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Ren du Lot couldn't get a word over his lips. He was so excited that he had found the solution to Arundolf's puzzle that he was not able to utter a word.

And it was only ten minutes before the deadline that he found the solution. He e-mailed it immediately to Arendolf.

Five minutes later, his neighbor was at his door, ringing his bell.

Arendolf explained briefly what blogging was. Then he went on the subject of shitposting, that can be done in two ways: shiposts on one's blog or shitletters sent by snail-mail or by messengers.

Ren du Lot offered Arundolf to drink a beer and told him to choose anyone in his fridge. His neighbor asked for the one at the back.

Ren du Lot asked if his neighbor knew who Torundel was. He knew him.

  • Do you know if he is shitposting?

  • Torundel is not a blogger. However, I have learned that he called a messenger last week, but as it was done under the anon rules, there is no way to prove that he has sent a shitletter.

Ren du Lot thanked Arundolf, who soon left.

Now, how will it announce this to Count B?

Ren du Lot couldn't get a word over his lips.


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Ren du Lot, the shit lawyer, a serial shitposting fiction inspired by Torundel the Shitposter! by @katharsisdrill.

Rules are:

211 words - Starting with the words "Ren du Lot" - First and last sentence are identical.

As I am not a native English speaker please inform me if something is misspelled, wrong, or just horrendous English, and I will see if I can fix it.

grammarly said that the tone is forceful friendly and optimistic.

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