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Game of Thrones - My Perspective of the last Season #1

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Show was too rushed and even though we expected danny to turn mad, doing that in one episode and killing her in the next was far too forced.

Also, the ending left too many questions.

Why did someone accused of treason *tyrion) suddenly become the orator to dictate the new type of government?
Why didn't the unsullied kill Jon instantly?
Why didn't Drogon?
How come Arya wasnts to set off to the West of Westeros when she can just ask Bran what is there?

To make matters worse, Bran knew everything that would happen and just let it happen so that he would be king? Isn't he just as culpable? smh

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I'm just gonna take the Doctor Strange route and say maybe Bran don't want to tell because if he tells everyone what will happen then it won't happen.