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Please DO NOT revisit previous updates, because this 777 is evolving day by day and I do not think nobody can keep up with my speed and I'm going to redefine 777 without making others feeling lost

So, I'll call my unknown project as 777 and discover the best way to bring huge value to our Blockchain in the long-term. Please note that the core value and vision of initial idea of 777 has did not changed

  • How can you become part of this unknown project 777? - (777-Premium)

If you're an individual and know your passion, also have 300 SP Skin in our Blockchain then please DM (Direct Message) me on Twitter Nathanmars7 with your own personal Twitter account and become a 777-Premium member today, If you're followed by @nathanmars7 Steemit account then your 777-Premium membership is confirmed. You can leave at anytime and no questions will be asked and also your membership can be cancelled without any notice and without any explanations. All current members who're with less than 300 SP will be given time until 1st March to Earn/Purchase to match 300 SP entry level. As a member you can EARN certain benefits and most of the current benefits will be based on your contribution to our blockchain

  • How can you get rewarded (upvotes) from @nathanmars account ? - (TweetIT)

Only 777-Premium members can get upvotes from @nathanmars account from today (1st February), Only valuable Steemit comments gets upvoted. If you wrote a valuable comment then, share the Steemit content on Twitter with #STEEM has-tag and If I see value in your comment relating to the content or the content creator then I'll upvote the comment. Start writing valuable comments on others post and start sharing it on Twitter and get rewards for your comments. (I had enough seeing contents with Zero comments and I had enough seeing people leaving comments only on their friends posts and there are not enough people to Genuinely encourage others journey here !)

  • How can you get SP delegation from @nathanmars ? - (Zweeet40)

Every single day, I'll be Hustling on Twitter for Me and Our Blockchain. I'll be delegating and undelegating up to 11K SP for maximum 40 individuals at any given time depending on their Twitter HUSTLE for our Blockchain. The more you HUSTLE on Twitter for our Blockchain, the more SP delegation you'll get. I do not focus on data, I'm not a fan of micro managing, I certainly do not like managing others And If I see that your Twitter HUSTLE is bringing value to our Blockchain then you'll keep your delegation and please do not take this delegations for granted because there will be a healthy competition from other 777-premium members (If you're into Crypto/Blockchain/Bitcoin then do not underestimate the power of Twitter)

Thanks a Trillion!
*Twitter nathanmars7 (Twitter is my Discord, Please contact me Directly by sending DM on Twitter, I do not like middleman and I do not have one either!)


With all due respect Nathan, you're kinda right :) I was following the project during the DTubeFamily777 stage buut there were sooo many updates soo frequently that I kinda lost track. Then I went to Greece as I've messaged you and got completely lost. Then tried to get back on track and realized it's all Twitter oriented soo it's not for me as Im not there. Since then I've given up on following the project.

But from a followers perspective, I can say that there are continuously new names being thrown out. First it was zap and znap, I've seen znap7, znap77...then the whole linkseven77 (which is btw hard to pronounce IMO :D) ...now 777 - Premium and TweetIt (with 2 "e") and Zweeet40(with 3 "e" letters)...

Honestly, it's very hard to keep up. Not sure if it's only me,but those names are very puzzling. Seems you're trying to make them similar to kind of create continuous link between them..but for someone who misses maybe just one or two updates,it's suddenly total mix of very similar keywords. I honeslty thing you should have clear new set of names for every stage of the project. And these should not be similar to the names used in the previous stage.

This is just an input from a person outside of the project, take it as an extra useful information, no offence :) Big respect for the time you're putting in and wish you luck with the whole 777 initiative :)

But maybe Im just too stupid for this haha :D Also I want to acknowledge you've said I can contact you personally in your whatsapp message. So there sure is a way how to understand the project. Im just saying that by normal presence here, it's a lot of changes constantly.

Now that's a solid and crystal clear information for everyone with everything that one can ask for.

Beautifully described sir :)

Yup, I too agree with the fact that people are somewhat choosy on commenting, as well as some great posts go with zero feedbacks, it really hurts the creator who gave a lot of effort behind presenting it.

We must change this situation and make everyone who's already present over here happy so that they are encouraged to work even harder and bring more value upon here.

Because if people start to get genuine feedbacks ,they would Improve then Grow and finally bring More Value and gradually we would have more and more to showcase to the world and attract em upon here !

You've picked the best point Nathan, its basically the Foundation !!

Awesome Observation !!

P.S. Yeah, we must never underestimate how powerful Twitter can be, it has already proved a lot in the past and still doing that. We too must use it and get the most out of it !!

Thanks a Lot For Bringing This Up ;)


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Good luck on the project. Sounds like a great initiative to get people to comment and bring others into the fold through Twitter.

Only comment would be, as an outsider. Insider catch phrases can keep people away who feel they would need a learning curve on lingo to join in the fun. Jargon can be a hook like a good lyric but can also alienate people who see if as an inside winkwink knudgeknudge

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I'm not on twitter or discord, but you have the right idea, my friend!
This it what steemit needs.

Would you like me to try and do a vid that you can post on twitter, for 777, bringing steemit into it and stuff?

....a couple of 15/ 20 second clips you (and everyone in the 777 project) can use while 'tweeting?' , or something?

  • Set up a twitter account - use a new email if you do not want to be linked to it
  • tweet you own posts as you create them
  • tweet out good posts you comment on through the day
  • go to twitter once a day, check your notifications and reply
  • at twitter rt cool stuff.

50% of people on twitter have videos blocked. Another percent I do not not know stops them from auto-playing. If you are going to make videos for twitter, you need to gt on there first and see what works. I would say 10 seconds is better. And you need compelling text to make people want to play it.


I would get banned off twitter, faster than I could type...
'Jack Dorsey is a total twat...'

We are using for promotion of steem. Presumably you could talk about that in a non-controversial way.

Hand on heart? I won't promote steem.
I only sell what I believe in.
There are serious flaws, that refuse to be addressed by the happy clappy crowd (or the talent less without any desire to change the staus quo- just keep their power - even if it means a sinking ship..)

Believe it it or not, I'm not being negative. But like I said, I won't promote something I don't think is in the right place, right now..

I'll do work for others that do want to promote it.

I'm promoting it because it pays my bills and I believe it can succeed if we have more people here - millions - not thousands. It could easily fail with the shenanigans at the top. But we have to start somewhere and this is the place we are.

We have people actively trying to promote on Twitter, so this is where I am exerting effort now. Trying to talk my friends into joining? No. But twitter is full of people who put effort into social media so I think it is a good place to mine.


Thanks for your encouragement and I appreciate it!

Please do not spend your valuable time doing anything for 777! Because it's an unknown project.

There will be lots pivoting will happen along the way, So I just simplified how others can get benefit from being part 777 journey.

If you've any other questions please contact me directly here through comments as you don't use Twitter

Of course, you have presented this 777 update video to us in many beautiful languages ​​and in a very simple way, and all of your attempts will be well understood because I think it is very easy that you have mentioned it among us and of course you have spoken and said I'll try to comply with the rules of compliance, thank you for giving you such a nice update

Besides @curie's comment contest, this project is the reason for users being active to comment, and of course increasing the number of viewers in the post.

Thank you for the SP delegation.

Well I am of the opinion that we should all engage. However, personally, there is a limit to the number of videos I can watch daily due to my data cap and sometimes I watch and have little of nothing to add to the conversation. Well, it's not compulsory we all get upvoted. However, I think there should be a resteeming incentive. Some authors, like myself need explosure for people to comment on their post. So maybe there should rules for those who want upvotes and those who want their content to be resteemed.

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Please DM me on Twitter the content that you want me to Resteem

And I’ll see what I can do and no guarantees though

Thanks Nath. I do not wan to bother you that much, you're doing so much alreadg. Let's keep hustling

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Thank you so much for the great opportunity you are giving us. As a matter of fact, I'm almost at the 177sp non-delegates. By March, I'll hit the 300sps.

I think it's cool, both making my posts on dtube and commenting on other posts. Now, I'll shake it on twitter hehehe.

Thank you and good morning!!!

Good luck with 300 SP and your 777-Premium membership is conformed until 1st March as long as you’ve 177 SP :)

Excellent !!

You're now a 777-Premuim member :)

Make sure you've 300 SP from 1st March to remain as 777-Premuim member!

Have a great week :)

thank you a lot!!!!

Thank you for this update. It's always good to know what's going on. Thank you for including me in the 777-Premium members too. They are good people.

Thanks for the update. I have completely understood 777-Premium. Thanks for the providing full information in upate 4.
I wish you good luck for your project.
Me will try my best to encourage others journey here.

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