Listen To Wisdom - Quote Challenge Day 33/60.

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Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.
-Jimi Hendrix.



The act of saying little of what you mean is synonyms with wisdom, wisdom is truly the principal thing like the bible said. I once had a friend in my university days who told me to always be conscious of knowing the numbers of words I say per day, the idea is not to make me shut up or become mute, it is to listen more and talk less.

Wisdom shouts on the street for whoever that might want to listen, what a life we live in, good health is traded for fame, fame so loud it's a shadow of nothingness, people trade there life for money, money so flimsy it burns in the presence of fire. If they have had Wisdom they wouldn't have sold there soul to the devil for a tiny bit of luxury, luxury that is mortal.

Today as you go out, put wisdom as the focal thing to yearn for, wisdom is truly the principal thing, get wisdom.

As I've learned from @reonlouw wisdom series what is wisdom and what it's not I'll like you all to check it out too and learn. Wisdom supersedes a lot in life, one man uses all his energy to cut some grass while another thought of a lawn mower, it is wisdom my friend. Get wisdom.

We all need Wisdom
We all need wisdom II
We all need wisdom III

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