Steem Fantasy Premier League - League Prize Winners

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As many of you know, the SFPL was recently over after an amazing season. I just now went through all names in the top 48 that were eligible for a reward to make sure they had signed up in time (before gw2 was over) and not later cheated their way into the league.

Here is a list of all winners and the amount they won from the 3500 Steem Prize Pool!

Those that have a minus before their Steem username means that I was not able to find their entries before gameweek 2 in the posts. If they can prove to me that they did comment in time, you have two weeks time to let me know before you forfeit your prize.

Thank you to everyone participating in one of Steems biggest tournaments so far, let's make the next season even bigger! Congratulations all winners!

Rewards will be sent out after this post is posted.


That's one hell of a prize pool @acidyo.
Will for sure participate next season, not as much for the prize pool but I am always in for some friendly banter :)
Are you also going to organize a world cup contest?

Ps: still waiting for your entry :)

I joined steemit in December last year so I couldn't join the league. I'm definitely not missing out next season.
Thanks, @acidyo for having this league and all of the sponsors and congratulations to all the winners.

Looking forward to it man.

Huge payout total!

I'm stoked with 35 STEEM, the dudes in the top 3 must be having a party!

Thanks so much for organising this each week, I empathize with the ballache.

Hoping this one runs next year and the season finishes on a year high! :D

High 5!!! I started below 48 and made it to top 20 in the last gameweek. 35 Steem! 🙌

I got to know about this late and could not fully participate. There is no chance i am missing this next season. For for the main time will you organize for the world cup?? @acidyo

Wow , my oh my. That’s a huge sum here in my country . This is amazing. Congratulations to winners , you guys are well deserved. Keep steeming and touching lives @acidyo

I did not have time to join before. Hopefully we can meet when the world cup is only a few days away.

in every post Steem Fantasy Premier League I always participate in one of the biggest tournaments

Congratulations acidyo sir...

Thanks @acidyo🙏 for putting up such awesome tournament, it's the only steemit contest I've ever participated in... Congrats @mohhamed32 🙌 on your wins would be on your tail next season... Congrats to all other winners... Let's do it again next season... Cheers!!!

I just joined steemit in February, so I couldn't join the SFPL @acidyo. I can't wait to participate next season.

I signed up a steemit account in March 2018, so it's impossible to join, and I will definitely join in next season.
I resteem your post, hopefully next season many people join.

When will the next season start? And how to participate?

Big congrats to all the winners and well done @acidyo. By the way, will you be hosting any contest for the coming world cup?

Congratulations to all the winners.. Best of wishes and much love @joyart

Wow that's a badass prize pool you've accumulated over there mate, well done, the top 10 people must be buzzing !

I really like what you do and i did join your weekly Premier League contests when i discovered them, but unfortuantely i was not into steemit yet with the Steem Fantasy PL kicked off.

Looking forward to join it when the new season kicks off, thanks for the great work you do & keep it up :)

Congratulations to all the winners.. Wish you the best in the best

I can't wait for next season @acidyo. Am ready to ball!!!!

Keep, us updated on the next tournament. Really can't wait to participate in it.

Congratulations to all the winners hopefully next month I can join the league match .. Good luck for you

Many congratulations to all the winners. Thanks to the convener too, @acidyo.

Next season will be even greater and more fun.

I congratulate all winners.
and hopefully you make more contests because I think the contest is something fun.
Thanks @acidyo

WoW, that is loads of STEEM to win, and now I feel bad for joining Steemit that late. I would have finished in top 5 with my score. Definitely not missing next season.
Are you having Fantasy Wrold Cup too?

Congratulations to the winners

For Next season am in..... Still new here that why I could not participate in the last

WOW! That's amazing. I have to join this the next season. Anything for World Cup?

I am in for the next one for sure! :)

how we could join it bro @acidyo

It took me 38 gameweeks to break in to top 20. It was a wonderful league and I hope to be an active part next year as well. I hope you continue this league with the same format. We'll hopefully have a lot more players next season because we'll bring more. I have two very experienced people to invite and they will be hard to beat.

Congratulations to the winner(s). Best of luck for next season!!!

Where can I find information about what this contest was and will be next season?

I would like to say thank you for this great contest, and congratulations for the winner. Maybe this time I have not qualified to win but the next season is ready to compete.
Thanks @acidyo

Hello @acidyo I saw that you are thinking about making a fantasy for the world cup, on the official website of FIFA you can register and play as we did in the premier league. I invite you to review it.

Wow!!! I'm really grateful for this @acidyo, I initially forgot about this and was surprised to see an alert on my wallet. Thank you so much.

Will there be another competition for the upcoming world cup?

Wow! Thank you very much @acidyo! Wonderful, and also very surprising to have won something. :-D

Looking forward to entering again next year!

Woooo this is so nice @acidyo. How do I participate?

The last time i checked my squad was probably last year..

pls how can some1 join the fpl for next season.

pls how can some1 join the fpl for next season.

Congratulations to the winners!

Looking forward for the World Cup!

Hey Mr @acidyo..
How are to sign up to participate in this competition, please explain so that I can participate in the next season ...