities Choice Judge - @ylich

"I love this. In addition to the fact that you did a great performance, the composition is also very beautiful. Congratulations!!!"


This was another amazing week for SGL please don't forget to go and check out the judges posts and also all the amazing entries we received this week. Submissions open Thursday 1 am CST / Thursday 6 am UTC and will close at Saturday 1 am CST / Saturday 6 am UTC, remember you can record in advance and schedule your post's to be sure you submit within the open window.

Please check out our amazing artists that performed this week and show them some love <3



I am grateful for the amount of time and effort you put into this

Oh @sonicgroovelive

No salgo de mi asombro, esta semana la participación fue maravillosa, muchos músicos entraron a la competencia y todos hicieron una trabajo musical impresionante, realmente no pensé que ganaría esta semana, sin embargo debo confesar que tuve mucha fe en el trabajo realizado por mi amiga Gabriela Lunar en la Flauta Transversa, que de seguro próximamente tendrá también su cuenta en Steem para deleitar a todos con sus melodías.
Estoy agradecido con los jurados por esta selección y envío un fuerte abrazo desde Venezuela.
I don't come out of my astonishment, this week the participation was wonderful, many musicians entered the competition and all did an impressive musical work, I really didn't think I would win this week, however I must confess that I had a lot of faith in the work done by my friend Gabriela Lunar in the Transverse Flute, who will surely soon also have her account in Steem to delight everyone with her melodies.
I am grateful to the jurors for this selection and I send a big hug from Venezuela.

Its been awhile since I saw posts like this. I miss seeing these contests.
And I'm still wishing I could get back to singing and music writing.
Congratulations to the winners.

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