SteemChurch: Weekend Challenge.

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Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

Will you accept SirKnight's challenge?

This weekend as you spend quality time with family and friends, this Knight challenges you to find 2 good Christians and introduce them to SteemChurch and Telos.

Have them complete our registration form and nominate YOU their referrer.

Then introduce them here in your blog post.

Until further notice, all parish leaders should be promoting SteemChurch Telos expansion and Telo Village posts.

Peace be with you my friends.


With thanks to Apostle Tikhub for our new sign board.

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Greetings, Sk, I accept the challenge. I just hope that the Internet and electricity allow me to carry out my greetings and many blessings.

Excellent Syramma and thank you. Good luck with electricity. SK.

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What a great challenge Sirknight. Accepted

Very good Father Faith.

In fact, a social man like you will have no trouble finding us 2 new parishioners - perhaps your challenge needs to be a target of 3. 😉

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Let's go to them! is a good challenge for the people of who believe in freedom. Excellent challenge @sirknight.

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OK I will try and introduce some of my friends and fellow steemian into steemchurch and telos

You can do it Obest. I know it.

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Hello sk, despite the difficulties I accept the challenge.

Thank you Lorennys - I am certain there is no difficulty which you can not overcome.


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Awesome! Challenge accepted with pleasure

Wonderful Ammyluv. And you are quickly learning about the amazing capabilities of EOS.IO technology.

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This is what I’ve started doing already, I’ve introduced one person who has registered but since it’s becoming a challenge now, then I think it’ll go wild! Thanks our golden knight, you’ll hear from me soon! Let rush to the field because we’re the fishers of men.

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I think this challenge is wonderful, I already have two friends who are about to become part of our community.

Thank you Ruben. I knew you would step up to this challenge! SK.

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Yes Sirknight, every parishioner must become a multiplier. Our Telos expansion will be very good and the faithful to the vision will be rewarded.


Great challenge. I wish to grow my influence on the steemchurch through this challenge folks. This is so yummy

Excellent challenge, I'm about to bring several friends

Always up for this. Like I told you, I target at 20+ invitees at the end of the month. I'll hopefully have 5 over the weekend.

Up @Sc-telos


Hi Sirknight, excellent 👍

Go ye therefore...

This is another commission to multiply our own community of believers.
Always ready for this.

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Greetings. from @nashilda17, I accept the estimated challenge @sirknight. Thanks for the expansion of steemchurch telos.

Hi, Golden Knight, this is the time we must expand our sc-telos, i got a message in my email about a day a go after i have filled my forms.

I'm equal to the task!!

Praise the Lord SK, thanks for this opportunity once again to make our friends know about telos village

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