Suesa's Science Challenge #2

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It is time again for a new challenge! After the first one got so many great entries, I decided to do it again with a different topic.

The Topic

This time, it is all about misconceptions. Write about either

  • A misconception that greatly annoys you
  • A misconception that amuses you

The Rules

  • The misconception should be about something scientific, which includes not only natural sciences like biology, chemistry and physics but also mathematics, technology, medicine and engineering – basically STEM + medicine.

  • Write a post describing the misconception and explaining how and why it is wrong.

  • Add sources and properly cite them. If you use pictures that aren’t your own, give proper credit.

  • Tag your entry with #suesascience and post a link to your entry as a comment under this post.

  • The challenge will end on 29th September at 0:00 UTC+2, results will follow soon after.

  • Winners will be chosen by volunteers from steemSTEM management who won’t participate themselves.

  • Winners from the last challenge can participate, but their entries won’t be taken into consideration to give other people a better chance at winning.

  • If you want to participate but want to decline the chance to win you can state that at the beginning of your post.

The Rewards

  1. 30 SBD + 30 SP
  2. 25 SBD + 25 SP
  3. 20 SBD + 20 SP
  4. 15 SBD + 15 SP
  5. 10 SBD + 10 SP

The Steempower will be directly powered up to the winner and is sponsored by @steemstem
The SBD are taken out of my personal funds.

Bonus: The winner out of the top five who has the least Steempower (Minnow-Winner) will be rewarded with a big temporary Steempower delegation sponsored by @minnowbooster !

Additional Notes

Every participant who follows the rules will be mentioned in the final post which announces the winners, to give them all a bit more exposure.

Plagiarizers will be immediately disqualified. If you’re a known plagiarizer you’ll be disqualified even if your entry itself is legit.

If you want to connect with the steemSTEM community, join the #steemSTEM channel on!

And last but not least: Good luck and have fun writing!

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That's a really cool concept for a competition Suesa! So much so that I think I'll have to do a "misconceptions about Space" series :D

Seems a bit odd that prior winners can't also win again when the prize pool this time is larger. Should people think they have an incentive to wait with participating until it gets larger? ;p

Thanks for taking the time to make the initiative. I'm looking forward to writing a post and to reading the submissions! :)


I just want to make sure people aren't intimidated by you again :P

But I'm thinking about always just excluding the winners from the previous challenge, meaning you could participate in the 3rd again.


Haha, I'll tune it down a little bit then ;)
Yeah, I guess that makes sense just to ensure that the love is spread a little bit more ^^
Perhaps I can then both write a post and be a judge!


Sure, why not!


fredrikaa is quite intimidating, I can attest to that ;)


But he's really cool and a nice person!

In the last challenge, participants were supposed to write about a day in their life as someone who works in a STEM field. After fredrikaa submitted his entry, someone messaged me that "there is no way to win against someone who works at the ESA"



Haha I know, he's a very interesting guy. We've talked on steemspeak together many times. I was just messing around :)

Here's my entry to the contest. I've written about how some people still believe that the hump of the camels are filled with water, which is simply not true.

Thanks for doing these science challenges by the way! I've found some nice posts and some cool people to follow because of this :)

I totally forgot this part of the entry process.

So, of course I made an entry that is mushroom centric. In the US there are three mushrooms that rule like 90% of the market - The white button mushroom - the Cremini or Crimini mushroom - and the Portobello.

The only thing is -They're all the same species of mushroom!

When I tell my friends and family this it usually blows their minds because everyone thinks they're three different species and they look very different. But no - a widespread misconception if there ever was one!

that is a lot of rewards. i do have a topic in my mind. i will try to write about it. resteeming the post so i can find it easily


What is a challenge without big rewards? :) I'm looking forward to your entry!



Here is my contribution, I hope this within the requested by the challenge, is the first time I participate, greetings and success to all!

@minnowbooster thanks for always being there for the minnows. Nothing gives more joy than helping others to grow

Thanks for the information from you @suesa .. I will try and really want to join .. Because I also develop a post about the science that I teach to my students.
About the network material and also the computer field .. Glad to be able to join .. Once again thanks for the information from you @suesa

Hey Suesa, another round of Suesa's challenge, yay~
Here is my entry (Ignore me for the prize):

I am just here to correct people's misconceptions!! XD

Here's my entry! I gave myself a little time to think about it, and holy crap, there are a lot of misconceptions out there. It's hard to pick one. I decided on the idea that nothing is certain and science is questions.

Thanks a lot for a great contest! Really making people think. Awesome!

haha, here is my entry.
I don't really want to decline the chance to win (well, actually I might not have a chance to win with such many participants XDD)
Anyway, your Challenge really made a great success and i really learnt a lot from different people!!!
Congratulation !!! :)))


I'm really happy about all the entries :D

I never thought of doing something like this. Out of so any articles on steemit. This one grabbed my eye. It really gets the steemit community involved rather than that outreach for just the "money" aspect of things. Thank you for this post. Does anyone else feel the same way by the way? or am I the only one?


Not just you, I'm excited to read the submissions & get my learning on!



You'll need to decide on one to make it fair for others :)

Hi @suesa, this is my proposal to the science challenge:

since my last post discusses misconceptions that both annoy and amuse me, I suppose I'll throw mine into the mix as well...

categories: mathematics, technology, and maybe "social sciences"?

To support your awesome competition, I've created a short post for the competition.

Thank you for this. It's a wonderful challenge 🙌🙌🙌

Fantastic! I discovered my hobby to write recently but I will try to do something worthy of being recorded in the blockchain.
Thank you!

Hey Suesa,

how did you build up your account to this level? I'm just starting, and I have followed you. I notice that you have a certain median income and likes from your posts, and seems to start even from your first one. Do you have any advice for a fellow writer?

  1. Original content that is somewhat unique
  2. Cite your sources, credit your pictures
  3. Networking, networking, networking

For point three, is very useful. Make friends there and your popularity might grow. Of course, one of those points is pretty useless without the others.

Since June, I spend a huge part of every day writing, researching and chatting. It's a full-time job.


I really appreciate the advice! This helps me immensely!


I believe I like this idea .. :)

My submission, I want to try it, not in my native language, but I hope it is" science" for many men and for others at least just for fun ;):


I'm sorry but this isn't just not scientific but also extremely sexist. I'm not sure if I can or want to accept this as an entry.


Perhaps send it to Trumps crotch team?

I do not know what to say


Me neither 🤷‍♀️


Hhahahah 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Help me
Please visit to my blog... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


we help our brother rohingnya...


Not my cup of tea. I am not your brother and don't know that name...

Definitely interesting! Tons of things to think about. I'll try to jump in with my own submission about the topic.
Glad to see such fun-tivities taking place on steemit, being a recently newbie myself, particularly in the field of science.
Steemit keeps proving to me that it's a great platform, not only for the money, but re-initiating general interest in knowledge and creativity.
I rattled too much as always lol. Thanks again!

@suesa Excellent Tale. Awesome you ended up in the position to hustle your way out of your respective condition.


What are you even talking about


is there a misconception here?

Yay, again another great challenge from my favorite scifi author. I'll join and test my luck :)

Resteemed. Ill come up with something again. :) hopefully more scientific than my last entry!

Sounds nice! Let me try to get some inspiration from my conversations with the previous generation XDDDD

It took me a few hours - but here it is; I ask the question: Is the Existence of freewill a misconception?

After 17 days, I manage to write a post. Thank you for this contest. Here is my entry:


Happy that my challenge was able to inspire you!

Following the suggestion in the chat, I'm posting my entry here, cos apparently it doesn't appear on the tag after 7 days:

Had I known all the controversy it would stir up, I would've given it a more serious and methodical approach, instead of treating the subject playfully like I do with my recipe posts! Well!..


It's even in the rules that you have to post it here :P Explicitly because I am aware of this issue. Glad you still made it in time!


Read the post twice before, didn't notice it. Let me try a third time. Yup, there it is, in italics! Lol!

Hi, I would like to participate, but I am not sure if humanities are part of the challenge?


What would be the direction?


I would like to participate in Egyptology.


Give it a shot! At worst, you'll only get some exposure.

muy bueno!! haha daré resteem

Nice job great will be fun.

#flatearth ..eeeeeeeeeeew not for me

Congratulations @suesa!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 3 with $ 287,18

Thank you @suesa for this great contest.

My entry here:

Hope you have not forgot me :p

@suesa Excellent... Motivating and it will make me joyful to check out effort and resolve prevail. Adore it..

My Entire Blog Is About This. I Use Gnostic Techniques With The Information That Is Already There Instead Of Creating New Wild Stories.

hello dear @suesa, nice and different topic named "misconception"you choose for contest. nice job appreciated.

Awesome, trying to write one xD and can you guys make steemstem channel on discord as well?


We talked about it but almost everybody in the management team doesn't really like discord :P

Hey..!! thank for sharing Upvote and reestem @suesa Great work

i love science <3 i want to share my ideas too

Close to the deadline, but here is my entry for the contest:

Thank you for taking on the mammoth task of organizing this challenge, cheers!

sorry because I have not been long ago in steemit so I do not understand.
i am from sabang (aceh)
can i follow it @suesa ?

wow it really very cool

You've made nice contest, Suesa! My attempt is about geometry:

Here goes nothing:
^^ my contribution.
Thanks for the initiative @suesa, keep rockin steemit with science!
-- MCF

I did my entry on the miasmic theory of disease. A bit of an older scientific misconception, but a historically important one!

Love this whole competition, by the way! Can't wait to read the other entries!

Hey !
thank for sharing Upvote and reestem @suesa Great work <3 <3

Thanks for sharing

Should the misconception that annoys you and amuses you be written in the same post? I'm sorry i'm just confused. Thanks for this, great initiative for new authors like me!


No its supposed to be a misconception that either annoys or amuses you or both. Just one misconception, one submission! :)


Ohh I'm sorry, I didn't read the word "either" there.

Can we also write in german?


Only if you make it bi-lingual, many of the judges don't speak German.


Ok its a pity. I think my english is not sophisticated enough for scientific text...


You can always try :)
Everyone who participates will be mentioned in the final post so even if you don't win, you'll get some exposure.


Depending on the extent of your intended article some including myself might be able to assist in the translation process. For instance you could initially publish it in German and later update it by inserting translations from the comment section.

Hi @suesa, I completed my article today. You may check it here: [Misconceptions About Polio Vaccination In Pakistan (Suesa's Science Challenge #2)]. Good luck to all the contestants.

I will definitely participate.Very nice concept!

Hey guys, I would like to share the link to my entry:

buen post

Thank you very beautiful information


You can only participate once. Please decide on one entry.


Oh I see
I will go with this one
Thank you

Although there might be a problem with writing power, I tried challenging.
I am pleased to have such opportunity.
Thank you very much.

Oh my God I love this topic so much I read it and immediately knew my answer!

That's a great challenge! I'll see if I can find something good to write about!

Yipes, there's an awful lot of competition here! But here's my entry on the misconception of trusting the senses.

I would like to participate in this activity @suesa.Thanks for this post . The message should be spread .

@suesa A great deal details thanks for sharing. Like it. Resteemed.

Hi @suesa, I'm thrilled. Please count me in and I'm ready to fight for the first prize.


Good luck!


Hi @suesa ,my entry :

Suesa's Science Challenge 2 - Does being thrown into the water during an explosion save your life?