Graphene Battery Could Drastically Cut Down On Electric-Car Charging Times

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A student engineer from the University of Sussex recently won an award, the Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award for 2016, for his design of a graphene battery that has the potential to drastically cut down on the charging time for electric-cars.

The student, Josh de Wit, developed the concept that has the potential to drastically impact the electric-car market.

He says that his design of a car batter,y made using stacked graphene, can charge much faster and will be able to store more energy.

Not only that, but it will be cheaper, lighter, and stronger, than other competing products already in the market.

Graphene is remarkable in that it is incredibly conductive, ultra-lightweight, and many times stronger than steel. This groundbreaking material soon be in everything from speakers and health equipment, to motorcycle helmets and airplanes.

It will be interesting to see which big name companies are going to move in the direction of using graphene batteries in their electric cars. In the spring, the winner of the award says that he plans to tour a number of motor industry companies (like Honda, Nissan, and McLaren) in an effort to gain some work experience and make some networking connections.

He is also working with resources at the University to try and get the graphene battery quickly to market.



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Not exactly a new concept:

I wonder how his design differs?

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