MY EOS WALLET - TUTORIAL #1 - Folow Procedures to Set-up your Wallets for TLOS, Acorn and Beatitudes Blessings

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Few days ago, @Sirknight updated us on STEEMCHURCH TELEGRAM CHANNEL about the developments ongoing in the Telos Blockchain. Specifically, concerning a wallet for phone users, Sirknight introduced us to "My EOS Wallet".

In his words:

Hi all. I need a few software testers please. If you are a mobile user, please down load latest version of My EOS Wallet. Go to settings / manage accounts / add new account (or do straight from home screen) - then upload your active key and check it out. Remember to set blockchain to Telos (EOS is the default).

Yesterday, @Thechurch01 came to my office with his Fero Royale Y2 Lite, Andriod Version 7.0 and it was a good device to test-run the "My EOS Wallet". Thanks brother for making the work easy.

Thank you @Ammyluv for earlier telling us that that MEW is downloadable with small data requirements. @Marcelo182, your initial photo-share were also helpful.

It therefore becomes very necessary to guide our parishioners of Steemchurch using mobile phones to activate their wallets which will hodl TELOS in the present, then Acorns and #Beatitudes token in the near future.

The steps to get your wallets set-up are herewith detailed:

1. Goto you Google play store and search for "My EOS Wallet", Download and Install.

2. Launch the App which will show the following welcome screens whihc can be skipped.

3. Click on the settings tab, you can see a menu drop-out which will show the operations that can be made using the wallet.

4. On the settings menu, click on "Manage accounts" and then click "Add new account" as shown below.

5. On the Account type which selects EOS on default, click the drop down icon to select TELOS.

6. After selecting TELOS, copy and paste your Active Private key sent to you on your welcome email after the creation of Telos. The mail was probably from @Sirknight, @Ammyluv or @Marciabon. Click "NEXT"

7. Create a password to encrypt your wallet to prevent compromised usage. Always remember to back-up your passwords in a safe place in case of a damaged device. Click "CONTINUE"

8. On completing the above steps, your Telos wallet will open by default showing your bonus TLOS as well as the referral bonuses.

Hurray! your wallet just got set if you followed the steps above. However, note that your Acorn blessings are not yet deposited on your wallet because it is not yet supported. Shortly, the next update of the Wallet App will support Acorns and our upcoming #beatitudes blessings.


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Useful links:


Contact Steemchurch:



FILL THIS FORM and use uyobong.jc as referrer in the questioned screenshot below


Don't forget to fill this form:

I see Steemchurch Telos Village. beyond a "conventional village setting." As captured above by @Sirknight in the working proposal, Telos Village is a community for the prosperity of the community.

A shout-out to the great supporters of #steem - @sirknight, @sniffnscurry, @Surpassinggoogle, @theycallmedan, @Singhcapital @Aggroed @pennsif, @adollaraday, @fundition, @charitycurator, @curatorhulk, @partiko @Darlenys01 @top-exchanges @Clixmoney

I am UYOBONG MBABA, your brother, teacher and analyst


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Thanks bro for uploading it, after i left your office, i got instantly: my reward for registering one friend of mine on the steem church telos platform the screen shot of MY EOS WALLET with my updated balance is posted above

Thanks @Thechurch01 for supporting this.


Great tutorials.. Resteemed!!

Thanks for the tutorial, I hope it’ll soon come in iOS version.

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Surely soonest!

Very informative! Thank you for doing this

Thanks @Ammyluv for your wonderful roles on this matter.

This is very informative

I hope it serves you well.

Thanks for subscribing =]

Brilliant tutorial Brother Uyobong. Thank you.


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Dear @uyobong

I'm sorry I can not register.

My cell phone barely has 512MB of RAM and it does not support many applications- I read your comment in the publication of @crypto.piotr

Coordinating greetings

Well explained this tutorial UY, thank you very much for taking your time to explain this step by step to the parishioners.