Manifestation of the Imaginative Landscape (can we really and truly “shape” our reality with our minds?)

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So is all this “manifestation” stuff just bullshit?

I don’t think so. You could get into the quantum mechanics end of it, or you could get into the fluffy, ethereal feel good garbage of the new age movement, but it really doesn’t matter. What matters, is if your imagination can result in matter. And as a matter of fact, it can. You can take matters into your own hands.

Everything around you was at first, an idea. Nature is not excluded here. No matter what your personal views--religious, “spiritual,” atheist, agnostic, objectivist, or strict materialist--the undeniable fact of the matter is that information rules everything.

From the fetus in the womb to the house on the blueprint, information—ideas—precede everything. One may take issue with calling the genetic code an “idea,” but it really is of no consequence. What matters is that information exists as the source and guide of what manifests in the physical, concrete realm.

It’s been said that, statistically, if you scatter alphabet cereal around on the floor for a long enough period of time, you will eventually come up with a few words or even a sentence. Some misguided, staunch materialists have attempted to use this statistical fact as evidence in their arguments that there is no real “informational intelligence” in the universe, but that everything is ultimately just physical matter, operating more or less haphazardly. That can’t be right, however, considering that information (such as the genetic code, or text on a cereal box) is useless without a perceived/received meaning. The real question to be asked then, is who or what is the reader?

Perhaps you throw the cereal box into the air and the pieces on the ground make the perfectly formed sentence: “go get some milk." This is all well and good, but without a reader who can comprehend the meaning behind these words, no physical manifestation of the ideas can occur. A toddler, for example, presented with the sentence will likely struggle to understand the meaning, if the toddler understands there’s even a meaning there at all. A cat, not prepared to receive meaning in a human language, would be at an even greater loss. In the same way, without a “reader” of your genetic code, you could have never formed in your mother’s womb. Something had to “read” the information. Something had to interpret the information and apply it as a physical reality. Blue eyes. Brown hair. Dimples.


Can you manifest your own reality?

Before addressing this in the somewhat “magical” sense that most people mean when using this phraseology, I’d like to address it in the most practical way possible:

Of course you can manifest your own reality. Want to build a house? Think of a plan, draw it up, buy some materials, and build it. There. You’ve just manifested your own reality from your mind.

Everything we do. Literally everything we do, is a manifestation of our imaginative landscape. This is, in my estimation, your greatest power. This is “God." When you get off the couch to go into the kitchen and do the dishes, it doesn’t just happen apropos of nothing. Why does it happen? You saw yourself doing it first. You visualized it. You have a plan.

Even in the case of the parasympathetic nervous system response, as occurs when one, for example, touches a hot stove, and the discursive thinking mechanisms are bypassed, a signal is present, telling the muscles to “pull away!” If the signal had no “intended” effect, what would be its utility? If there is no utility present, this response could truly be said to be meaningless. However, there is a very real purpose to this response, which nature has created as an adaptation and survival mechanism for the organism faced with danger. The preservation of life is the goal.

If the unconscious aspects of nature have these “goals"--if rocks, trees, and water all follow certain rules and parameters in their existence--how much more powerful the human being, who is quite literally matter, self-aware!? What a great utility this must be. I get the sneaking suspicion that humanity as a whole has not explored it nearly enough, and in fact, denigrates it, if unknowingly.

Now, speaking of manifestation in the “magical” sense, it’s actually not that “magical” at all. Folks like Albert Einstein, and quantum physicists across the board, have understood and do understand (if incompletely) these realities and physical/metaphysical laws. When reality is observed by an observer, and attention is focused on a particular place or potential outcome, reality itself changes, and in the field of physics--and in the "field" of everyday life--the outcome is also effected.

Please take a brief pause to watch the following video demonstrating how science has proven that intentional observation alone can change the “spin” of subatomic particles, and even particles extremely far apart, faster than the speed of light:

You, as an observer, change the universe.

Sure this applies to photons and quantum particles, but can it apply to my daily, practical life? To be honest, I can’t see how it wouldn’t.

Imagine, for example, I see the same woman walking down the street every day, and she sees me. She has on a yellow dress, and carries a red handbag. Each time we lock eyes, something is effected in our bodies and minds. It may not even be conscious, really. All the same, information is registered. Her mind, including the physical electric synapses in her brain, have changed because of the sight of me, and vice versa. The path of thought and stream of consciousness (or subconsciousness) would have been different had we not passed one another. Much like the spinning particles in the video above, my observation of her, has changed her “spin,” and vice versa, once again.

Now imagine I take this further. Let’s say I imagine how nice it would be to be on a date with this woman in the yellow dress. There are very real, practical, logical, and sensible paths by which to accomplish this if it is my goal. I know through observation of human life and society already, that spinning in circles and yelping like a dog will probably not achieve the desired result. However, a sincere unassuming smile might open a door. I try it. A smile is returned. Maybe I say “hi,” eventually. Maybe a conversation ensues. Who knows. The real point is, I’m visualing it. Saturating and soaking my mind in the goal 24/7. This allows not only my conscious mind, but the subconscious to go to work as well.

Perhaps I’ve picked up on some minute detail without really even knowing it. Our brains and perception are expert at this, to the point of mystery, really. For some reason I get the impression Why not just take your dog to work with you today? The poor thing is here all alone every day. It’s not right.

That day, on passing the woman, she smiles a radiant smile, much more pronounced than usual, and comments on what a cute dog I have. As she approaches to get a closer look, I notice something. A small button that has been affixed to her red handbag this whole time. It reads “I ❤️ Corgis.”



In closing

I’m sure we’ve all had experiences that seem to defy rational explanation. I know I have. I do not doubt that there is some sort of “collective consciousness.” How could I rule things like this out when modern science tells us that there are dimensions beyond those for that we can perceive: length, width, depth, and time. And the perception of time is even a bit of a stretch, as it seems to go faster and slower or to altogether stop depending on the situation.

Whether or not you can make $1 million dollars rain down from your ceiling right now is beyond the point. That’s pretty stupid actually. Now, I’m not saying some well awakened, master multi-dimensional guru couldn’t theoretically do it. What I am saying is that I think it’s true what Christ said in the Bible: according to your faith be it unto you. This doesn’t mean that if you try hard enough to believe something it will happen. What it does mean though, is that if you think about something long enough, and with enough focus, and plan for it—both subconsciously and consciously—you will inevitably begin taking actions (first only at the thought level, then perhaps “micro actions,” and eventually micro actions and larger actions which become habitual, in combination with progressively greater and more enthusiastic focus) and those small and large actions and thoughts will begin to ripple out into the world of ideas and concrete existence around you, influencing, impressing, and changing it.


A wave of confidence begins to develop behind you in regard to your goal. To your vision. It is no longer just a far away, ethereal impression, but is now becoming clear, and is taking on physical shape as well. This only inspires the imaginative landscape all the more--seeing what you have only dreamed about begin to take physical and emotional shape in your life and mind and those of others--until the point arrives at which you almost know it will happen. It’s only a matter of time. At this point it’s not a “magical faith,” but a confident knowing how the goal can be achieved, and that you have the tools to achieve it, and are on the right path. The more you know this, the more real it gets. The more it manifests. Your life becomes a reflection of your imaginative landscape. And then it happens. Not "mysterious," far away, of hazy anymore. Now it is actually your life.


Before closing this out, I would like to make a little disclaimer here. One thing I hate about the “new age” movement, is the tendency to accuse the poor, the suffering, and the downtrodden folks on this planet of just not “manifesting hard enough,” or having a “poverty mentality.” For all of our wonderful manifesting, which is always in our power as we live, life is tough, and things happen which can be sad, abrupt, inexplicable, and even tragic. In this sense, though being gods of creation here, we are still very human. Many an impoverished man has seen a vision, coupled the implications thereof with practical reality, and achieved wealth and success in this world. Not everyone, however, gets to this point. Watch out for people just trying to sell “get rich quick” schemes and feel good seminars.

Ironically, our weapon against these boneheads is also manifestation. Manifesting the kindness and compassion to help those they are scamming, and to lend an empathetic ear and hand to those in need. And teaching them what they really are, which is a powerful god. A creator.


With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s see how far we can go! Build your shit! Build your visions! Manifest your dreams!

The possibilities literally are endless, or how else could any possibilities be at all?



Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as DLive and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)


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Hola, totalmente de acuerdo, nuestro cerebro es muy poderoso y una de sus características es hacer realidad lo que visualizamos y sentimos por adelantado cambios en nuestro cuerpo como si fuera realidad (emociones, placer, angustias, taquicardia etc) Esta es una herramienta para el cual no estamos entrenados conscientemente y puedes provocar enfermedades por visualizar cosas que te hagan daño, terminando amargado y con odio o puedes lograr ser exitoso. Los manipuladores sociales y politicos conoces de esta herramienta por eso cuando quieren destruir un pueblo lo primero que destruyen es su parte psíquica manteniendonos angustiados, con escasez, en conflicto todo el tiempo, por eso no podemos juzgar a los pueblos oprimidos ellos fueron manipulados por expertos desde la psiquis. Y si alguien quiere ayudar a estos pueblos hay que comenzar a hacerlo desde este punto por el cual fueron atacados, haciéndolos pensar que dependen del grupo opresor , no pueden hacer un cambio o no merecen algo mejor. Saludos

Este es un comentario brillante e introspectivo! Gracias. Estoy de acuerdo con lo que has dicho aquí.

2 or 3 years ago I made wings with my imagination and tried to fly off the swingset.

It didn't work and my knee came up and hit my chin. I didn't like spitting blood. But I guess maybe that type of 'creating reality' maybe isn't what you are talking about. I just know that I always used my imagination different since then.

You’d probably have t read the article. No, there are natural laws, and pretending gravity doesn’t exist doesn’t usually work :)

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I think it would be easier to shape perception of reality rather than reality it's self. Now reading the sentence I just now wrote........ I conclude that's kinda the same thing as part of the title of this article. Refuckingsteemed Because metacognition is better than a babies arm holding an apple.

Hello @kafkanarchy84! This post is very perceptive, and I like your down-to-earth writing style. I think you may have hit the nail on the head of the principle that's at work in the Law of Attraction discussed in works like The Secret. And I also appreciate how, in your disclaimer, you recognize that life is tough and that not everything that happens to us, or every situation we find ourselves in, is our fault. However, as I think you understand, whatever our circumstances, we can control how we process them and what we do about them. To paraphrase Napoleon Hill, "There's nothing in my life that I can't do something about, even if all I can do is adjust to an unpleasant reality so that it doesn't break my spirit." And I, for one, am dedicated to helping other people understand that.

Excellent article, this is something i have thought about for quite some time summarized in one article.

I liked the phenomenology of god and logos you weaved in there too.

Thank you for writing this, upvoted and resteemed.

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