3 DAYS TO GO - Official Video Release of Scary VR Challenge

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3 Days to go Scary VR Trulaloo Steemit

"She's coming" -- a distant voice from an unknown person

Steemit friends, only 3 days to go before our first official video release here in this platform. We are nervous and excited at the same time on how the community will respond. Hopefully, we can get your support on this launching through upvote (fingers crossed), comment and resteem. We are also looking forward to hear your initial comments regarding this challenge. What are your expectations? Do you have some challenge in mind?


The Trulaloo members who took the challenge are listed below. Feel free to follow.

  1. Jieza (@jievarela)
  2. Mika (@mikacortez)
  3. Jare (@polymerfive)
  4. Justine (@justinezee)

We are only days away in giving Steemit a scary yet funny video! Just hang on, dear friends.

Watch the teaser trailer below!
The teaser trailer for this #VRChallenge can be found below.

Be one step ahead

To get a full idea of what Trulaloo members got themselves into, watch this 3-minute clip on Youtube. The title of the video is "Most scary VR video Dare to watch google cardboard -- the exact clip @trulaloo members needed to watch for this challenge.

WARNING: The video can really be scary, so watch with caution. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Follow our profile @trulaloo for updates regarding the #VRChallenge. There are also other challenges and activities to look forward to, so we hope for the continuous support!

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