#VRChallenge - Scary VR Experince with Trulaloo

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Many of you may be familiar with VR and have tried it, well it was my first time to experience it but I did not expect to experience it in this manner. I wasn't really ready for the challenge since it was a horror VR! Personally, I am not a fan of any horror films especially those types that would give me a mini heart attack.

The minute I saw the VR, I knew that we were going to do something that is beyond of my comfort zone. And there it was, they told me that we were going to do the VR challenge HORROR EDITION! I couldn't believe that they would let me do something I really hate hahaha. I was begging them not to do the challenge but I needed to set my fear aside and face the challenge.


It took me few minutes to sink everything in and was convincing myself to do the challenge. Oh yeah! This challenge was Renz's(@anotsopopularkid) idea who is also a part of Trulaloo. You can check out Trulaloo's post, #VRChallenge - Trulaloo tries to conquer Scary VR {Photo Preview} for a whole review.

Here's a snapshot of how the video looked like in VR:


I was so scared that I could not even wear the whole VR gear! Kudos to those who enjoy watching scary films.


If you want to know if I survived until the end, you have to stay tuned for our video that will be released in a few days. You should check out Trulaloo's post: 3 DAYS TO GO - Official Video Release of Scary VR Challenge! The teaser trailer is also available in that post, if you want to check it out.


My friends, Jieza (@jievarela), Justine (@justinezee), and Jare (@polymerfive) also did the challenge! If you're interested in what will our reactions would be, feel free to follow @Trulaloo and stay tuned for our video!

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Tomorrow's the release! We're all excited!