Sepia Saturday at Cromwell Valley Park

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This Saturday I thought I would do another post with all of my photos in sepia!


All of my photos were taken at Cromwell Valley Park which is located at 2175 Cromwell Bridge Road in Parkville, Maryland. Parkville is also part of Baltimore County, Maryland. The park is open 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset and there are two entrances to the park. We always enter at the second (East) entrance aka the Willow Grove Farm entrance.


I pulled my photos from three separate visits and during different seasons. On my recent visit the milkweed was in bloom. It was the first time that I've been there when it was in bloom and I'm glad I got to see it. Milkweed is also really good for butterflies, especially Monarch butterflies.



There were a lot of other plants and flowers in bloom as well.



There are several trails and paths inside the park. Most (not all) of my photos are from the Minebank Run Trail, the Eck Path and the Birder's Path. This is one of the old barns that is in the park.


This old bell and bird feeders are in a garden next to the Sherwood House.



Just across from the Sherwood House is another garden and a small stone tool shed.



This is a collage that shows a little bridge along the trail. Different views and different seasons.


The next two photos are near and at the Birder's Path. They have a Hawk Watch area here. I've seen a lot of different kinds of birds here and it is peaceful to just sit and hear them sing and chirp.



Very near the Birder's Path is an old family cemetery that is on the property. You can only see parts of the old headstones.




My last two photos were taken as we were headed out of the park. I love how the trees line the road in the first photo!



Thank you @old-guy-photos for #sepiasaturday!!




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Thank you @esteemapp!!

Lots Beautiful sepia photos....!!!!!
I really like the stone buildings and the milkweed and the stonewall. There all awesome... :D

Thank you @annephilbrick!! 😉

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Thank you @steemitworldmap!!

Beautiful sepia Saturday @deerjay! What a nice place to walk
and hear the birds, I like those silhouette cut outs on the birders path! :-)

Thank you @shasta!! It is very nice and close by and usually not crowded. I like what they did with the cut outs also. 🙂

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Very nice sepia photos. I have to say that all of them make that vintage look, that I like very muhj.

Thank you @nelinoeva!! I was thinking about something a bit different and figured I hadn't done a sepia post in a while. 😉

A fantastic post and huge congrats on the giant Blocktrades vote!

Thank you so much @melinda010100!! It was such a nice surprise and very much appreciated! 💖

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Beautiful shots! I love the walkthrough during different seasons!

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Thank you so much @wandrnrose7!! 🙂

You are so brave!!! What a boatload of sepia you got that works so wonderfully! The details are old-timey and I love old tones like that. It reminds me of my grandparents pictures!

Thank you for showing them off! Happy Sepia Saturday!


Thank you so much Denise!! I had a lot of fun putting them together. I love strolling through my parents old photo albums and seeing the old photos too. 😉

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Beautiful photos in sepia, Dee. Love the stone on the house and shed. What a great place for a walk with the trees and old cemetery to check out.

Thank you so much Jo!! Lol..we were at each others posts at the same time! 😊

I do love parks like this shown in full color with all the greens but in sepia you see more of the detail and they make for such beautiful shots

Thanks for beign an active member of SteemUSa !tip

Thank you @tattoodjay!! I hadn't done a sepia post in quite a while and loved the way these came out. It just felt right. 😊

Its nice to try sepia and see what works from time to time and these for sure worked :)

Thanks Jay! Hearing that means a lot to me and I sure appreciate your kind words and encouragement! 🤗

just the honest truth my friend :)