#VRChallenge - Trulaloo tries to conquer Scary VR {Photo Preview}

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Trulaloo members tries conquering their fear by watching a scary VR. This is just the first among series under our #VRChallenge.

We know that we haven't posted any videos in Steemit yet, but we are working on it! Our editors are doing their best, even if it means having to juggle our boring day jobs just to pursue our passion for videos. In the meantime, we want to share to you a little photo preview of our #VRChallenge.

The VR Challenge

The instruction for the members was simple. All Justine (@justinezee), Jare (@polymerfive), Jieza and Mika needed to do was to watch the entire 3-minute VR clip without removing the gear. This also meant that their reactions were genuine.

VR Challenge 1-5 (Custom).jpg

It was @anotsopopularkid (Renz) who came up with the horrifying challenge. He bought a VR gear and thought how funny it was to capture Trulaloo's reaction on cam. After donwloanding an app, Renz searched for a random and scary video and used it as the primary content.

VR Challenge 1-6 (Custom).jpg

Jieza was the first one to try the challenge. The rest were asked to step out of the room to add more excitement. Unfortunately, Jieza kept screaming and yelling that the others figured what she was watching. Were she able to finish the entire clip? We'll see.

VR Challenge 1-1 (Custom).jpg

Mika took a lot of convincing before she finally agreed to take the challenge. Given that she's all scared, was she able to complete the challenge?

VR Challenge 1-2 (Custom).jpg

Jare (@polymerfive) came up third, but it looked like he wasn't fazed at all. Now the question is, was he able to maintain composure throughout the entire 3-minute clip? That's something we are excited to share with you!

VR Challenge 1-3 (Custom).jpg

While filming, this cute little baby stormed into our studio, and we didn't stop him because he was too adorable.

VR Challenge 1-4 (Custom).jpg

After the baby got distracted, we were able to continue with the challenge. It was Justine's (@justinezee) turn. Like Mika, it took a while to convince her to go for the challenge. Judging by the photo, what do you think happened?

VR Challenge 1-5 (Custom).jpg

All 4 of them took the challenge, the question is who among them screamed the most? Were they able to finish the entire clip? We will find out the answer when we release our video on this #VRChallenge. We hope you'll stay tuned by following our page.

Follow our profile @trulaloo for updates regarding the #VRChallenge. There are also other challenges and activities to look forward to, so we hope for the continuous support!


For those who will be reading this, thank you very much for the support! We hope to connect with you guys!

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