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I'm not on twitter or discord, but you have the right idea, my friend!
This it what steemit needs.

Would you like me to try and do a vid that you can post on twitter, for 777, bringing steemit into it and stuff?

....a couple of 15/ 20 second clips you (and everyone in the 777 project) can use while 'tweeting?' , or something?

  • Set up a twitter account - use a new email if you do not want to be linked to it
  • tweet you own posts as you create them
  • tweet out good posts you comment on through the day
  • go to twitter once a day, check your notifications and reply
  • at twitter rt cool stuff.

50% of people on twitter have videos blocked. Another percent I do not not know stops them from auto-playing. If you are going to make videos for twitter, you need to gt on there first and see what works. I would say 10 seconds is better. And you need compelling text to make people want to play it.


I would get banned off twitter, faster than I could type...
'Jack Dorsey is a total twat...'

We are using for promotion of steem. Presumably you could talk about that in a non-controversial way.

Hand on heart? I won't promote steem.
I only sell what I believe in.
There are serious flaws, that refuse to be addressed by the happy clappy crowd (or the talent less without any desire to change the staus quo- just keep their power - even if it means a sinking ship..)

Believe it it or not, I'm not being negative. But like I said, I won't promote something I don't think is in the right place, right now..

I'll do work for others that do want to promote it.

I'm promoting it because it pays my bills and I believe it can succeed if we have more people here - millions - not thousands. It could easily fail with the shenanigans at the top. But we have to start somewhere and this is the place we are.

We have people actively trying to promote on Twitter, so this is where I am exerting effort now. Trying to talk my friends into joining? No. But twitter is full of people who put effort into social media so I think it is a good place to mine.


Thanks for your encouragement and I appreciate it!

Please do not spend your valuable time doing anything for 777! Because it's an unknown project.

There will be lots pivoting will happen along the way, So I just simplified how others can get benefit from being part 777 journey.

If you've any other questions please contact me directly here through comments as you don't use Twitter

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