Season Challenge - My Favorite Spring Flower Trees !!

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I haven't done a @seasonchallenge for awhile because in Thailand it just seems like we don't have seasons everyday is hot , hot hot and damn hot that's our seasons so we really don't notice the season change like other countries were they have all the four seasons winter , autumn , spring then summer.





But in actual fact we do have seasons it's just not as hash or noticeable as other countries and you blink a eye you could actually not even realize that there is a season change taking place it's just not noticeable because we don't get to see them snow cap mountains to let us know it's a different season.



The only way i know that spring is here is when i look over my balcony on that morning and i see this one beautiful favorite tree of my has bloomed with cluster of a stunning yellow flowers which honestly i don't even know the name of this flower or the name of the tree all i know is that it is just beautiful and i love going up and touching this awesome yellow cluster of flowers they feel like silk.



Then there is this other tree that is in the park behind my apartment when i go for my walks in this it also there in from of me looking so lush but it does lose it leaves during the cooler months of November till February and what i me by cool is tropical cool it's not freezing cold as other countries in winter.




This tree is very unusual in the way it sprouts it's flowers looking at this tree they have like a long hanging bean growing of the branches and this bean finally cracks open and a beautiful cluster of pretty yellow flowers bloom out of it just magical.





What i love about this tree is how long these strings of flowers are and to add to the beauty of this tree their is a beautiful pink Bougainvillea plant that has wrapped itself around these two other trees and has turned this scenery into a oil painting so glamorous to look at.





The color coordination here are just perfectly done by mother nature.





In Thailand they have these beautiful colorful trees growing in the middle path of some major roads they really fresher the view up as your driving along.



These are just some beautiful little flowers that have just bloomed out on my rooftop balcony i love seeing these flower out you really know it's spring when i am up on my rooftop watching the sunset with a glass of red wine in hand.



I hope you have enjoy my Thailand spring flowers.



#Seasonchallenge is created by @roxy-cat and @erikah and spring is the time for much more things to share.




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wooow stunning flow show :D delish texture :D
Hm so seasons, isent the fact of you haveing diffrent once then we do, half of the fun??? :D

Thank you my friend we do have some amazing flowers over here :)

What a lovely flowers and I love how you made a perfect photography.

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Thank you my friend i am happy you enjoyed them flowers :)

Yes, you are so welcome my friend.

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Cheers :)

Maybe it's hard for you to live in a country where there are no seasons and trees and plants are flowering all the time.
I grew up in a country where we have all four seasons and I'd miss them, I know that. So I can understand that.
On the other hand, you get to see flowers and beautiful trees all the time, you don't have to wear boots and winter coat 😀
So ..... I guess there is a good side and bad side as well.
Congratulations for your entry, you have some amazing photos. I've never see these flowers before.

I lived in Australia most of my life i have seen the worst and the best of the four seasons and i do miss it at times and it was nice to be dressing up for the winters but i think now the warmer weather suits me better it must be the older age my bones don't arch when they are getting Vitamin D everyday so yeah that is the good side of it :)

And thank you for checking out my post i am happy to have bought you some different flowers.

Have a great week my friend :)

Cold is not exactly fun, especially when temperatures drop way below zero, so I understand what you are saying 🙂
Have a nice evening my friend 😉

Exactly not fun at all i wake up here every morning feeling great not seized up like i use to back home :)

Have a lovely evening also my friend :)

Thank you!

Wow! This tree and its flowers are amazing. You are so lucky to see this splendor every day.
Thank you for this amazing entry. I love it! 😍

P. S.: I cannot imagine how hard it is to experience such a warm weather so you could barely differentiate seasons. 😏

Thank you @roxy-cat my friend did i surprise you ...hehe..i absolutely love the way these strings of yellow flowers hang from this tree i have got to go a grab myself a bunch of this tree a hang it in my room like a chandelier they have a lovely fragrance.

You know i do miss the cooler weather at times i use to like having that change of dressing up different were as here it's T-Shirts , shorts and jeans that's it but it has it's advantages cause the girls are always dressed in mini skirts...hehe :)

Poor @hangin. I bet there are not many men envying you...girls in mini skirts. 😂

Indeed, this post surprised me. I had no idea you have such amazing trees over there. Well, I knew the trees are cool but these hanging yellow flowers are just marvellous. And now that you mentioned their lovely scent, I'm really jealous.

Thank you again for this entry and your continuos support. 😘

Haha...but it can get very torturous :)

And thank you for your kind words always a pleasure :)

Great shots! What gorgeous blooms on these trees, @hangin. Wonderful selection of trees and plants decorating the streets.

Thank you @redheadpei i love this time of the year when these amazing trees blossom all along the streets :)

Stunning captures @hangin What a fabulous view from your balcony. We have those trees with the vibrant yellow flowers here in Brisbane too but I don't know what they are called.

I really enjoyed your selection of beautiful flowers. I hope you have a great week my friend.

Thank you @trudeehunter what doesn't Brisbane have it's a paradise over there to but yeah i would love to know the name of that flower tree i googled it but nothing came :)

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