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This morning, @helamia notified me of a @papa-pepper impostor attempting to scam people in First off, @papa-pepper is NOT FOR SALE, nor does he accept bribes or request that people PAY FOR UPVOTES. While people can do whatever they want, this simply is NOT MY STYLE.


Here is a screenshot that @helamia sent me. The "papapepper" that was using my steemit avatar in is NOT me. I use a "-" between the words "papa" and "pepper" and I do not use an avatar on

This is what the real @papa-pepper looks like on Also, I will NOT approach minnows for money. Here is a little more of the conversation with the impostor.

I talked with @riverhead once I found out to see if that account could be shut down, and it looks like they already were. Unfortunately, they may try something else, or maybe discord. Just so you all know, I am "papa-pepper" # 9726 on discord and I use a poorly cropped avatar.

It doesn't look like anyone fell for the scam, but if you did, please let me know! Thanks. Also, a BIG THANK YOU to @helamia for bringing this to my attention. Here is a link to the post they put out as a warning:

Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

GIF provided by @orelmely


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You are welcome @papa-pepper :)
Won't let someone screw your reputation like that , becauseyou worked so hard to build it, and your content is awesome so keep it up.

Thanks! I appreciate all of your help on this!

He can use the name papa-pepper but where he is gonna get the brains!
Impostor will be caught immediately because no body can match Our @papa-pepper...
No body can be papa-pepper but you....

Also, for the record, I will not say things like this:

"Send it. I am 2 SBD. I will petrify you."

Hahaha.. This one lol. Like really??? Cheers! Good that scammer was shutdown.

Petrify? LOL. Like an old tree?

Sounds more like a Medusa thing lol...


Thanks for the notice! Any user requesting money in chat rooms should be deemed suspicious. Hopefully the next HF will give Steemit integrated private messaging.

That would be nice!

Great job @helamia ! for letting us all know about yet another scammer thats too lazy to put in the work by posting quality content and instead try to game the system by taking over other great steemians names and scamming people ! this exact same thing happened a while ago to @sweetsssj ! and a lot of people were scammed by them ! Great job as well to @papa-pepper for calling out these scammers !! We dont need this crap on our awesome platform !! Steem On my friend ! upped and resteemed to
let more steemians know about these idiot scammers !!👌👍✌💕😀

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Thank you very much @karenmckersie i really do appreciate these kind words of yours <3

Your very welcome !👌👍✌💕

I am @dwells. I WILL PETRIFY YOU!!!


How much?

My fee reasonable. I don't charge arm and leg. I say choose the limb you can afford to leaf behind.

There are a lot of scammers out there. Just glad you caught what was happening for any real damage was done to your reputation. cheers.

glad you caught him!
not like anyone was fooled though.

Thanks for inform on the spot time....!!

It was hard to tell the difference between who is who, i might have fallen for it. Good you have let us know. Such people need to be scrapped off completely.

OMG i almost fell for it today...thank you very much for the awareness @ papa-pepper

Is this the new spam?
I think most people who have read Papa's posts would pick that it is not his style to ask for money.
@helamia did a good job shutting the imposter down, well done.

Thank you

Too bad for someone to attack you and your followers @papa-pepper
Well, thank God everyone is aware of the fake steemchat account of the thief!

Damn these scamers find there way into everything! Nice catch @helamia and thank you @papa-pepper for the heads up

:D thank you @senorcoconut

You're welcome. It's crazy how scamers can find new ways to con all the time.

ok friends, i've read the post from @helamia,
that someone masquerading as @papa-pepper,
he asked 2 sbd for 100% upvote.
thanks @papa-pepper has shared.

upvote and resteem.

I've posted everything on detail....

yes friends, I've read it,

Very sad to see things like this @papa-pepper; I sometimes worry about this world where so many (it seems) resort to deceptions and scams and taking advantage of others as their way of life. Shame on them!

Thank you for your information.😊

Very nice..

A pretty sad attempt considering how most people on steemit know you and know you are a decent guy. The fishy English was a dead giveaway.

Yeah, I just caught that. I will NOT petrify you.

You can try if you want ;-P

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Another scammer on my door just look at this guy for god sake

It seems like today is a scammers day to get caught
marketingmonk 5:39 PM
I will always help you, I have many friends in steemit, and they will help up vote all your posts
helamia 5:41 PM
No thank you very much i appreciate your help. Just keep in mind that if you want to help someone just do it, and don't ask for anything in return otherwise you will be called a scammer.
marketingmonk 5:42 PM
ok no problem

That's the guy I just found, I did a post about him. Honestly, I think it takes a lot of foolishness to believe in people like him. Besides, he's the worst scammer I've ever seen.

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hehehehe Same fucking scammer hehehehe good you did not fall for it either

even scammers are trying to be like you because your too hot. lol.


I just don't understand people sometimes.
They are too lazy to get a job and make their own money but they spend so much time on setting up farce things to try and scam others.

Please.. use your energy for the good. Be productive in life.

Good point, just invest yourself in good things and maybe something good will some of it!

Jeez! Sorry to see that. Hope it all works out. I caught a guy on twitter using my avatar giving bad crypto advice. That sort of thing is weird. Good lucks and be safe.

Ughhh, an SBD-beggar again :(
0.000SBD upvotes are guaranteed! Fortunately easy to recognize that kind of Steemit profiles. I always look at the reputation and the wallet.

Thanks for inform...

What people will do for 2sbd , eh

NO kidding.

thanks for the helpful post!!

The fact that they asked for something in return is a dead give away, of course the way they spoke about "petrifying" is also a give away. Thankfully they have been stopped and hopefully nobody fell for it. Anyone that has ever dealt with you or spoken to you will immediately know its a fraud @papa-pepper because you are one of the most selfless people I've had the privilege of meeting here on steemit. God bless you my fabulous friend. :D Have an awesome day. :D

Is not your evil twin?

Evil for sure, but no twin. @Meesterboom is my twin.

This impostor contacted me on, but fortunately I know you use the "-" in your username and I banned him. I ate people like this, they make me feel so angry.

You know you are famous now, they try to steal your thunder ;-)

Hello, @papa-pepper! This scammer is using not only your name but @dmania name and @marketingmonk . Sure he is using more names.

I also showed @marketingmonk too :)

I know you'd never be a scammer coz you're peppa pig's dad and he is cool, haha


I also found an impostor using @haejin's material. We have to be very alert of this Impostors, scammers, and identity thieves. Thank you for putting the word out. Here is the other impostor:

He can use the name papa-pepper but where he is gonna get the brains!
Impostor will be caught immediately because no body can match Our @papa-pepper...
No body can be papa-pepper but you...
And @papa-pepper will forever remain one and only @papa-pepper

Greed is so ugly. Using one our most beloved steemians. For shame. SMH

Great, now chat is broken. At least they put up some good advice for users.
Screenshot-2017-12-28 https steemit chat.png

Wow what kind of brain glitch gets people to think that activities like this will ultimately serve them? Especially on a Blockchain with a lot of transparency?

thanks for sharing

It is sad that people try to take advantage of other people in the first place. Then to steal someone elses name and avatar to try to fake their way on steemit to get sbd is terrible. We all put time and effort into what we put on steemit to be stolen for some fast cash.

This scamming is getting to a real problem. I am always careful about people asking for money here on Steemit or any where. I am sorry that they decided to use your good name to run this scam.

Arghhh. Whey do people do this kind of thing instead of applying themselves and get to their goals the honest way. So sad!!

Wow! Some people really have nothing better to do with their lives than trying to scam people for 16 dollars online!
Omg! I'm glad nobody fell for that! What a fricking joke! :O

A joke indeed.

Wow man, that's concerning! He may have the name but he definitely doesn't have your heart!

Amen to that, thanks.

thanks @papa-pepper for sharing information, I really like your post.

Good post

The real follower, the fan, will know the difference.... @papa-pepper's content speaks for him...

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