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RE: ICO Review : Viewly Vs Viuly?

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I don't particularly support either b/c it's by the guy who got all those upvotes for steemq to bring video to steem. I waited for steemq for more than 6 months and he delivered nothing and now wants to do ICO and it says they might use non-steem blockchain. has my vote. no ICO. delivered product first. and works on steem helping the network.


DTube is the leader so far, that much should be clear.

if you look at the viuly whitepaper says nothing about actual function and has 6 pages dedicated to marketing and the ICO with no technical

IPFS is an established technology. No need to waste pages on a tech that most savvy crypto people already understand Ruslan (CEO) wanted to keep the whitepaper simple and readable for content creators such as yourself to understand and get excited about the platform. Clearly, it was a sound decision. Thank you very much @isacoin for sharing our whitepaper. Apparently it was simple enough for even you to understand.

And for those of you who really hate to read, our platform is 95% complete, so you can just checkout our ALPHA

Competition is healthy for free markets fellas. Don't call us a scam. We don't even call you competition.

If the project really is not a scam, you'll do well to announce a rebranding and make some code public. @furion is an established account in this ecosystem, while you - currently - seem to be at best a copycat.

from an investment point of view not adding full details lacks transparency what legitimate business seeking millions in funding would not disclose full working of

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