My work as a Sr. Specialist - Sales Coach in a BPO Company is never easy. I make sure that every member of the LOB(Line of Business) will pass their sales target every month. I need to squeeze my brain to make action plan that can be effective and then if its not I'll make sure that I have an alternative action plan or plan B, which is hard because by the time you make the main action plan I was able to exert all the things I know. Not just the making of action plan, I still have the coaching session with them. Not only the coaching session, I still need to create my help item so they can be motivated or perform.

My job is stressing me out but I need to love my job which pay the bills.😂😂

Well, since I'm stress I don't have a choice but to deal with it. So I'm making sure that at least I have some stress reliever pill. "PLAYING WITH THE FILTERS", that is the title because I have this HABIT in taking a Selfie after work to see If I still look fresh or spick and span. Crazy right? But yeah, it is a FACT 😃

So I don't want to tell you more about that habit because I'm really excited for you to scroll down. 😍😍

Oops. So cute! This is my entry to @thatindianlady for SELFIE CHALLENGE Week #19 😊


I crave for Ramen when I used this filter 🙄


I look like a thug here. 😯


Congratulations Jessa, you made it again!


Simply enjoy life and the great pleasures that come with it.
Karolina Kurkova

Steeming all the way from the PHILIPPINES.



Cutie! Will try this challenge too <3

Thank you so much! :)
Sure visit @thatindianlady

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