Game of Thrones - My Perspective of the last Season #1

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At the end a broken king, who lives in the past, decides the fate and therefore the future of Westeros, Jon is back in the snow, and the throne is only molten lead...

There was a lot of criticism about the last season of Game of Thrones, even too much for my taste. While the fans were presented with an ever growing world around Westeros and Essos over the years, they also got to know one dubious character after another, and the epic story shrank with time to a few people and events - until the final season and the last ones.

You can accept the last season as it is or hate it as many fans do now. They forget that they are the reason why this season was created so fast. Because of the fans, the makers couldn't wait until George R. R. Martin finished the story with his final books and they had a template - as before with the previous seasons.

Surely you can accuse the makers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss of mistakes and gaps in the last season, like the Dothraki were almost erased in the battle in Winterfell but they were so numerous in the end? Or the winter, for which we wait since the beginning of the series, which will come with the white walker and that it will be the ultimate fight ever, ends up in a long-winded and almost already boring one episode.

Well, these are the little things that disappointed the fans. They just don't see the true strength of the end of the series. The series has always told politics in the background. It was always about the wire pullers and the rulers. About the class differences and the greed for power. About despots and leaders. About decisions and their consequences. If you like, the series is actually exactly what could not be more topical today. Of course, all this is beautifully accompanied by the most diverse characters who play it all, but they are only the actors in this theater of politics.

Many are disappointed that the mother of the Dragons has been transformed from the good princess and queen to the evil despot, who has become dictatorially insane, in 2-3 episodes. If we are honest, it was clear from the beginning that this will happen. From the first season on, Daenerys burned everything and everyone who stood in her way or did not share her totalitarian view of a perfect world. That the Targaryens have always been an insane tribe has also always been addressed in Game of Thrones and that she sees herself as a chosen one in a campaign marked by fire and blood. Surely she was the Breaker of Chains who wanted to free the slaves and create a free world. She wanted to build a holy and good world, but you cannot build a holy and good world on fire and blood, with the ground of sorrow.


It's similar with Jaime Lannester, who has a bit of conscience. He rides to Winterfell, knights Brienne but in the end he shows again how his family is more important to him. Blood is thicker than water. That he appears in Winterfell is because of his brother Tyrion, his pregnant sister and Queen Cercei, to protect her and not because of the others. He want to fight the evil to protect his family.

His only fidelity was always to the woman who lost her vision at the moment when she had won the power as queen and from then on ruled apostate, selfish and despotic. The fact that both were not killed by someone but buried under rubble, arm in arm, may be disappointing, but it is exactly what many didn't expect - which in my opinion makes the whole thing special again.

And exactly the same we see with Jon. As half Stark and half Targaryen we see him in the center of all events and even find out that he is the rightful heir to the throne, but he is only a chess piece, a wire-puller, someone who is important for the action but not someone who will get a happy ending, with the mother of the dragons, as everyone would have expected.

Instead, he kills his beloved and is allowed to return to the north where he can continue his bromance with Tormund. That's not quite Hollywood-like but fair. Someone who is marked as a bastard can't become king, no matter how much heroism he shows. The (hi)story doesn't want it.
That's the way it is.

And what about the people who always played everything in second row? They get their chances! They were also little figures, who got more and more something to say, who stepped out of the shadows into the focus - be it the bookworm and Nerd Sam, or Sir Davos the ex-pirate with reading and spelling problems or Brienne who as a woman is too little man but as a man too much woman. In the end they have the say. After the others became too greedy, and this greed brought them the end....


Part 2 40-405122_crows-vector-game-thrones-raven-silhouette.png


If we are honest, it was clear from the beginning that this will happen.

Thank you! Too many did not get that part :D

Show was too rushed and even though we expected danny to turn mad, doing that in one episode and killing her in the next was far too forced.

Also, the ending left too many questions.

Why did someone accused of treason *tyrion) suddenly become the orator to dictate the new type of government?
Why didn't the unsullied kill Jon instantly?
Why didn't Drogon?
How come Arya wasnts to set off to the West of Westeros when she can just ask Bran what is there?

To make matters worse, Bran knew everything that would happen and just let it happen so that he would be king? Isn't he just as culpable? smh

I'm just gonna take the Doctor Strange route and say maybe Bran don't want to tell because if he tells everyone what will happen then it won't happen.

HBO offered D&D 10 seasons, but they didn't want it. Sweet star wars money on the horizon.
They even wanted to end it after season 7.
Season 8 was just rushed to get out of there.

10 seasons would have made much more sense. Starting from around the middle of season 7 I believe the story was on fast forward.

that explains a lot @isnochys...
star wars and Kathleen Kennedy, how she do her work and let others do with star wars, without respect to others work, are also a topic for themselfes...

The scene when Jon killed Dany, would you love it if Dany would have killed Jon followed by Arya killing Dany.
Arya trying to kill Dany but failing the assassination and getting burnt by Drogon followed by Jon killing Dany.

That would’ve been the unexpected twist we’re so used to in GoT 😉

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@blog-beginner, one of this possibilities would be surely the better end... :)

I missed all the unexpected scenes. All predictable plot except the dragon dying.

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Beautifully explained. I do agree with the show being rushed and that is the very reason most feel a bit cheated. I suppose it is always risky making an unfinished story into a show. Once you actually manage to explain the ending to yourself in your head, it kind of makes sense - the oppressed and nearly destroyed family comes out as the winner and ends up on top of the food chain for both north and south of the wall. It's the kind of typical happy ending, details don't matter.

The end makes sense and that was probably what the creators wanted. The creators aren't storytellers, they're just implementers. They implement storys and ideas from others. That is a point what many forget.

Greetings @oendertuerk. Many people like tragic endings, but they follow this kind of stories where there is hope, belief and a strong conviction that there will be a better life; that is, those people follow the story because they know that this will be the argument that will end the story even if they express the opposite.

Many are simply disappointed because the end of the story was not told by the storyteller G.R.R. Martin but by the producers. But it's just the fault of the fans, they wanted it so, fast. Good needs its time...

I have to say that I love it, yes it was fast, but it is a great work which join 7 art disciplines. Recently I made a costume analysis and also talked about #got become in an all new community.

The last season is an example of how fast poor writing can destroy a beloved story. Imo

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In my opinion the story begins to fail when it separates from the books. Besides I saw a lot of errors in the battles and in the argument...conclusion: another bad ending. Greetings, thank you for the resume! Perhaps you must advice that there is spoiler in the article...

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Of course, that the story was separated from the books was the biggest mistake ever that the creators could make...
And you're right again @yuriitonkov, I should have to point that this articles have spoiler. I thought I was one of the last ones who watched the last season and everyone else already knows the story. :)

I agree that the transformation of Daenerys from good to evil was obvious. There was enough foreshadowing throughout the entire series to suggest that it was a possibility. However, the issue for fans in my opinion was not with the outcome but with the fact that her actual transformation in season 8 wasnt believable. A lack of character development essentially became the theme of season 8 which amounted to mashing together of nonsensical storylines to wrap up the series. Tyrion went from strategic genius to strategic imbicile. Jaime slept with Brienne of Tarth out of love and then crawled back to Cersei within a matter of hours (was that scene meant to represent a conflict of self - a struggle between who he was and who he wished he could be? Or was it simply a one night stand? It started out as the former then basically developed into the latter). Basically, foreshadowing should not replace character development unless the goal is cheap mindless entertainment. Then theres Brandon Stark, the attempted plot twist that amounted to a joke. With the amount of mistakes and nonsense put in, there is no amount of charity or benefit of the doubt that could possibly save that season.

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It also bothers me a lot that the character development did not proceed as usual. Also that the events just jumped back and forth without really explaining why it happened the way it did. They did it too fast...

Yeah I agree. The show went from a focus on the dialogue between characters to a straight up action flick.

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Actually at my own point of view, i can really say we all knew things like this will actually occured and seeing this at this season actually make us realized that the movie make sense alot and as for me i will definitely watch it to the end and same as us all... happy viewing

have fun with it @sampson-k - and sry for the spoiler :)

It would be great if there's a new season and they show us how resolve our current problems!!

Or you wait until the books and read it ;)

most people said it's the badest season ever

it is not really bad @hasan1981, it makes sense, but it is a bit different than we are used to

Out of curiosity, do you feel that my suggested ending would be too Hollywood?

i like this parts @gikitiki

  • Jon helps Tyrion escape from the holding cell.
    Daeny loses her shit when she figures out that Jon freed Tyrion, orders Drogon to burn Jon to death - "DRACARYS!"
  • Jon survives (Targaryeon blood) and the whole world finds out he's the "True King" without him breaking his oath to Daeny.
  • Greyworm goes to attack Jon, Drogon, to protect Jon, threatens Greyworm. Jon says something along the lines of ... "You have been freed from slavery, don't waste that gift"

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The biggest letdown for me was the Night King.

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No! the ending of Game of Thrones was Not acceptable, so many holes bran had said he never wanted to be a king, now he’s down. Honestly the whole let’s bring democracy bullshit seemed like a lazy ending, plus a crippled man metaphorically can rule, but as we saw the many seasons before, it won’t last, not in a world like that and if you think it would you’ve never been at war, I have. Jon going back to the north is foreshadowed but it’s bullshit, you take the one guy who suffered and saved everything, then just ship him off? Might be realistic in our world but I think having A cripple in charge of a world dominated by war, it wouldn’t happen. In the end the world didn’t change... look who got the north. They took out one drAgon like it was nothing, then one dragon takes out a city. I don’t care how big of a fan you are, but if you seriously think that’s an acceptable ending, considering the money spent on a project, you have no standards and your ok with hbo murdering a story, they didn’t have to rush, even if it took more time people would have watched. Hbo knew they were getting paid and the whole thing ended terribly, if you don’t see that you probably watch abc or lifetime allot.

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