A Super Cool Recap - 24 Science articles to tickle your brain!

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If there's one thing I like more than Steem, it's science!

Learning new things about how the world works is a very satisfying feeling. What we know constantly evolves as we encounter new information, and we're well on our way to answering some of the most fundamental questions about our universe.

I joined steemit over a year and a half ago, and I've written about more than a few things, and started more than a couple projects that haven't turned out so well. A little over a year ago, I decided to start a post series where I would talk about some of my favorite science topics. I do this in real life all the time, excitedly flying off into a tangent about quantum mechanics and the fluctuation of space-time, usually to my friends' amusement.

If you follow my blog, there's a good chance it's because of this series. I try and present the craziest, "super cool" subjects I can come up with, and do so in an energetic manner. I also try to explain things as simply as possible, bringing sometimes complex science to the everyman.

For your enjoyment and ease of access, I've gathered the first twenty four Super Cool Science S#!ts into one place! Here's a look at the entire series so far:


# 1 - The Alcoholic Comet

What better to start with than a fairly well known comet, with a fairly unknown ingredient? Let's make a toast to this cosmic bartender.

# 2 - Crispr-cas9 - A revolution in genetic engineering

Have you ever wanted to change yourself? Have you ever wanted to see extint animals live again? How about an end to genetic disease? These things and more could be right around the corner...

# 3 - Triboluminescence - Turning force into light

Did you know you can make light using of nothing but duct tape? It's true... Physics can be very enlightening!

# 4 - Centaurs in space

Exhibiting the behavior of both comets and asteroids, these celestial travelers never ceases to amaze.

# 5 - You are mostly nothing

Everything you know is almost completely empty space, and solidity is more force than matter.

# 6 - The exponential expansion

Since the Big Bang, the universe has been growing. What we didn't realize at first is that it's growing faster and faster every second.

# 7 - A galactic fender bender

Our Milky Way galaxy is on a collision course with our nearest neighbor... It'll be quite some time before it happens, but it would certainly be a spectacle to behold!

# 8 - Breastfeeding FTW

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things a woman can do. Learn more about the benefits for both parties, and the different types of breast milk.

# 9 - The eye of the beholder

The eye is a fascinating example of evolution at work. Its complexity and versatility are rarely matched anywhere else in nature.

# 10 - Another one bites the dust

Space is full of dust. A nebula forms when this dust gathers into clouds that create beautiful displays, and are the birthplace of baby stars.

# 11 - Giant space lasers

Sometimes, at the end of a stars life cycle, they can produce some of the most powerful bursts of energy we've ever witnessed. Gamma Ray Bursts are enormous beams of radiation that would cook our planet whole if ever one pointed our way.

# 12 - Glowing Planets

Auroras are beautiful displays of light in the sky caused by interactions in the atmosphere, and they aren't just present on Earth! Learn all about what causes the auroras, and where else we've seen them.

# 13 - Salt!

This was more of a personal challenge to myself, but it turns out there's actually a lot of really cool science involving our most common of seasonings.

# 14 - Atoms the size of cities

Born of a collapsing star, neutron stars are so dense, they are essentially a single atom. These tiny balls of neutrons are hefty, hefty, hefty!

# 15 - We accidentally made a force field around the planet

We've been using radio waves for things like communication for decades. Turns out some of those waves don't leave the planet, and bounce around in the upper atmosphere. It was an unpredicted side effect, but it may actually be helping protect us!

# 16 - Molecular light

Most of us learned early on in science class that light is a bunch of single particles that act as a wave, but what happens when you get two or more of those particles to bond? You get the very first molecule of pure light!

# 17 - Crazy Chemicals #1 - Azidoazide aside

Have you ever heard of an explosive so powerful it can't be measured? With a couple carbon atoms, and a ton of nitrogen, Azidoazide azide was a great first installment to a mini-series all about the craziest chemicals known to man!

# 18 - I'm not crying bro, it's these damn onions!

Cutting onions can bring the most hardcore chef to tears, but with a little science lesson, you can learn what causes the burning in your eyes, and how to prevent it!

# 19 - Crazy Chemicals #2 - Botulinum toxin

The most toxic chemical known to man is actually something many people have injected into their muscles in the quest for beauty... Who knew paralysis could be a good thing?

# 20 - Public Inquiries #1 - Should I pee on a jellyfish sting?

My buddy @seveaux caught me during the @whaleshares live show one week, and posed a question that had been on his mind. He had always heard that if you get stung by a jellyfish, you should urinate on the wound to alleviate the pain. Want to know if it's true?

# 21 - Limnuc eruptions, aka exploding lakes

Holy hell, people! There are lakes that can build pressure and blow up! The result is not pretty for anyone living close by, or even down wind from this rare natural disaster...

# 22 - Tiny Titans

The smallest animal on the planet is one of the most indestructible life forms we've ever discovered, and these cute little "bears" live practically everywhere on Earth, including your backyard!.

# 23 - Accidental Ascertainmentscan#1 - How war led to cooking our food with radiation

Microwave ovens are an amazing accident. We were just trying to spy on people, and ended up revolutionizing the modern kitchen.

# 24 - The destroyer of worlds

Black Holes are a true wonder. We still don't fully understand them, but what we do know rightfully scares most who ponder their untamed accumulation of mass. Time, and bigger monsters, are the only enemies strong enough to slay these beasts.


Want some more?

I've got a few more of these up my sleeve, and plan to continue writing this series as long as I have a platform to do so. There's Super Cool Science S#!t happening every day, and I know I'm not the only one who revels in the idea that the universe will always hold mysteries for us to solve.

Do you have a Super Cool Science question, or topic you'd like discovered? Comment below with your suggestions, and if I write about your topic or question, I'll send you 10% of what I earn for it!



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