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“I would not worry Perikli, there are far more dangerous gifts among us and none have been misused. It is very difficult to do so, even by the small kids, when empathy is such a strong part of our makeup.”

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He opened his mind to me and helped me open that door within my brain. It seems that his gift does not work as well as it should with my kind of personality. I do not think I will use it. I decided I trust Perikli, so I sat him down to make an offer.

“I have a favour I wish to ask of you Perikli. Your position has taught you how to lead while inspiring others and creating a sense of being a team. You have the gift of being a born leader. Would you agree to taking over as leader of the Cherinians. You think things through carefully and would be a good and stabilising influence on all of us.”

He turned and called out. “Cherine, kori, you win the bet. He has just asked me! I cannot believe this, he hardly knows me and asks me to take over. Roberto mou, are you truly crazy, or is it just that being the leader sits so heavily on you that you need to get rid of it at all costs?”

“Cherine, how could you take such a bet - what did you win?”

“A baked Alaska! If you did not ask him within two weeks I would have to buy him a coffee from my pocket money.”

“I think you cheated him.”

“You might have taken three weeks. It was a fair bet.”

“Perikli, to answer your question. I think you would agree that it is important to know your own strengths and weaknesses, without allowing the ego to get in the way. I know that I am not a born leader. Circumstances thrust it upon me. You are a leader. How could you willingly stay under a man who does not lead!”

“You said the ego should not get in the way. You did not include modesty and poor opinion of yourself. Roberto, I admit, you are a very strange leader, I would not have considered you in the Police Academy as good officer material. But you are not in the police force. You are leader of a people who are devoted to you. If that does not show you are a good leader then what would?”


My hope wilted (μαραθεί). “I think I have infected them all with my craziness.”

“If they are all crazy then what better than to have the craziest of them all as their leader?”

That won him a strong wave of love from all of them, so I let the conversation die. It did remind me however that he and Michaeli have never experienced our golden circle of love. That evening we got together and Cherine sent it soaring until we let it go to touch the lives of all those within reach. Savva smiled afterwards and told us he is grateful we reduced his workload for the next ten days. Our two new members sat stunned for a long time and could not stop talking about it for days. It may have been coincidence, but the next attack came that same night.

We did not recognise it as an attack in the beginning. I woke up in the early hours, long before dawn, with a feeling of unease. I sensed that all my girls felt it even though they were asleep. Most of them were having nightmares, so I decided it was the result of the tension we had been under. It is usually once a crisis has passed that the shakes hit us, I thought this was a similar reaction.

The whole household was moody and quiet that morning. Gradually this developed from unease to anxiety and turned into fear. It was a strange fear that was without reason, such as people experience when they are suffering the early symptoms of a nervous breakdown. Every increase in the fear seemed to find a reason within my mind and Themi did not make any comments to make me think otherwise.

We all had a terrible night and soon after midnight we were all up again. Some of the girls, especially those who had experienced terrible things in their lives, were beginning to moan and cry. The same feelings were hitting me and so they seemed natural. By morning we were all looking at each other in a panic. The first moves were being made by some of us to try and leave the house, to get away from whatever this impending doom was. The protector did not understand what was happening, but had the sense to not allow anyone to leave.

Henry turned to me, his eyes dark with black circles. “This feels as it did when I was locked up in the asylum.”

It took about ten minutes for his words to percolate through my brain which was sodden (μουσκεμένο) with unreasoning fear. I called to the protector asking it whether we were under attack. It did not recognise this as an attack, but said the feeling seemed to be general in the entire area. A couple of people had already committed suicide.

The only ones not affected were our two aliens. I was disturbed and decided to see if I would feel the same way in the void. Soon as I was out of my body, in the void, I felt relief and the fear was gone. My two friends had followed me.

*What is happening Robert?*

*We are under attack I think. The protector does not recognise it as such but I have to find a way to stop it.*

Solomon told me, *You cannot do it from here, you do not have a strong enough energy force to penetrate through to your world. It will have to be from your own world.*

Ordinx asked, *Would it perhaps help if you jumped out of the area you live in and worked your way back in?*

*I am going to try something else. If it does not work I’ll try your suggestion. Would you both please do me a favour and return to my home. If this continues they will start trying to commit suicide, as have two neighbours already. You are not affected, so please help to stop them, strengthen yourselves and use physical restraint if you have to.*

I called the protector to help and slipped back into being the void. I tried using the power of the void to make a general examination of what was happening, but could not reach the surface of our planet. After a couple of attempts I took a break and thought it out. I decided that if the Sparklers can get there, then so can I. I concentrated my energy into a shaft and shot down like a spear.

I still could not see anything that explained what was happening. I tried another tactic in desperation as I felt the pain in my girls. I laid a gauze of energy over the house, like a nebulous mist. I imagined that emotions have a colour and saw the misty streamers of darkness rolling in through my energy.


My first reaction was to use my energy to counteract this darkness, but I wanted to know where it was coming from. I lifted myself further from the surface and spread a wider blanket of energy, expecting to find the darkness would be coming in from afar. It was not. It was coming from the mental asylum and from hospitals; wherever there was despair and fear, it was being gathered and sent to us.

I was nearly ready to give up and just fight it locally when I sensed an energy of another form that was coming in to gather and send this to our home. At last I had a way to fight it! I allowed it to continue to do so, but spread a net of energy to capture the darkness. I contained it and let it gather for hour upon hour. At least I could feel the relief within my girls. When I felt I could not continue to hold all this heaviness of despair and darkness much longer, I gave an extremely sharp squeeze, directing to miss the hospitals and asylum, forcing all of it back up the path of that other energy or will.

It shot up it as if within a tunnel and I rose to see where it went. I followed it until I saw it enter a large mansion within the forests by Baden-Baden in Germany. I fixed the location within my mind but did not try to enter the mansion. I stayed a good distance and watched the explosion of energies that fought back until the tunnel collapsed. The power I saw was an awesome sight. I would have to gather at least ten times the energy I had from the void to equal that power. I decided it was enough for the moment and returned to the protector. It now saw how to protect us and I returned to the void. Once I was no longer the void I returned home.

There was much weeping and they all clung to each other as if something terrible had happened. I tried to help them as did Ordinx and Solomon. Once they had calmed down I made tea and coffee and passed out the cups to them.

“It was an attack on us. I traced it to where it came from. I think this time it made a big mistake. The Spider did not use another, it attacked us personally.” I explained what I had done, how I had stopped it and reversed the flow. When I told them I now knew the exact location and that it is in Germany, they began to feel an elation. I let them enjoy it for a while, they needed it after what they had been through.

“You are keeping something back from us Robert.”

“You and Dommi, you can always see through me. When I sent them back a taste of their own medicine there was a strong reaction. To fight off that darkness it used more energy than I thought exists on our world. I was very lucky I did not try to enter the mansion, I was not prepared and would have been torn apart.”

“Even as the void!!”

“Yes, I think so Solomon. I was only as strong as the part of the void that I had taken with me. I now wish to try something else. I will need to return to the void. At least I can do so now knowing you are all safe and well. Stop worrying Cherine, I have no intention of entering the mansion. What I do intend doing is gathering enough energy to shoot into that mansion to blow it apart. I will stay in the void, I will not follow the energy. I also intend cutting myself off from that spear soon as it is about to strike, so that nothing can hit back at me, if that is possible. You see, I am being careful and a fraidy-cat (φοβητσιάρης), so don’t worry, I’ll be back.”

I did not want to deplete the energy within our area as it is food for the Sparklers and keeps our Worlds going. I gathered it from a distant point, far from any solar system. I gathered it, compressing it with enormous pressures and then aiming at the mansion, released the pressure in a tight shaft and watched as it struck. It was as if a hundred lightning bolts had struck the building simultaneously and the building shattered into pieces. I waited for some reaction, but nothing happened. After the power I had seen, I knew the bastard has escaped. He obviously does not take chances and left immediately after my last attack. Well, at least now he knows I can strike back. My first job will be to find out who this ex-mansion belonged to.

I returned home to my girls and a jubilant bunch of Cherinians when I let them see in my mind the destruction I had caused. Alki immediately wanted to call contacts in Germany, but I asked him not to.

“It will be on the news. We can see the German news on the internet. They should mention who it belongs to - if he is as canny (πονηρός)as I think, it will still not give us his name, but at least it will be a direct contact.”

We needed to go wild, celebrate. I ordered by phone enough cold drinks, booze, delicacies and other things we were running short of, to stock a night club. In a snotty (σνομπ) and unfriendly tone they said it was too late as they were closing and would deliver the next morning. I told them curtly that if the order is not at my home within half an hour, the order is cancelled and they should consider that I and the Georgiades and Spiropoulos families are no longer their customers. I was using the gift of Michali and saw he realised it, but he only smiled. The van arrived in about forty five minutes, but they did first call to apologise and explain they were dealing with it as fast as they could.


Now it was time to think of the pain of others. “Through no fault of theirs, our neighbours were hurt by this bastard. Maria, find out about the suicides, are the bodies still at the hospital?”

“It would be better if Savva did that. His station would know.”

He did so. He was told the bodies are still there and the post-mortems are to be done the next day. I changed myself to look like one of his men and we drove over to the hospital. We were taken to see the bodies. While Savva asked some questions, my healer checked whether it could repair the damage. The problem was the brain. The healer began it’s dance through time and repaired them. Soon as we were ready Solomon sent us the souls they had been holding and they both groaned.

This caused a tremendous upset, with Savva adding to it all by shouting and performing at how could two bodies come back to life, that somebody had not done their job properly. The one had taken poison so there was no problem, but the one who had slit his wrists they had to quickly operate, stitching the wound and veins closed. Once I was certain they would be well we left.

When we got back, Savva was in a religious delirium. I had brought back to life two people dead since morning. Since this subject is his weakness I ignored his ranting.

Socrati put his hands on my shoulders. “Μπράβο! Είσαι παλληκάρι (Bravo, you are a warrior).” And he kissed my cheeks.

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love.

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