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One gram of Antimatter cost about $62.5 trillion making it the world most expensive material . To make just 1 gram of Antimatter , all of mankind will have to work for about a year without rest . NASA estimated that 1 gram of antimatter would cost $62.5 trillion , but today it cost $90 trillion. What Is Antimatter ?

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Why Do We Need To Create Antimatter ?

Maybe you would like to create antimatter because it would make you very rich , with $90 trillion  for every gram of antimatter , but scientists are creating antimatter to study it , because we won't find antimatter around us , so we have to create it in order to study it . And  of course for the many useful things antimatter can do :  Strange Uses Of Antimatter !

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How To Create Antimatter ?

Based on E=mc2 it would need 25 million billion kWh to make only one gram of antimatter , so in the whole history of CERN's antimatter it only made less than 10 nanograms . Antimatter is the most expensive material in the world because it need  lot of energy to be created and a lot of work , as said before all of mankind will have to work for about a year without rest to make 1 gram of antimatter.

Scientists create antimatter by transforming energy into mass . They put a lot of energy into a very small space , matter-antimatter pairs are produced , each particle and it's antiparticle are created into pairs , like proton-antiproton pairs . What if you want to create a specific particle-antiparticle pair, like proton-antiproton or electron-positron ? The energy you put into that small space should be equivalent to the mass of the particle you want to create , so if you want to create proton-antiproton pairs you have to put more energy than if you want to create electron-positron pairs , because protons are heavier than electron . After creating the particle-antiparticle scientists at the laboratory separate the matter from the antimatter using magnetic fields and take 1 antiproton particle and 1 positron (antielectron) particle , they combine them to make 1 antihydrogen atom . That is stored in a special technique that I talked about in that post : The Only Place Where Antimatter Would Live !

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