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From Steemchurch Venezuela we have been working all this time on the project "Bread from Heaven", it has been a time of blessing, of a rewarding experience, and we have found a compass that will mark the destiny of a generation. All our energies have been put here.
We are about to celebrate our first anniversary and with that, we have great commitments ahead of us, we believe that this coming May will be a time of consolidation and growth for our ministry.

In the same way we have seen the development of the @steemchurch community, hand in hand with our beloved @sirknight, who has done a wonderful job, along with other brothers of the faith who have been supporting this initiative.
@sirknight called this new time "expansion" very timely and in keeping with the things that are to come.

We can see what the word expansion means in the bible:

And God said: Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
Ge 1: 7
And God made the expanse, and divided the waters which were under the firmament, from the waters that were above the expanse: and it was so.
Ge 1: 8
And God called the expanse Heavens: and there was evening and there was morning, a second day.

When we speak of expansion, we speak of heaven, of kingdom, of God, this is the time of our heaven.

image courtesy of @edxserverus

In this new year of work, we will focus all our efforts to complement the work that our brothers have done to consolidate our bases, we are all prepared to impact the lives of others, we have received word, guidelines, messages that have reached our soul , it is time to place it by work. Do not think about bringing people just for a space, teach them the blessing you have received and make them part of this beautiful family. There are people who love God, love their work and with talents, special gifts, our third meeting awaits us in a year, and will be focused on the social impact we have achieved. If what we do does not bless lives, then it does not make sense to do so.

Grateful for this work of architecture to frame the images of the telos project, which our Architect designer Luis Rivas designed together with @edxserverus and a new logo for the anniversary of @sc-v, is incredible.

Our imagination of what will be STEEMCHURCH TELOS VILLAGE was captured in an imposing drawing with resplendent and decisive colors created by @karinalr and @edxserverus, this is a magical world.

God chose a knight to carry this mission, and a people to follow it, nothing is casual, everything has a divine representation, we may think that at a time @sirknight, had the idea of ​​doing all this, it is true, but that idea He was born in the heart of the creator and placed it in his heart.
We can look at the acorn, since antiquity represents strength and vigor, we see in the oak of Manrre a meeting of Abraham with THE MASTER, the most important thing is always Jesus in the whole history of salvation … but the holm oak is only a holm oak and the squirrel is just the squirrel.
If you are looking in an open territory, a sign of BLESSING will remain like Abraham in a holm oak forest of sweet acorns. The holm oak is the point of union of the 3 kingdoms: sky, earth and water. An oak , the truth is that many of our ancestors were blessed under these powerful trees. Many of us are surprised to see in the stages of the patriarch of the faith their insistence to place their tent near an ENCINE, either of the property of Moré, like that of Manre , and we ask ourselves why?
Genesis 13:18
Abram, therefore, removing his tent, came and dwelt in the oak of Mamre, which is in Hebron, and built an altar there to Jehovah. God sees us as a selected and selected holm oak wood and intends to remove the bitterness in our midst. oak or oak is a large and majestic tree that projects a cool and pleasant shade in the hottest times of day.

Here is a beautiful story:


In 1930 a young traveler was exploring the French Alps. It reached a vast expanse of barren land. I was devastated. It was threatening. It was horrible. It was the kind of place one fled from in a hurry.
Then, suddenly, the young traveler stopped on his heels. In the middle of this vast desert there was an old man bent over. On his back he carried a bag of acorns. In his hand was a piece of five and a half meter iron pipe.
The man used the iron pipe to open holes in the earth. Then, I took out of the bag that brought an acorn and placed it in the hole. Then the old man told the traveler: "I have planted more than 100,000 acorns, maybe only a tenth of them will grow." The old man's wife and son had died, and this was the way he had decided to invest his last years. "I want to do something useful," he said.
Twenty-five years later, the now not so young traveler returned to the same desolate place. What he saw surprised him. He could not believe what his own eyes saw. The land was covered with a beautiful forest three kilometers wide and eight long. Birds sang and animals played and wild flowers perfumed the environment.
The traveler stared at him, remembering the desolation that was once in his place; a beautiful forest of oaks now stood there - only because someone was interested.
Brian Cavanaugh, T.O.R., The Sower's Seeds The Chaplain's Thought.
Never tire of sowing, what now seems not to germinate one day will sprout. Maybe you do not see it, but you will see your children or your grandchildren and you will smile from the heavens. Life is a field and you are the sower.
Ecclesiastes 11: 4. He who watches the wind will not sow; and he who looks to the clouds will not reap.



You have been called and chosen not to be seated in a chair one or two days a week of your local church, not to write a few lines and receive some rewards, we were called to express Jesus' love to a world that is hungry for he who thirsts to know the living God, then … this is our opportunity, invite your friends, brothers, neighbors @steemchurch and guide you in all the steps to follow as a good disciple. You can read more in the following message:

To register at Steemchurch telos, fill out the following form:

"We are a special people called to announce the virtues of that one, who called us to his light."

"Heading for the STEEMCHURCH TELOS expansion, because the word will be the seed that will bring freedom to life."

For more information:
(] steemchurchvenezuela@gmail.com_
Whatsapp: +584265810831

We thank our collaborators

@sirknight,@sniffnscurry,@pennsif,@adollaraday,@fundition,@redpalestino, @charitycurator, @theycallmedan,@curatorhulk, @impactn-projects,@partiko.

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This post has just made my day... a truly wonderful day.

Thank you Apostle Darlenys, for this thoughtful and motivating post.

And these pictures are amazing - I will now hunt down the creators.

Great story about the old man planting the acorns. I am inspired to plant more acorns now - for I too wish to encourage a forest to grow.

I am... SirKnight.

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@Sirknight, you will be like a tree planted next to streams of water that gives its fruit in time, and its leaf does not fall, but everything you do will prosper.
Psalms 1-3

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A pleasure to be able to collaborate with this great community @darlenys01.

Hi Karin, have you received your Telos email from us?

You have received a gift from us for these wonderful pictures. Thankyou.

Please reply if you have not received your account details.


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I see here a keyword: UNION, is what this beautiful community represents.

Congratulations for the new designs, God has great blessings for the great community that is formed every day.

Count on me @darlenys01

Excellent @sc-v, I love this representation and the relationship you make with the thought of the chaplain.
"Never tire of sowing, what now seems not to germinate one day will sprout, you may not see it, but you will see your children or your grandchildren and smile from heaven, life is a field and you are the sower."
That is our great challenge in telos village.

This is very beautiful, the images are special, the message motivating and with great content, thanks for sharing.

It is amazing this message and reflection @darlenys01, everything is embedded in a design and divine purpose.

Tremendous teaching, als precious images worthy of an artist like @edxserverus, had never read the story of the acorn, very interesting.

This is a powerful vision @darlenys01, @sirknight.

Impressive images, I love them, the logo of @ sc-v and telos Village are great, congratulations @edxserverus, @karinalr, on the other hand @ darlenys01 I am very surprised with the intensity of the message, as you said it is not chance is the destination who has brought us here by the hand of @sirknight.

This is a massive reflection and promotion for @Sc-telos. Surely, our blessings are on the way as we expand to Telos.


That is a great campaign about the expansion of sc-telos. Thank you for sharing with us!

thank you very much, may God give peace,

This post is the one that can give me a beautiful day, I will follow you

Beautiful ... here is a perfect combination of content, drawings, history and actions for the expansion of telos. Incredible and motivating reflection @darlenys01. God bless your ministry.