Steem.Camp 2018 — Ticket sales are beginning now!

in sc2018 •  7 months ago

The team is happy to announce:
Ticket sales are beginning now !

To buy a ticket, please join our Discord.
Please be quick, as ticket numbers are strictly limited.
The tickets cost 60 STEEM for adults an 0.001 STEEM for children.

Please note:
You have to pay additional campsite fees on arrival ( 40 € pp ).

For more information on the camp, see our announcement in english, spanish, german and french and our FAQs.

We are looking forward to meet all of you at the first Steem.Camp. We are available for questions at our Discord Server, too.

Happy Steeming!

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thats going to be super fun. !


Are you going? I'm seriously considering it.


unfortunately I REALLY can't, Im just too stretched at the moment and Im not particularly good at organising my world.....definitely a HUGE chance that I wont make it to steemfest this year as well....although in my dreambrain I have not discounted it entirely yet. Would've been so great to go camping with you steev! 2019 is going to have SO much more breathing space for me


Well I hope to see you at other events.

I'm trying to coordinate with some others to share transport to this one. I've got use of a camper van. Looks like it should be fun

Very nice post! My friend have created awesome Steemit t-shirt and I want to share it with our amazing community! More detailed pictures here:
front (7).jpg


Awesome - do you want to sent us some for the raffle at


No, but I can make a discount specially for you.

Que bien al hacer estos campamentos y lograr la unión de todos los miembros que van a participar de tan maravillosa iniciativa. Saludos

Will there be an Oktoberfest tent?


Sprechen sie English?


No, not in August. We will have a Getränkewagen, though.

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Not sure I'd heard about this. I'm very tempted to come.


Please do! Would we be great to have you!


Just been checking and it's looking possible. I've got use of a camper van and might be able to bring some friends

very good and i want to participation

sounds awesome. I am definitely here!