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Please Attention

A group of members is trying to hack Steemit Account. This post is to warn everyone. Please don't let any of you fall into their trap. They are trying to hack Steemit Account by showing various temptations.

⚠ Warning video

None of you will click on these links. Always keep in mind, if any offer is given from Steemit, it is presented by Steemit Team members through their posts. That is why I am saying that no one will fall into such a trap. This hacker group is trying to trap you by commenting on the post.

As far as I know Steemit Team is trying to solve this problem. I urge @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 to take immediate action


Yes, resteemed for all others

All Steemit Users need to know about this topic.
Thank you so much @abdt

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