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In this article , I am going to show you , what Antimatter is used for . You can check my previous post to know What Is Antimatter ? 

Antimatter have some strange uses , it could be very helpful , but it is hard to conserve a particle of antimatter , because when it will meet with its twin matter particle they will both annihilate leaving a burst of light and energy . And the challenge become harder when dealing with a ton of antimatter , because the larger the number of antimatter is , the bigger the annihilation , and the explosion could be very dangerous . Wait a second , an explosion , yes as said in the previous post , when matter and antimatter meet they will disappear because of their opposite charge , and everything left is energy that can be used to make bombs even more dangerous than atomic bombs . 

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So let's start with the uses of Antimatter : 

  1. Weapons : why would we use antimatter as a weapon ? The advantage is that when matter and antimatter meets , nothing left , 100% of the collision goes into energy this means that the whole sum of their mass energy equivalent (E = mc2) is released as energy , compared to most efficient fusion weapons they only release 7-10% of energy , so antimatter is the big deal . Thus 1 gram of antimatter reacting with 1 gram of matter , produce the energy of three times the bomb dropped on Hiroshima . The U.S. Air Force started to study the physics of antimatter in the Cold War , and maybe planning to use antimatter as a destructive weapon in the future .
  2. Medical : antimatter can be used for bad things like war but it can also cure cancer . The reaction of matter and antimatter is used as a medicine, specifically in  positron emission tomography (PET) 
  3. Fuel : Antimatter could be used to fuel rockets for  interstellar travel  , because the energy density of antimatter is very higher than ordinary fuel . That means that the first human to land on mars could be on an spaceship powered by antimatter

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