Update on your favorite reward pool rapist.

in scam •  12 days ago

Estimated Account Value

$222,199.78 (Today)
+$11,926 from yesterday

Total Transfered Out:

11,498.217 SBD
2,408.216 STEEM

Powering Down:

52,464.905 STEEM

Last 24 Hours

Claim rewards: 220.681 SBD and 60.991 STEEM POWER
Claim rewards: 80.992 SBD and 25.807 STEEM POWER
Claim rewards: 109.854 SBD and 32.112 STEEM POWER
Claim rewards: 115.126 SBD and 32.545 STEEM POWER
Claim rewards: 225.721 SBD and 68.621 STEEM POWER
Claim rewards: 218.626 SBD and 67.531 STEEM POWER

One scammer to another

Receive 0.008 SBD from noganoo
I used an auto comment bot to drain the scumbag's voting power down to zero. I call it digital judo. Be well, teacher!

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Could it be that haejin has perfected porn for crypto traders? Or something like European soccer? It's boring af imo, yet many people are into it and paying top dollars.


lol. I do like my soccer and my TA... so you may be onto something here.


Well, it looks like something significant has happened because this post hasn't been flagged by the haejin cult in 3 days and Haejin's posts cannot be found in the top of the Trending category. Hmmm. Anybody care to illuminate?


That's when a cult predator meets its submissive preys in a valley of decentralized jungle.




Take my crypto but leave my football alone! 😁

Dang, those are some big numbers. Do you think something like that has an effect on the value of the steem dollar? If so he needs to cut it out because its fallen like 6 bucks since i started in december


I do not understand this


I don’t either.


Não entendo nada desse steemit.


Thanks for the question Jesseluther. I am brand new here as well-dont know any of the characters personally. But this topic seems to be all over the place. I will read the answer below and try to understand for myself. lol

wow crazy

He is stealing our reward !

lets bring him down !

i mean he posts some TA stuff but why does it matter, not like 200k will effect the entire Steemit market. Just leave him alone, who cares! he can do what he wants with his profile , and you can do what you want with yours! just post the best stuff you can to the platform and hope for the best. Steemit with be a hit regardless. Just let him do him, and you can do you! i guess if you doing you is bashing him for doing him then idk! maybe just spend the money and buy his account :P hahaha


You must be a retarded motherfucker noob who doesn't know shit, aren't you?

Why is this post receiving so manu upvote from bots courtesy of@bittrex?

Really wondering what's going on.


If I were to take a guess @baejin is being supported by a few anti-haejin whales that must have just discovered this account. It looks to me like @berniesanders may have something to do with the high upvote value on this post, possible by transferring money directly from bittrex to a bot. Best guess. But I give this post only a few more hours before it's discovered by the pro-haejin whales and bots and we will probably see it flagged into oblivion. Could be a good show. I'm getting the popcorn right now.


(Unrelated question from a noob steemian.) Can someone else diminish the steem you are "powering down" by flagging posts? I am so intrigued by steem at the moment


no, only the rewards of a post before the payout is affected or can be affected by the flag.

Now i see why is this in the trending feeds as it has fully supported by auto bots..keep this work up.

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@jerrybanfeild i will try your upvoting when i get my sbd back in a few days thanks for helping the community!!



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Can you explain this in noob terms?@sami100


Omg!!! Look at noganoo! Digital judo kick... :O

Nice theme, continue your work
Good luck

good luck with your strategy !

I don't fully understand how the reward pool works, but it seems to me that a lot of filling is being taken from the Rhubarb pie, and talking the glass of milk that was offered.
Thank your for being on the watchtower for the takers.

By my count, he is depriving us all tiny fishes from getting fragments of the Rewards and only one Whale have i seen Combating this Menace; @berniesanders ! Only if other whales could wakeup and kick that scoundrel off this platform!

The greatest snake oil merchant of the crypto era

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I love the Steam and everything connected with it, thank you for the post, dear friend, give me your voice please.

uhmmmmm.... hmmmmmmm, yeah?

Why all that drama ? You do it for money or ?


I do it because I have invested in this platform and I want it to be worth something in the future.


I do it because I have invested in this platform and I want it to be worth something in the future.

Wow I have so much to learn. I don't understand how this user could be scamming you... Or is it the whole system that is getting scammed? Whatever it looks like they are making a lot of money on whatever scam they are pulling.

Oh so Noob 😜

subscribe to me please bro


this is spam, let's report it, vote to continue working


In truth, @haejin regards himself as an 'entertainer'.

I admit, I am 'amused' by his Elliott Waves explanation.

That said, I've long believed Steemit is an AI experiment to see how long before people's actions/infighting cause a 'world' collapse...lol.

I hope I'm wrong; but, @haejin's actions, no matter how debatable in terms of ethics, is obviously not crossing any foul lines, as he remains whale status...love him...or maybe, not so much.

In truth, Steemit is not for the person who is vulnerable to scams. While there aren't 'many', there certainly are enough to drain your account. (lol).



All of @haejin's followers are a bunch of morons who are expected to buy some snake oil sold at street magic show. This is what happens when crypto trading becomes a religion.


expected to buy some snake oil

In 'defense' of @haejin....by free will, I might add. He acknowledges that he's an entertainer. Some people like to be 'entertained'. Some people pay to see a game, others, Elliott Waves...lol...

To each his own, as @haejin continues to hold the attention of his crowds, while choosing to not HODL...;+)


But is it, 70% of his followers are sheep, i have seen them begging him to do videos for a coin even thou Bitcoin is crashing, when it is clear to anyone that that coin is going down and staying down until Bitcoin rises.

Blame his followers not him. Haejin is just putting content on steemit that people want to read. Thus he gets paid.

Also is has taking 1000s of people to steemit as well. You cant diss him, crypto is a market that could have a short shelf life, Haejin is just making as much money as he can.

Its called captilism. Even you are making money of him...lol

This guy literally just scrolls up and down coinmarketcap for 20 minutes and that's what he calls a video. Also his predictions are usually wrong.

I don't care if he / someone is gaming the system to enrich himself or herself IF it does NOT hurt anyone. In this case, even with the disclaimer, it could cause someone to lose money.
I went to his profile and clicked on the "Mute" button and now, I do not see his posts!
I wonder if he can see mine or not ...

You can be sure that the picture is not him or his - what can be done if he is using someone else's image? It probably cam from some movie.

WOW, I had no idea this kinda stuff went on. Thanks for sharing.

best regards from me @ suhadi-gayo from indonesia hope you can be the best friend for me in this world of steemit, so i also in time will be able to achieve success like you. Obviously with patience and continuously build relationships with true steemans from different parts of the country

Digital Judo!!!! Can't stop laughing! ( I mean I get your point here,but this is just way too funny!)

Congratulations @baejin!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Comments - Ranked 10 with 183 comments
  • Pending payout - Ranked 2 with $ 633,93

what is this??? I can't understand. smell like scam

When half of this amount can address the issues faced by the newbies here

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Oh man! Sounds like drama... 🐺👨‍🚀🚀

This scratch open something I have no understanding of. Officially jumping into researching the system now to get a better understanding.

lost some reputation because of haejin and berniesanders let people live haha


Exposing the scammers is part of the game. I hope you do realize that!


Sure it is. But a lot of people here are using similar techniques for purely monetary gain, so I don't think it's fair on @haejin to get all the blame. The system itself should be put into focus. @haejin gets all the hate mainly because of his huge payouts from steemit. Currently the state of steemit is encouraging people to do so, even it's not its intended purpose. So something has to be done but not like this.

Oooooor holy sky!

No entendi :(

YES. I was tempted to mute haejin but decided downvoting all of his spam was a better idea

What a waste... world we are in..

Why do you power down @baejin? I've never understood the purpose and function..

WTF!!!!!!!! Abaejin. You're on another LEVEL!!! I'm so inspired stunner. Keep claiming these rewards..

Legend, please vote my account @batman31

"Reward pool rapist" haha

No difference between him and you...

Holy smokes!
As mich as the blog entry breaks my heart the comment thread gives me hope.
I love all of the folks learning and teaching, us little guys don't have much influince and are highly susceptible to a whale downvote, so we either need a shill account to down vote or be prepared to bave zero steem, if I understand what is going on.
That said, I hope the whales and witnesses get on top of this, guy, or that there another solution along the way.

For me what is so bothersome is the silence of the whales who can do something to address this situation. Silence means consent.

very nice I liked it tenks

do you vote for me ? please...