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It is very hard to trap a single particle of antimatter , thus, scientists are still making researches to find a new technique to trap antimatter for a longer time , but for now here is how they conserve it :

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The Only Place Where Antimatter Would Live !

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you would know that antimatter may be very useful in the future , for fueling spaceships and curing cancer , but antimatter can be used as a destructive weapon as making bombs with antimatter-matter reaction , and you would know from my previous posts that when we create antimatter it will annihilate in a tiny fraction of seconds leaving energy and a burst of light , because the whole universe we live in is made of matter , and when matter and antimatter meets they will disappear because they have opposite charge (+ and - is neutral thus a zero) , so why would we spend 62.5 trillion $ on 1 gram of something that will disappear in the moment it is created ? In fact, we can trap antimatter and conserve it for a couple of seconds before it annihilate with ordinary matter , but this is done in large laboratories like CERN . It is hard to keep something away from matter , when everything is made of matter , thus you cannot trap the antimatter particle in a fancy container , you can't let the antimatter particle touch the air , because air is made of matter . So how to keep that antimatter particle away from matter ? Scientists used a magnetic field to hold the antimatter particle and trap it , it's energy that trap the antimatter we conserve in a magnetic bottle that is shaped like a bathtub.  On 26 April 2011 ALPHA was able to trap 309 anti-hydrogen atoms for 17 minutes, but the good news is that it is getting better with technology development and new techniques.

Artistic representation of ALPHA magnetic trap

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