The Beginning of WeedCash! Test Post

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There is still much to be done, but I thought it was time to make a little post describing what we have set up so far and to test the functionality of SCOT bot for WEED.


What is WeedCash?

WeedCash (WEED) is a token on WEED can currently be purchased at

Staking is now enabled! There is a 42 day unstaking period with 6 transfers (1 transfer each week) until completely unstaked. This post is the first test of the SCOT bot to see if coins are distributed through upvoting on Steemit.

I have also set up a feed that this post will also be the first test for. Hopefully, this post and any post tagged with "weedcash" will show up in the "weedcash-posts" channel in the WeedCash Discord Right now discussion and planning are happening on our discord which you can join by clicking

If all goes well, there will be another post made soon that will be more of an official announcement with more details.


congratulations and watching the price of WEED rising makes me kind of dizzy haha

Congrats on this it is really cool that you spent the time and money to do this and make another dapp like this.

Can anyone explain what this post/product/service is, in relation to the Steem blockchain? I'm not looking for tokens - other than Steem.

Great Stuff Brother great stuff!!

Congratulations on realizing this monumental achievement for DPOS!

I have 143 weed powered up - take my vote and tell me the results!

Finally trying to sign up, looks like it crashed? I cannot access
Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 6.06.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 6.08.00 PM.png

Amen to that brotha.

You have some of that already? ;)

He doesn't have enough. Can't ever have enough.

Yes haha ;)

Wow, what you have done is amazing! Also very nice feature, the keychain login! Well done, will try posting here :)

currenty 1 weed is so expensive in steem engine...

Nice, do you guys plan on auto adding the weedcash tag on all comments too so they can get rewarded too?

Site needs a few tweaks(sort by WEED earned and not STU, autotag with weedcash on every post) but other than that its amazing. I sort of feel like switching to it for default rather than steemit just because of the fact that its not keychain support and no ads.

Autotag is now there :)

Awesome thanks, earning on every post/comment should be important.

Thanks for your challenge !! I join you!

How to get power up on weedcash? i want this

In steem-engine wallet - click the lock button:

So cool!

you guys forgot to change logo for 404 not found :)

ps. this not found page was improved by me (previously it was a text :) which was also introduced by the official @steemitblog's post

ps2. make it accessible via as well. (without "www") Currently it redirects to godaddy default parking page.

Amazing Weedcash Project !
Sooooooo CoooooooL ! 💙 ♬♬

@partiko Already done with Partiko points but they didn't improved ! :(

really nice.

Whats your plan to crow your community? Because its hart to create accounts for your community fast without paying a lot of steem.

But i really like projects like this!

Hi @weedcash, I have some suggestion and hope this helps! [Steem Engine SCOT] community exclusive posting (via json_metadata)

ps. Don't forget to give me some WEED!!!

Well... If I can can get anywhere near 16k on a post, I'm all in! :)

weedcash is really picking up. Don't know what im doing wrong as my upvotes dont show.

I don't see any posts from you on here.

Are you adding the hashtag weedcash?
and Have you staked your Weed?

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This is just astonishing!!!!

Awesome! just finished checking it out after seeing the post on @aggroed . I upvoted, commented and resteemed one post on your to try it out and was surprised at how cool and easy it was just like steemit! not sure how WEED tokens work or if I get a token for upvoting etc but I tried it out just 10 min ago and will wait to see what happens! Love the @weedcash Site wishing you much success! But how do we earn WEED Tokens!?!? 👍👍👍✌

Keep using the Cannabis tag! But yeah love it and love the front end! HODL weedcash

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Almost makes me want to post about weed..

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I accidentally registered a mention of weedcash in the post of steembasicincome. I used a weedcash tag on my post twice. Now I translate all available information into the Czech language. I see it for a great thing :-)

interesting idea!

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@richardcrill if i post my posts to steemit over the weekend, after hive launches, will it be posted to the weedcash platform as well? or will that connection be ended, same question - if i post to hive will it automatically be posted to weedcash platform I wonder?✌️

Hard to say how the timing will work on everything so I'm hoping to connect to both chains while we transition to hive.

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