Is It True That Organic Architecture Design + Geometry Produces Unique And Beautiful Building Elements (Analysis of Concepts and Characteristics of Organic Architecture)

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Organic Architecture is an architectural approach applied in part or in whole to the building, whose concept is rooted in natural forms or principles. Organic architecture takes care of the environment and harmony with the tread. Organic architectural pioneers such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Antonio Gaudi, and Rudolf Steiner, illustrate the inspiration of organic principles in their own way, often the organic impression brought about in free and expressive forms.

Here are some basic concepts in organic architectural design:

Building as nature

a natural building where nature is the subject and inspiration of organic architecture.

Continous present

organic architecture is an architectural design that continues, where it never stops and always in a dynamic state that always evolves to follow the times without eliminating the element of authenticity.

Form Follows Flow

Organic Architecture must follow the flow of natural energy around it dynamically. Nature in this case can be structural forces, wind, heat and water currents, earth energy, and magnetic fields.

Of the people

Designing the shape and structure of buildings, designed based on the needs of building users. Designing for the convenience of building users is also very important.

Of the hill

ideally in an organic building will look to grow and look unique in a location. Bad and unusual locations will be a challenge for organic architecture to provide unexpected and imaginative solutions.

Of the materials

the organic form radiates from the quality of the selected building material. Organic architecture always has new materials and sometimes uses unusual materials in unusual places.

Youthful and unexpected

organic architecture usually has a very individual character. Organic architecture can look young, attractive, and contain the joy of children. The design is sometimes made with an accent and gives an unexpected surprise.

Living music

organic architecture contains elements of modern music, which contain rhythm alignment, in terms of structure and the proportion of buildings that are not symmetrical. The organic architecture is always futuristic and modern.

General characteristics of organic architectural design

The following is the characteristic of design of organic architecture in general:

  1. Be inspired by nature.
  2. The existence of the element of repetition.
  3. Elastic, supple, flowing.
  4. Deepening of the concept and satisfaction in the idea.
  5. Form.
  6. Unique and other than others.
  7. Full of surprises and games.
  8. Express the concept of ideas strongly.

Geometry in Architecture

When talking about architecture, indirectly we also talk about geometry, which is one of the elements of architectural building.
Geometry is a rationale for form, starting from the form that is in nature to the form that is an architecture. According to the World Book Encyclopedia, geometry is defined as follows:

“Geometry is a branch of mathematics. It involves studying the shape, size, and position of geometric figures. These figures include plane (flat) figures, such as triangles and rectangles, and solid (three-dimensional) figures, such as cubes and spheres ” (The World Book Encyclopedia, 1993)
Definition of the architecture contained in the book Hybrid Space is: "The art or science of building; specify: the art or practice of designing structures and esp. inhabitable ones "(Zellner, 1999: 9).

This defenition is further narrows the notion of architecture as an art. An art is certainly intended to be able to produce a value of beauty.

Kimberly Elam points out that "The architecture of Elam, 2001: 101). He explained that architecture has a strong relationship with geometry. One of the connections between these two is the aesthetic value.

From the defenitions above is obtained that geometry can be one element that can make a work of architecture has aesthetic value. But of course to cause this aesthetic value, then the work of architecture is then limited by the rules of geometry that exists. Given this rule, the resulting form becomes bound. One other example of the geometry rule is the golden section.

Line segment in golden ratio

In mathematics, the two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is equal to their sum ratio for greater than two quantities. The figure on the right illustrates the geometric relationship. Expressed algebraically, for the numbers a and b with a> b> 0

Based on the description, it is clear that between architecture and geometry has a close relationship in producing an element that has artistic value.

The application of architecture and geometry in the building to produce a building element that has beautiful artistic value

For example an organic architecture building is a house designed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. If referring to the concept of organic architecture above, that one of characteristic of the building of organic architecture is inspired by nature and close to nature and unique. Therefore, I concluded that Frank Lloyd Wright uses dynamic water in the form of a waterfall so that makes the building seem to drift with the dominance of natural materials.

A house built on a waterfall

Fallingwater is a house designed by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 in rural southwestern Pennsylvania

The building can be said to be "The best architectural work of all time". If we refer to the basic concept of architecture above, then Waterfall as a natural music that can be heard throughout the home space. Construction of the building uses a variety of balconies beams that are supported by limestone for all vertical surfaces and concrete for horizontal surfaces. Inland, floors and walls also use natural stone, while the furniture uses wood, such as chairs and tables. This building follows the condition of nature.
Large openings, like indoors designed to feel the beauty of nature and also functions as natural entrances and natural light. This building looks very dominant with vertical and horizontal elements.

Beautiful living room design with large openings

Thus, this building looks dynamic according to the times without changing the design concept.
the uniqueness of the building is one of the characteristics of organic architecture. In terms of form, the house is not like a house in general that tends to be bound by space and produce a mediocre shape. based on the above concept, shows and proves that this building structure is rigid, but can produce a flexible form and produce an expressive form.


Based on the description and explanation above, it can be concluded that a building built that refers to the basic concept of organic architecture design, then the building can last long will not be consumed by time, in the sense that this building will always be able to follow and adjust to the development of the period. although today there are many contemporary architectural terms, but the character and nature of architectural design is a unique and inspired design and has beautiful artistic value.

Basic concepts in organic architectural design
General characteristics of organic architectural design
Definition of geometry and architecture

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