Living a Life of Acceptance With Beliefs

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Acceptance is both the portal and the path

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You see, acceptance is that which takes you from duality consciousness on this side to unity consciousness on the other side. Between victim-consciousness (on this side) and creator-consciousness (on the other side) - and this is why I say it is a portal. But because you will have to learn to LIVE in acceptance rather than just choosing it, sometimes it is much more than just the doorway. It is also the path.

It is crucially important, if you would rise above victim consciousness, above the dramas, and attain Unity Consciousness… that you fully discover acceptance within yourself and that you learn to live that way of life.

Acceptance is an unbelievably powerful thing

If you have not had lifetimes to master acceptance then it is going to take a good deal of practice and effort on your part to master acceptance now. Sometimes you will flounder and get it wrong. Accept that. Accept that you are not “there” yet. Accept that you are on a journey. And accept too that you most certainly will get there if you stay the course. Which, of course, you must. Because there really is nowhere else to go but Home to the Oneness. And acceptance, as I have said, is the portal and the path that takes you Home.

Complete this sentence: "I will only be happy when _________."

Now think of some major thing in your life that you believe needs to change before you can find fulfillment...

Let me tell you that the circumstance of your drama is EXACTLY what will happen to you when you hold the beliefs about yourself that you do. If a particle of consciousness enters into life and has the experiences you have had and comes to the beliefs you have come to, then it will experience EXACTLY this drama. It can be no other way.

Your deepest beliefs govern all of the choices you make

Right from the circumstances of your birth, who your parents will be, how you will grow up… all of those formative experiences… things you think you are good at, the things you think you cannot do, the people you associate with… everything and I mean everything you have chosen and will continue to choose is filtered through your beliefs. And what you believe and choose is where your life-energy goes. And where your energy goes is where you go.

When you have had a number of lifetimes in duality then it is an absolutely guaranteed fact that you will have built up many layers of beliefs that are about separation. You will have fear, pain, anger and loss built right into your belief system. And so life will feed that back to you. You will see multiple layers of dramas in your life right from the global to the national to the societal to the familial to the personal. All these will be playing out in your life constantly.

Now, you can engage with the dramas… you can keep wishing things were different from what they are… you can keep trying to make them different… but the dramas themselves will keep repeating itself on you until you accept these conditions but come to change the underlying belief you are holding about yourself that is actually inviting the drama.

In short, my friends, life will always feed back to you the effects of your own deepest beliefs.
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I accept all current circumstances and conditions.

I am actively forming beliefs which cultivate creativity, abundance and inspiration for mySelf, family and COmmUnity!

I am an inspired, intelligent and creative Being!

Thank you for this reminder.

We should belief and except in science

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Dang. Spittin straight Truth. Thank you for sharing. Following & intrigued to read more of your wisdoms :)

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I'll be happy when I realize every moment, like divine joy.

Before understanding that the source of happiness inside a person, and not outwardly - a long way. I had to reconsider many past lives, so that thoughts of dramas stopped coming to mind.

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