Securely destroy the HDDs, its a pain though... Or so they say...

in security •  8 months ago

One of the projects I'm required to take care of at work is to securely destroy old HDDs. Now we are a nonprofit operation so an industrial shredder isn't an option. So I decided to use some time at work to confirm a theory I had.

As long as you destroy the majority of an HDD platter, its worthless for recovery, a common online suggestion is drill or spike the drive platter in 3 places. First though I have is "3 holes? Shoot, I can do better than that, by shooting it XD"

I take them to the range and proceeded to confirm my suspicion, .22LR will do just as good as a drill, better if you have a semi-auto rifle and lots of ammo. It's even therapeutic!

This is the result:

I do need to go over the left 2 again, my friend who is new to shooting worked on those and got substantially better on sighting.

I love American and our freedoms!

Have a great one and God bless!

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Ah, that's where Hillary's emails went! I was wondering about that. @ironshield

I like your recycle method, 22LR is plenty; but I might have to use some heavier calibres, JUST FOR FUN, LOL!

An oil company decided to upgrade their office computers. The office is a 14 story building, so it was a significant problem. They came up with a novel solution, they would sell them to their employees, for a modest price. The employees then got to go to the roof, put on a safety line, walk to the edge, and throw their old computer as far as they wished! They sold monitors and printers too; and all the proceeds went to united way! They had a gold recovery company that cleaned up the debris for the recycle costs!
They partied all afternoon, and catered lunch; everyone was better for the diversion!


Job perks that are awesome right here XD


We designed some new medical monitors, and the prototype circuit boards need to be destroyed so they can not accidentally get into production. I took my engineering group out to the gun club, and we used a similar method to off them. It had been a very hard project, and we needed to celebrate! We had a cook out with cold watermellon, and blew them to perdition, ROFLOL!

Fun time for all! :D

hahahahahaha two birds, one.... bullet.

LOL tip!