Improving the concept of the Homopolar Generator - High Voltage N-Machine

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This is Aaron Murakami 's N-Machine version of an updated Bruce Depalmer's Homopolar generator that has achieved a sustainable output when rotating magnets together with the conductor.


Aaron demonstrates his machine built with neodymium magnets, how to load a capacitor higher than what a 12 volt battery needs to be charged. This is done by connecting the perimeter and shaft of a spinning neodymium iron boron magnet. Faraday created the first generator creating electromotive generated in an electrical conductor circulating a magnetic flux. Only a very low voltage with high current has been obtained by the Faraday Generator, but you will see for the first time how to have a usable voltage.

bruce depalma.png

Watch background introduction here

''Aaron charged a capacitor to 14.8 volts with a 1.5 inch diameter spinning neodymium magnet that is only 1/4 of an inch thick at a speed of only 1-2000 RPM. This sets a world’s record in usable voltage from a Faraday Generator. You will also learn how to create AC from a Faraday Generator, which was proven by Peter Lindemann and Michael Knox back in the 80’s and 90’s.'' -Energy Science Conference 2017.

Watch the High Voltage N-Machine demonstration here

John Searl created a number of SEG devices with neodymium magnets circulating a larger magnet, however, an updated functioning model was never commissioned due to lack of sponsors. Any electromagnetic device built with neodymium magnets will produce an effect of over-unity, the problem is sourcing and covering the cost of the neodymium magnets as they are expensive.

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