Do You Have A Steem Engine Token?

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Let us known on our Token Town discord!

We are starting to see some very interesting developments for owners of Tokens.

You can now have your own steemit -like-website which enables users to earn author rewards/curation rewards in your native token! Scot Bot enables this, read about it here.

The idea is to help with distribution and liquidity of your token. Token Town thinks this can change a lot for token owners and helping development a sustainable community and monetary value to your token.

We hope to in the near feature to break down how to set all the permissions to accomplish what you need. You can read about about what Weedcash did for their particular token and set-up. Just briefly goes through what he has done.

Thanks for reading and come join us in Token Town!


I haz token


you do! such Drama!

Weedcash is great.
Great healthy price right now.

Ask not what token town can do for you, but what you can do for token town. Weedcash network!!!


I have been thinking of making a quora like steem app, and I think it's own token would work for things like selecting the best answer... I will have to look into this

Smart idea really @nenad-ristic . I believe there have been a few people who had thought of doing a Quora like app's before.

I am aware of at least two attempts, both of which seem to have died... Not exactly encouraging

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Musing is still alive isn't it?

I was not aware of that one. I will take a look

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What are the other two?

You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Nice logo you got there.. :D

Thank you! :)

i have one

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what is it?

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