Ancient Dwarka: Tales in the Land

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As previously discussed, it is highly likely that the lost city of Dwarka is here:

Anomaly west of India3.JPG

For more information on particulars, see:
Dwarka: The Lost City of Krishna, and
The Geopolitical Impact of the Discovery of Ancient Dwarka

It appears there are additional anomalies of note pertaining to Dwarka.

Firstly, in the Arabian Sea exists a mountain chain which very distinctly has the curvature of the golden ratio spiral.

Dwarka 0.png

Golden Ratio Arabian Sea.png

As has been discussed previously, there are many formations on the Earth that are indicative of waves of energy traveling to move the land. For instance, the Indonesian Archipelago was formed in this manner, as well as the Himalayas, and much more. For more information, see Earth History: The Himalayas as a Key to Understanding.

In all previous instances, the arc produced is that of a pushing force from a wave of energy propagating in a linear direction. This type of arc is distinguishably different from an arc produced by spiraling energy, in that it produces eddies along the ends and the whole arc has a focal point like a lens, as is most evident in the Indonesian Archipelago:


But in the Arabian Sea, the golden ratio is visible.

Importantly, the golden ratio is suggestive of an exponential growth in energy from a spiraling flow. Rather than a linear projection of energy, the signatures left on the Earth of a spiraling vortex would be materially different in their shape. A vortex weapon would utilize the exponential growth potential of this aspect to produce a destructive vortex. It is likely that such a weapon would be capable of influencing the shape of the surrounding terrain, if sufficient energy is input. On the other hand, it may be that the Earth itself is unable to produce such features as they require exponential energy. The Earth's greatest forces rip it asunder and caused mountains, yet all were within the dimension of the Earth. On this scale, phi ratios could only occur by a sudden influx of focused spiraling ether from the cosmos into one location. And yet...


It is possible that a vortex weapon was focused on Dwarka until the energy of the developing vortex grew to a degree where it was no longer actively being focused on Dwarka and then the system moved from the focal point of Dwarka. Interestingly, if the golden ratio grows to the size of the Arabian Sea mountain chain from Dwarka and then the focus of the spiral on Dwarka is released, where the curve of the mountain chain is followed by the spiral, then the position of the zero-point of the spiral physically moves down to the ocean bed at the edge of the continental shelf and then runs along the edge.

If such a vortex were to be formed, it is feasible that it would move along the resistance it experiences at a location and create a boundary between the two. Moreover, that it moves along the edge of the continental shelf in order to follow the curve of the mountain chain gives credence to the concept that the two are related. In other words, if the vortex of energy focused at Dwarka were to move to the continental shelf and follow the edge of the continental shelf, it could also produce the mountain range in the Arabian Sea. This is suggestive that the nucleus of the vortex did just that and the outcome was the mountain range.

Moreover, the topographical map of the region has lower elevation in the region from the marshlands where Sir Creek is through to the Gulf of Khambhat, which may be related to where this band of energy was able to run through the land of India:
Western India Topographical Map.JPG

If a vortex weapon were to be used in a location, inputting large sums of negative energy into a region of the planet, then it is possible that the planet itself would react by emitting an equal and opposite projection of positive energy in a different location.

Mount Girnar in Gujarat, India is extremely anomalous.

India Vortex.JPG

We can see this sticks out even from a large distance:


But if we look closer, this location is surrounded with straight edges:




This hexagonal pattern is distinctly the result of a spiraling vortex of energy. For example, the pole of Saturn produces a hexagonal structure:

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/Hampton University

Thus, mount Girnar formed in a vortex of positive energy released by the planet. Indeed, if we look at the topographical map of the location, it reveals that the hexagonal pattern has a square within it.

India Vortex Topographic.JPG
Map source

As we can see here, the nucleus of Mount Girnar has four outward branching "columns" or "pillars" that project from the core of the mountain to the four topographically elevated positions of the side of the mountain.

The bottom left side of the topography, coupled with the physical division between the nucleus core of the mountain and the bottom left region indicate that the vortex of the core was giving rise to a secondary system that was beginning to break off when the energy fueling the formation was no longer active.

Notably, the flow of mass from the nucleus to the four outer walls is least distinct in the bottom left path. This is indicative that, as the separate system became more coalesced, the "umbilical cord" of energy transmission from the central nucleus to the region was cutting off.


This resulted in a topographically distinct difference in the density of the mass along the path of the current. It also shows the energy from the nucleus traveling as a current through the extension to the outer boundary was largely transmitted in totality to the secondary system that formed beyond the boundary.



It is possible that Mount Girnar, which is an anomalous formation simply standing alone in the terrain, was produced when Dwarka was attacked. Notably, the spiral of energy moving down the coast seems to have dissipated sufficiently to stop moving mountains in the region of Gujarat. If the storm was functionally a negative source of energy and the Earth brought forth a positive counter to the energy, it is likely it would do it in a position generally perpendicularly inland from the negative charge of the storm. The discharge of the equal and opposite positive energy would have allowed for equilibrium to be, at least in part, induced.

In the least, Mount Girnar shows irrefutable evidence of a vortex of energy being involved in its creation.

Moreover, the vortex spirals out over the land. Could the storm have transformed the region known as the Deccan Traps? Indeed, Mount Girnar is a lone mountain in the expansive terrains of the Deccan Traps.



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