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I would not have thought the laughter of a hyena would lend to our passion, but it brought back to our consciousness the memory that we were out in the wild and that made our nudity and coupling also wild and a part of nature. It almost no longer mattered that this was Robert and Gilli. We were two bodies, male and female and we were driven also by instincts that reached back to the beginning of time. As I sucked her nipples it was because not only were they beautiful, but also were part of her femininity, part of the mother to be in her that will feed our child someday.

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When I was finally through the tight entrance and slid within her I felt a difference. It felt as if the lining of her vagina has little fingers or tongues that rippled along my shaft as I plunged into her depths, bringing me the most exquisite sensations, so that I could no longer control myself, the summons already having been delivered and my seed burning as it shot through me. I cried out and she answered my cry and the rapture she sensed in me with her own orgasm. Her orgasm had the effect of clutching me all along the tunnel so that I could not pull out even a centimetre. I felt as if there was a vacuum sucking at my penis, drawing out each and every drop from within me. Only once the throbbing of my ejaculation had subsided did her orgasm release me so that I was able to achieve a few thrusts as my hips had yearned for.

Spent, as if this were my third climax, I collapsed upon her. I kissed her fervently, as if still urgently trying to draw love from her heart, steal the essence of her body and also make it part of mine. Gradually we both returned to a sanity that trembled in wonder at the glory of the insanity we had just found and wished for it to return again. It did, again and again until morning found me wasted, not even my healer doing much anymore to strengthen my legs as I tried to stand up.

I stared at her frail looking body, so dainty and tiny and was in awe of her. Sensibly I dressed and lay down again next to her, face down, placed an arm over her and went to sleep. As sunlight crept over my face something within me woke me up and I remembered her sensitivity to our sun. The silly girl was lying there still undressed, her face turned to me, huge green eyes staring. She had not wanted to waken me and had decided to chance the sun.

She dressed and I decided it was easier to jump than to walk back to camp. We arrived in our tent and I lay down on the bed, inviting her with my eyes. She lay down on top of me and we both fell asleep.

The servants were understandably upset when they discovered us there. They had checked our tent that morning, not seen us, had not seen us enter camp, and here we were, sleepy but starving. They yammered away, in Kiswahili I presume, as they rushed to make coffee and prepare our breakfast. As I had my second cup with creamer, I asked the one I knew smokes if he would sell me a packet. He refused any money for it and when Gilli smiled at him he shyly ducked his head and left us in a rush.

Eddie had gone for supplies - which I soon found out were only about two hours away. Within the hour after our breakfast he was back, sans Hettie.

“Sorry about that. I find I cause less consternation if I go for supplies when Hettie is coming or leaving. What is wrong with you Robert? I’ve never seen you looking so pale. Are you sick?”

“Sick, with a healer? No. Just tired.”

He took one look at Gilli who had forgotten to change herself back, or did it deliberately because she liked looking older, I was too tired to find out, saw the bloom in her cheeks and sparkle in her eyes and wondered, I found out later, as he could not believe that she has the sexual prowess to exhaust me like this, whether she is some kind of energy vampire.

We were supposed to return to Dar that day, but I was not in the mood for it and went back to sleep, then sat with my nine year old Gilli on my lap, and chatted with Eddie till the flames had hypnotised me and I wanted to sleep again. I was not prepared to make love that night as I would have been highly embarrassed by the screams that would have been torn out of my throat if we had. Luckily Gilli did not expect it and was happy to sleep curled up by my side.

The next morning we had breakfast and I gave the servants a very good tip, influenced by the way they had watched over me in the other reality. Eddie told them that he has arranged for a car to pick us up, so we were able to jump back to the house in Dar.

That night I was very grateful that Dimitri does not have any servants. I could not have constrained myself and they would have heard us. Now that we were within walls I also realised something else. As Gilli got aroused, her scent strengthened and drove me wild with need for her. After we had made love the scent seemed to get even stronger, even her breath an aphrodisiac. I could not help returning to her sweet body again and again.

“That sure is one potent little orange flower you have baby. How do your clan men manage to stay strong and healthy?”

“Usually they only make love once every week or ten days.”


“I could not wait that long. I can hardly wait for tonight.”


She stared at me and I realised that without me wanting to, I had elevated myself in her eyes into some kind of superman.

“Gilli. Do you prefer to make love, say twice a night but every night, or five, six times once every three days?”

“Every night.”

“Then I need your help. Would you have the self control to get up after the second time, even if I plead with you not to, and go for a shower? Afterwards you can still come and lie in my arms. Maybe once a week or every ten days we just let nature take its course, no shower I mean.” As she realised I was saying I found her irresistible, I felt how it boosted her self-confidence.

As with making love with any girl (or woman), it is only with time that a man learns how to get the most out of their lovemaking. It was the same with Gilli. The differences of her body needed changes in techniques, the learning of new ones, but they were certainly worth learning. She did tell me one thing that disturbed me though. She said that after a woman has two children their sexual drive dies out, only very rarely needing to have sex or another child thereafter. I also realised that I was wrong; the feeling of being sucked actually came from her blood pressure when I was held tightly and her inner muscles rippled along to the tip.

We went to London, but every second night we jumped back to Dar. The effect of walking to the casino, our time there and return did unbelievable things to my ego. She had to look over twenty one to come with me and her exotic looks at that age are just stunning. We had men flocking around her if she took more than two steps away from me.

She understood what games of chance are and once she’d learnt the rules she played craps - winning more than double what I’d lost at roulette. I refuse to play Black Jack because of my Cherinian memory; in effect I would have been cheating.

That was also the night she first tasted meat, well, it was actually pate de foie gras on very thin triangles of toast. We were both surprised when she found she liked it. I guess we will be stocking up on that from now on.

My Gilli loved and hated Venice. I think it was the smell she hated most - at times even I found it very unpleasant. She had never been on water and found travelling in a gondola exciting, and when we took a motor boat to the island where the glass factory is, her little face was alive and she could not sit still from her excitement. This gave me the idea of taking all my girls on a cruise.

To Gilli the glass works of art were pure magic. I bought her a number of small pieces, determined to try and take them across with her to her world. Once I’d mentioned it she wanted a piece for Daniel, another for her parents and one for a close friend.

On the boat ride back, I sat like a wooden dummy, my mind racing. I could not believe how stupid I have been and now that I had thought of it, I could hardly wait to get back home. It turned out to be just as well.

Back in Dar I noticed she was trying to hide her gradually growing unhappiness.

“Either you tell me what is wrong or else I’ll have to believe I’ve done something to make you unhappy.”

“I’m tearing up inside Robbie. I don’t want this to end and I never want to be away from you again, but I miss my parents, our village and my friends. I miss my world, the smell of the forest and the food I’m used to. Now you will think I don’t love you.”

“I miss my home and all my loves, even my friends. Why shouldn’t you? The difference for you has been even greater.”

“Can we go home Robbie? I feel less unhappy there.”


“The word is homesick. You must never do this to me again Gilli. Tell me what is wrong, don’t wait for me to notice and then draw it out of you. If you don’t, it only shows you don’t trust me.”

We returned home.

Cherine was the first to catch on and asked, with a smile, “Nearly one month Robert? She must have been wonderful for you to stay so long!”

“Gilli, will you also let them all share our honeymoon?”

We both relaxed and let them all go through our memories. I was expecting what the girls then attempted and was in place, blocking their healers.

“How dare you!!” I shouted. That brought a storm of protests.

“It is not alright. It is part of Gilli being who she is. Not one of you even asked her first. I’ve never been so disappointed in all of you.”

“But we could all make you feel like that Robert.”

“Who says I want that? I have told you all a hundred times, stop copying whatever I love in one of you. You all just refuse to listen or to even try to understand.” I stood up, now furious. “I’ll tell you all something. Every single one of you is less than you were the day you joined me. As for the babies - you never even gave me the chance to meet the real you, metamorphosing yourselves from before birth. To hell with this, I’ve had enough!” I grabbed my cigarettes and walked out.

I was no sooner out the door than I realised my mistake and went straight back in.

“Gilli, Candy, Jade. Come with me please.” I picked my crying Candy up and we walked out.

“I’m sorry Candy. You and Jade are the only ones who stayed as you were. Sorry for including you in my shouting.” She hugged my neck and buried her face against me, but I could feel she had accepted my apology. Jade only stared up at me, still a little afraid of my anger. I winked at her and she seemed to relax a little.

“I don’t understand Robbie, what have they done?”

“Gilli. Take a look at Candy. Hasn’t she got the loveliest honey blonde hair?”

“Yes. I think it is lovely.”

“So, why don’t you change your hair, make it the same. Gilli, I’m not asking, I’m telling you to.”

She struggled within herself and asked with tears in her eyes. “You don’t like my hair?” and she changed it.

“Now look at yourself through my eyes.” Candy had sat up and was staring at Gilli, very unhappy at what she saw.

“I look different.”

“Gilli, if you had chosen to do it, you would have betrayed the Gilli I love. Change your hair back please.” Once she had done so we entered my local coffee shop. The girls ordered while my coffee was brought to me.

“Gilli, it takes courage to be yourself. All of us want to be popular. Those with strong personalities also want it, but they are not willing to compromise their own character and personality, and they dress the way they want to and do the things they believe in. Ninety percent of teenagers and even adults want to be the same as everyone else, they are afraid to be thought of as different. They want their hairstyle, their clothes, the way they talk, everything they do to be the same as everyone else. Those are traits I cannot stand.


Soon as I meet someone who is willing to be different, make up their own fashion, read what they want to and think their own thoughts, I am attracted to them - whatever they look like. I may not like the way they express themselves or what they believe in, but I sure do admire them. Gilli, the only use I have for sheep is a nice roast leg of lamb or lamb chops grilled with fried potatoes. The British used to be known as being tolerant of eccentrics. I love them.

Each of my girls, when I first found them, not my babies, they had something I loved about them. It may have been the way her nose turns up, the shape of her ear, the way her bum sticks out - whatever. The first was Cherine. I adored the large sex bump she has. I bet you are wondering what I’m talking about since all my girls have large sex bumps.”

“I thought that is how all Earth girls are.”

“No. Some have narrow ones, some are softer and others firm. Some are bony. Some the clitoris sticks out and in some it is hidden. The point is, they all saw how I adored that part of Cherine and changed theirs to become the same. They stole that something special of Cherine, so that if I cannot see or sense who I am touching there, I now don’t know who it is. Worse than stealing from Cherine is the fact that they cheated themselves. Instead of feeling the pleasure I get when I touch them there because that is how they look and feel, they know, even if only subconsciously, that I am enjoying the feel of Cherine’s flower - not theirs!”

“That is stupid!”

“Is it Gilli?” I stared at her and she had the grace to blush.

“At least you did not change yourself. For me the worst is that my babies, from the womb, tailored their looks so as to have the best of what I liked in each of my girls. This carries on any further I’ll have a bunch of clones, all looking exactly the same. You know that Diana was created by the girls so as to have all the attributes that are most attractive to me. I used to tremble just from looking at her. Even she has changed herself!!”

“But why?”

“Because they do not have the self confidence to believe in themselves; to trust in me that I see a special beauty in each of them, so they try to make themselves become what they think pleases me. Candy, if not for you I would be crying ‘where is my Wendy, that lovely little girl that stole my heart’ because she no longer is Wendy, just a copy of the Wendy she thinks I want. At least I can look at you and remember her also.”

Gilli had not understood my rambling on about sheep, perhaps even found it distasteful, but she was bright enough to understand the general drift of my complaint.

“Haven’t you told them…oh. They would not listen?”

“Not with their hearts - only with their fears.”

“Candy - and you Jade. Why haven’t you changed yourselves like the others did?” Gilli asked.

“Robbie made me like this, I can’t just go and change myself!”

“And you Candy?”

“I thought of changing myself to look like Wendy does now…I think I was scared to. Robbie always makes me feel so beautiful and special, I was afraid he may not like it if I change something.”

“That also is wrong Candy love. You must not keep yourself as you are for my sake. If there is something you really don’t like about yourself you should change it. Not that I can see what that could be.”

“I’d love to have smaller feet.”

“Then do it - but girlie, you do it because you want it, not because you want to look like someone else.”

“Maybe later.” She looked me in the eyes, fearful of finding disapproval. I grinned back. Suddenly I had the feeling she was not going to change them, having my approval was all that had mattered. It seems I still have a long uphill battle in trying to convert them from sheep into goats.

“I think we better go back now. I needed a few minutes to calm down and having you three with helped speed it up, thanks.”


Candy looked at the ashtray and primly told me, “You’re smoking too much.”

“You want me to stop love?”

She thought about it seriously. “I think you better not.”

“Jade. You and Cassie ready to leave?”

“I am, Cassie will be when we get home.” There was a glimmer in her eyes that warned me she is amused about something.

Soon as we walked in I knew what had been so funny. I nearly asked them all to introduce themselves. It was with pleasure I saw old familiar faces and bodies again - the shock were those who are born-Cherinians. If I had not been able to feel them I might not have recognised all of them.

I made certain that each of them got a hug and felt how I responded to them deep within my heart.

“When we return from our honeymoon I suggest we all go on a cruise. That will give me the chance to get to know you all over again. You all obviously were listening as I talked to Gilli. Do not forget the last part, my discussion with Candy.”

“We’ll never find so many cabins now, not in the middle of Summer!”

“Dommi, you forgetting? Jump back a year and make the booking.”

I waited until they were all settled again before making my next announcement.

“How many heads are there in this room? If you can count, leave out those without any brains. You all know what I have been through and since coming back I have not had much time to just think. Even if I had, I am not that bright myself, you should all have thought of this long ago.”


“Especially you Cherine. You and Meli.”

“Us? What Robert?”

“Have you felt Cherine, that Daniel and all his people are not suitable to be accepted as Cherinians?”

I let them have all the time they needed to kick themselves sufficiently. Gilli took the longest to believe and she then cried, throwing her arms around me.

“I did not think of it because I am clever. I think it was the protector in me. In Venice, Gilli bought some presents for family and friends, which I hope I can carry across. Talking about them I suddenly realised they will all grow old and die while she is still a child. We can’t have that girls, can we?”

I knew that this was the right time to leave, while they were all rejoicing, and picking up Cassie and Jade we jumped.

We arrived in Cape Town just before six in the morning while the streets were still fairly empty. There was a hobo sleeping on the pavement and as the girls giggled he woke up, blearily looked at us and muttering a curse went back to sleep. It was freezing cold and there was a strong wind. We were not dressed for it, so I immediately put up a shield of warmth.

“We should have gone to Durban, it’s warmer there, but I don’t have a place to jump to there.”

“I like it here.” Cassie said, her eyes trying to see everything at once.

“We are near the waterfront, but it will still be closed. Maybe a coffee shop will open soon.”

We had to walk for over an hour, but the girls enjoyed it. We got a lot of strange looks by the crowds that gradually built up as we walked around in our summer clothes. They must have been puzzled at our obvious comfort. Of course, if they had looked properly they would have noticed that our hair was not flying around - I only thought of that later!


One man walking by muttered angrily about idiots who bring little children out into this weather without dressing them warmly. I guessed he is a father.

An Italian style coffee shop opened, but they were still cleaning up when we entered. I explained about only having dollars and they agree to serve us. The shop was still very cold so I kept us warm, having to move the shield every time a waiter passed close by.

We then went to a money changer and I converted money, enough to buy clothes for all of us and everything else we needed. We made our hotel arrangements and took a cab to the waterfront. We walked around the shops until I found some decent quality children’s clothing. After that we went to Woolworth’s for underclothes. Warmly dressed now and since it was lunch time, I took them to a seafood restaurant, insisting on a window table. The girls knelt on their chairs and looked out at the view and the people passing underneath. The service and food was excellent, but then I have noticed that about South African restaurants. The prices are cheap (even the expensive restaurants), while the food is excellent and abundant. Probably this is how Europe used to be thirty years ago.

We found a tiny fruit and veg shop with some strange exotic fruit I’d never seen before. I bought a few of each plus lots of mangoes and a paw-paw (out of season but imported from surrounding countries). From the main building we passed into another one which is split into a variety of stalls. We found some beautiful leather coats for the kids and I got myself an all-weather jacket, corduroy brown with a thick woolly collar. It was bothersome carrying all the stuff around so I kept an eye out for a ‘Gents’. Before we found one I saw a stall with honey. I was delighted to see they have honeycomb (the one thing I found expensive). Soon as I could, I got into a cubicle and jumped to our hotel room and dumped all our bags.

The girls wanted to go into the Hollywood Planet, but it was closed. I found out from someone that there had been a bomb explosion which hurt a number of people. The girls wanted to go to the hospital and make them better and did not really understand why I refused.

Just when I was wishing for a chance to sit awhile, we came across a shop that only allowed children, a place where parents can leave their kids for a few hours. They have a whole jungle of games, tv games and so on. They ran in to play and I went for a coffee. I had to walk around searching for one that had an area outside the centre so that I could smoke. I found a table and ordered my coffee.

“May I join you?” Before I could reply he had pulled out a chair and seated himself. He gave a small smile. “Not enough tables for smokers.”

I nodded with a polite smile. My order arrived and while he waited for his, he stared at me; he did not seem to be conscious of the fact that he was being rude or irritating me.

“You are a foreigner, from one of the ships?”

“No. Just a tourist.”

“What do you think of our country.”

“I don’t.” It embarrassed me to be so curt so I added. “Just arrived this morning.”

He rummaged in his jacket for a card and passed it to me. “I’m from Pretoria. I went to this wine farm. It is really worth going to. You can also get some bargains, much cheaper than buying the wine at a shop.”

Something was nagging at me. I felt as if I had met him before and yet I had not. Blonde, smiling eyes and overweight.

“Pretoria? Are the Jacaranda trees in blossom?”

“No. You are a little too late for that. You can still see a few flowers, but most of them are lying on the road.”

“A pity. Do you have a son?”

He looked surprised. “What gave you that idea? No, unfortunately I can’t have children. Not that my wife and I didn’t try.”

I played a hunch. “Are you with Security?”


That disturbed him. “Who are you!?”

“I get a picture in my mind of you, much thinner, sitting in a prison interrogating … prisoners.”

“That is in the past. Things have changed. I am a priest now.”

At the thought ‘I’ve found my green leaf again’ I sensed the kids leaving the play area, an attendant chasing after them. They arrived breathless and stood staring at him while I calmed the attendant and gave her a big tip.

“That was naughty of you. Since you are here, join us and behave.” They knew why I said that and tried to control their anger and hate, but were not successfully hiding it.

“Jason, about not having a child. Try again. You will have one.”

*You fixed him!!* they were both staring at me, their eyes accusing.

*Yes* I was abrupt and that shut them up.

“Oh, we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that it is obviously not the Lord’s will…”

“You had a problem which any surgeon could have fixed. It has healed and you can have a child now.”

“Are you a…do you have paranormal powers? How could you know?”

“The proof is in the pudding. Why not try again, surely you have nothing to lose. I believe most of the fun is in the trying.”

He frowned, his eyes straying to the girls. “Not the kind of thing to discuss right now. I must say, your daughters are lovely. Is the missus with?”

“No. We got tired of her hanging around so we took a holiday from her.”

“I’ll tell Dommi what you said.”

“You just want to get me into trouble. Anyway, with you two imps under her feet all day she probably needed the holiday more than we do.”

Even with the teasing, our love was obvious and when he got up to leave he shook their hand. “Perhaps my sitting here was a message from the Lord.”

Soon as he was gone I had two furious little girls. They were on the point of tears. Cassie was sitting wiping her hand on her clothes in the exaggerated way of children. “He touched me!”

“You both make me very sad. All I went through and I see neither of you learnt anything.”

“He made them torture you!”

“Not him love. His alternate. He would have if he had found me here at that time in his life. I still say you have learnt nothing. Have you forgotten that he was my green leaf?”

They tried to hide their feelings, but I could see they still didn’t ‘give a shit’ about him being my green leaf. All they could remember was the pain. I do not really blame them. It is much easier to forgive what is done to you than to someone you love. Now it was as if his presence had contaminated the whole of Cape Town and they wanted to leave. I rented a car so as to take them along the ‘Garden route’. I saw how this meeting had affected them both by the way they clung to me through the whole night.

We made a deviation at about lunch time, going to a wine farm. The old Dutch style houses that are still in use, even if a large part of them are museums, give the place an atmosphere of another slower time. The tea room was cosy, with a real log fire. They did not take our order, just bringing us whatever was the meal of the day. All excellent home cooked food, even the bread baked in their ovens. The girls may not have appreciated it, but I did. I was glad to see that they did not give us margarine but the real thing; butter. I did wonder later on why this place had appealed to me so strongly.


Further on we saw a sign and followed it. We arrived at a gate where we had to pay. This seemed rather silly to me, if not for the girls I would have left. It is not as if they offered anything that cost them money. Just a few rocks with a sign saying that we were standing at the furthest Southern point of Africa.

Once back on the main road I realised we would not make it to the coast. I stopped at a petrol station, got a few numbers and called, looking for a room. When I found them, a bungalow by the sea, I got directions and we drove on. Out of nowhere a faded gold Mercedes drove past us, on this narrow two lane road, at over two hundred kilometres an hour, a dark haired man in his thirties driving. He looked confident and at ease, but it helped convince me I was right in deciding not to drive at night.

We took the turn-off for the bungalows and found we still had an hour of driving. It was already dusk when I saw a long black thing moving on the road. I stopped and the girls watched, excited, as the large snake crossed the road.

We had been told where to find the key, we entered the bungalow, slept in the cold damp rooms, left money on the table and left the key where we had found it. They had said they could not meet us as it is Sunday morning and they will be at church. I wondered if they ever get cheated or have things stolen.

We arrived at the coast, left what was starting to look like a highway and drove down to the beach. We saw a very old building with metal domes and decoration. It was a restaurant. We had lunch there and got talking to the Cypriot owner and his wife. They both moaned about how badly the restaurant was doing and the girls felt sorry for them. Soon as we were alone I explained that the restaurant is probably making them rich, in the Summer at least, but that they are superstitious and fear the evil eye of people who are envious of their success and for that reason pretend they are doing badly. I’ve met that kind of mentality repeatedly in Cyprus. They accepted it as being how life is for some Normals, but it also amused them.

“Are we going to sleep somewhere nice tonight Robbie?”

“Not happy Jade?”

“Oh, we’re happy. I just want it to be nice where we make love for the first time.”

I kept my eyes on the road as I asked, “You decided you want to?”


Oh-oh! Something was wrong. “Why now my love?”


I looked at Cassie and saw she felt the same way. “Does this have anything to do with meeting Jason?”

Their eyes gave them away. I saw a sign and decided it would be a good excuse for stopping and having a chat. We arrived at the crocodile farm, paid to enter and walked around it. There were crocs, from tiny baby size up to what looked like grandmother size. Jade came up with the silly idea of wanting to change herself and Cassie into little crocs so that they can play amongst them.


“No. You could do that perhaps with another species, but not with crocodiles. Look at them Jade, even the baby ones do not play. You try anything they are more likely to attack and eat you.”

We found an unpleasant run-down franchise where I was served a watery weak coffee that tasted more like chicory and the girls had Milo.

“I’m worried Jade.”


“About the two of you. Why this reaction, what about meeting Jason made you suddenly feel the need to make love?”

After some insistent, but gentle probing, they admitted their reason.

“You could have died there and not found your way back. How do we know nothing like that will happen again?”

“You now know who the old man is. You think he would have left me lost?”

“Maybe next time it is not your protector, but someone bad.”

“True. None of us can know what the future holds for us. Maybe you are both going to die tomorrow and I can’t get you back.”

The thought of their own mortality had not crossed their minds, but they now both nodded at me like two little wise owls - their eyes huge.

“In that case we better jump straight back home. The other girls would never forgive me if they do not have a chance to see you both at least once again before they lose you.”

“But we are not really dying tomorrow!”

“How do you know?”

They were stumped for a moment and then Cassie smiled. “Because we are with you!”

“But you were worried that maybe there is someone much more powerful than me who wants to kill me. If that person is bad he will know that the best way to hurt me very badly and weaken me is by killing my girls. Maybe after that he will kill me.”

Once I had them all tied up within their own logic I sat back. “Can you see what you were trying to do?” I sat forward again, making myself as earnest as possible. “We cannot live our lives based on fears of what might happen. Living your lives based on fear of either the past or the future destroys your present. If you do not live your life as you want to, based on there being many tomorrows, then life will quickly become a torture. Nothing will give you happiness and the pain of others will not be so important anymore.

By wanting me to do this tonight you are making me a part of your fears; stealing from me what should have been given and taken in love only. Are you honestly willing to sacrifice our love to your fears?”

“You don’t want to make love to me - you did with Cassie, but you don’t want to with me!”

I did not answer her, letting her accusation hang in the air, hoping she would see that she was being childish. I guess I keep on forgetting they are still children. She sulked for the rest of the day and even Cassie could not turn her around.

We found a hotel room in George. Soon as we entered the bedroom, I spoke to Jade. “Alright, get undressed, we might as well get this over with.”

She stared at me in horror and burst into tears. Cassie put her little arms around her and glared at me. “That was nasty!!”

The anger drained out of me and I sat on the bed, suddenly weary right through to my bones. “I’m sorry. It is just that sometimes I wish I had never been born.”


“You hurt her Robbie.”

“I know. I’m sorry. Just hold her Cassie.”

I lay down and felt myself dissolving, as if my soul no longer had the energy to hold itself together. In the distance I heard Jade shouting to Cassie as I faded away.

Suddenly I was kicked in the ribs. Startled and in pain I opened my eyes.

“So, those fucking kids sent you here also. Hand over your knife.”

“Knife?” Jesus! I was on our penal world!

“Everybody gets a knife, hand it over.”

“I haven’t got one.” I remembered the penknife I’d bought for peeling the fruit. “Hold on.” I handed it over and they stared at it then burst out laughing.

“Fuck, they must have really hated you if that is all they gave you.”

I did not need to feel for my gifts or powers. They were all gone and the link to my Cherine did not exist anymore. Not even the healer. I was just a normal person again. For a moment I wondered if the old man had sent me here to learn another lesson, since the severing of our link should not have cost me all my gifts and powers, not that fast! That thought did not last long. Recalling my feelings I knew that I had done this to myself.

I was not worried about the girls. They are both capable of jumping back home, as I was sure they would, which meant they will all soon be hunting for me. Recalling where I am and who I am facing, I realised I do not have the luxury of worrying about it for long.

“It’s because of him that we are here. He took us to those kids.” Another kick and I fell over.

Before I had time to react they were both kicking at me, one of them treading on my hand and breaking a finger. I was certain they were going to kill me. I heard another voice.

“Who is it?”

“That jerk from London, the one with the two girls.”

“Don’t kill him. Let me have a look first.”

I was knocked over onto my back and his face appeared.

“Jesus! It is him. What is he doing here?”

“The kids sent him. Take a look at the knife they gave him.” There was the sound of laughter above me. After a while the face looked down at me again and I saw a cold hatred mixed with a vicious pleasure.

“Take his shirt off and use it to tie his hands behind his back.” He brought his face closer to me. “We are not going to kill you, but you will wish we had. We are going to keep you alive for weeks and weeks until you are begging us to kill you.”

“Oh Cherine baby, what have I done.” I closed my eyes in despair.

My hands tied, they forced me to my feet and stumbling from the pain I was forced to walk with them back to their camp.

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου
(Alexander Zenon Eustace)
4th September, 2019

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