What Are Linkless Backlinks?

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In this new era of SEO, everyone is talking about linkless backlinks. Many new webmasters and even few old ones are still looking very confused about this. It is basically an attribution used to get backlinks.

What are linkless backlinks?

If your business or brand is mentioned on some other website without hyperlink then it is known as linkless backlink. Though this technique is becoming a spamming heaven for webmasters but still it has become an effective tool for search engine rankings.

Google is trying hard to fight this spamming. For this Google has diversified site E.T.A (expertise, authority, trust) on different measures. Most important of these measures are links, freshness of content, social signals. traffic volume, domain history and then mentions(linkless backlinks).

Some examples of linkless backlinks are

A brand or business named in a news story without a link
A brand or business mentioned in a review
Consumers in forums or blog comments
Podcast and video transcripts

Google measures these linkless mentions very carefully to counter spamming. This is why seo professionals always advise to get these mentions in natural way and not over optimizing your business name everywhere on the internet.

How to gain maximum juice from linkless mentions?

If you are thinking how you can promote your business with linkless mentions then best way is to use your business name in the story of article being published on other site or even anywhere on social media. This will not only give best results but also will ensure the most natural looking mentions that your business can get from any other writer or promoter.


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