So Happy to Win 35 STEEM from Acidyo's Steem Fantasy Premier League (SFPL)

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So, the Steem Fantasy Premier League came to an end with the close of English Premier League season. The league was remarkably organized by @acidyo and it had lucrative prize money as well. Over the course of 38 gameweeks, posts related to #SPFL generated 3500 STEEM which was distributed among the top 48 players in the league.


I started the season terribly and was struggling out of top 48 for the best part of early season. But I am happy to announce that I broke into top 20 on the very final day of the season for the first time, getting a 35 STEEM price in the process.

Here are the 48 lucky winners. The top three have had a great payday. I am at # 20.

image (1).png

Thanks to @acidyo for making it happen. I am anxiously waiting for the next season. I hope we will have even more fun next year.


  • Do you play FPL?
  • Do you follow football leagues?
  • Which league is your favorite?

Let's discuss in the comments as always.


Ilyas Tarar




Congratulations! I hope your example will be useful for the rest of the Steemians.

Awesome man. How do I join this?

Guidelines please

Make an account at and enter your team in SFPL in August (when new season starts).

I love football, Mancunian here by the way :D I will give it a try next season, thanks for the link, heading to

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Congratulations Ilyas bhai

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