SFEOS Art Contest Winners!

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OK folks, It's been two weeks since our first contest was started. I've chosen 4 winners for the SBD prizes. This was not easy for me because I hate picking one entry over another. Thank you all for your submissions. Thank you @alexandravart (@ccommons.art) for the hours you spent helping to host this contest.

Promotion Prize (3 SBD)

Though the contest was all about art, I've chosen one post that was not a contest entry, but instead a well researched and summarized promotional post that highlighted the game and what we have in store for SFEOS. The promotion prize goes to @scandinavianlife. Welcome aboard!


Third Place (5 SBD)

This entry pulled me outside of my own box of thinking. I love the idea of this as a ship. I especially love the description of the technology that @mrlightning wrote along with the art entry.

The ship travels through space by concentrating gravity ahead of it. It's the same principle as an electromagnetic train or a railgun - the concentrated gravity continually pulls the ship forward increasing its acceleration. It wouldn't be very maneuverable with this type of propulsion system, but for interplanetary travel, where speed is the key, it should do well enough.

@mrlightning your writing, from other posts of yours I've read, makes me certain we can work together in the future. Thanks for coming aboard the project. I'll try not to "harass" you too much though (inside joke) ;)


Second Place (10 SBD)

The second place prize goes to @federacion45 for one image I liked in particular, but also because the entries brought me outside of my box of thinking with a few different images and two entries.



First Place (20 SBD)

First prize goes to @elohprojects for his poster quality "concept" art. This is just an amazing piece.


In Conclusion

We are planning other contests in the future. I'll be transferring the SBD as soon as this is posted. Congrats to the winners!

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That's some awesome art. Missing the tag art in the post. Congrats to the winners!

@scandinavianlife - There is some kind of problem when I try to transfer to you. It just sits and spins. I'll try again later.

Finally went through. Thanks for the promotion.