Beware of impostors and scams trying to mimic Viewly

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We have noticed a recently created Russian copycat of Viewly, sneakily named Viuly. At first, we found it funny, but soon the frightening realization set in - some people will unfortunately fall for it.

We believe the impostor is trying to capitalize on the upcoming token sale, by confusing the newcomers and/or taking advantage of people that hear about Viewly sale, but miss it.

Where can I find the real Viewly?

Which sites are not related to Viewly


* is not fraudulent, they just don't want to sell their domain at this time.

We expect more sites to pop up, some of them more obviously fake (ie. direct copies of the website), as Viewly gains traction. We will keep this list up to date on our blog. If you find an impostor or misleading site, please let us know.

Be vigilant, stay safe. - Viewly Team



It's awful that we have to contend with scammers like this so early on. Resteemed and I'll make a seperate post as well.

Thank you :)

Hi Furion,

Thank you for sharing such important information.

BTW: I suggest you remove links to these fraudulent sites,to avoid the user click and visit them by mistake. 😱

Good advice, updated.

Thanks for clarification, I saw some news on yahoo and was wondering if that was actually you or not. Looks like another money-grab to me, with impossible features.

yes , I have already checked that website . After seeing message on telegram .
Even website design is kind of similar as viewly ! LOL

Thanks for your call furion. Resteemed to pass the voice

Gosh I dislike these scammers so much @furion

@furion - thanks for alerting us - this is so not on - have resteemed

Good spotting @furion - have upvoted and resteemed your post

Scammers are everywhere. Thanks for sharing on this site anywayz

Thanks for the heads up. Sad that people don't hesitate lose their integrity when it comes to money.

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