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I want to play, too!

Interesting.. Looks very similar to, which I just invested in. I guess it is going to be a race to capitalize on being the first blockchain MMO other there.

Parsec do look great too :)

Parsec looks awesome! I wish them well. I'm not sure how they are setting things up. I'll have to read about their project more.

SFEOS will be a player owned and run (through a DAC) game. There is no game company behind it making tons of money from the players. In fact players will automatically make tokens for completing their day's actions and they can sell resources if they choose. Initial founders will be getting some extra resources in-game.

I'm of the opinion that fee based blockchains will not be able to handle the micro-transactions necessary for games like these. That is a huge reason we are such big fans of EOS.

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