SBD TA projection for Jan 2018

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Technical analysis predict breakout at miniumum 20$ up to 25$ at end of January.

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You forget that SBD will go back to 1 Dollar in the mid to long term. Steem could profit from that because autors earn more money for their posts and use the SBD to buy Steem and use it for powering up. Here is how the regulation mechanism works:

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

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Awesome TA!

Very remarkable analysis. Thank you very much for the information. Hope you keep posting. Good luck always for you @checkthisout.

this is a very interesting post. what are all of those "It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)" posts for?

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Thank you.

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Since the Steem Backed Dollars (SBDs) are supposed to be pegged at the USD $1.00 dollars, it will be very interesting to see what the powers that are within the Steemit community will decide to do in relation to this incredible price tag that has moved our precious SBD to heights unimaginable so far...

If your prediction is right, we will see some unprecedented events doubling on what we have just witnessed over the passed little while. Thanks for the highly positive analysis and prospect! ;)

Namaste :)

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

He states that SBD can't fall below 1 Dollar and its no upper limit if there is demand. In my opinion SBD price is only that high because there was a pump of a small market. But my logic says me that 500% inflation will have its effect.

Thanks for the correction you bring to my understanding there by stating that it has no upper limit and can't fall below the USD $1.00... Even more interesting in regards to what has just been posted as an analysis of the SBD pump and its effect on the whole Steemit ecosystem!

Here's a link to my thoughts on it and the whole article, very well written with great concerns for us all here on

Namaste :)

Interesting, I still cant tell if TA works or not with crypto

Place holder. (This is helping SBD correction, which is good for Steem).

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This is your second post. Why would anyone care if you stopped posting? Or am I missing something.

On your technical analysis I don't disagree with the chart your showing but on fundamental grounds I would arrive at a different conclusion. SBD is pumped at the moment and in my opinion will reduce in value as people stop buying it for inflated prices.

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

lol he will stop posting even thought he just started posting, what a nonsense haha

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

And now we see the true damage that self voting can cause to the platform. Very interesting and point well made. I suppose at some point, someone will have to step up and do something.

Until then I wish you luck in your utilization of flaws inherent to the current system to enrich yourself. Technically speaking your are not breaking rules, and utilizing only the permissible features inherent to every account.

Granted the behavior is frowned upon, but hey who cares if you can use Steemit like a debit card as a result of the fact that it has no preventative measures in place to prevent this type of behavior.

Got to keep calm and remember that the wheels turn slowly in this kind of decentralized, widely distributed setting. Got to pick your battles, and start with small, incremental achievable steps. Finally, you've got to have faith in a majority that thinks like you, whose dream is that Steemit be home to quality along the lines of Stack Exchange, to name one example. This is not something that happens overnight. It requires networking and stamina, lots of stamina. Personally, I don't have any problem with self-upvoting. I distribute my voting power equally between others and myself. And I deserve every penny I make because I always post quality. Always. Can't say the same for others unfortunately, but they're not my concern either. Sure it gets my goat, but that's how the system is made, and the hope is that the gaming of the platform will slowly lose out, if, and this is a big IF, those of us committed to quality focus on the positive and let the negative wallow in its own mire. That having been said, I agree that changes should be made, but we need to have reasonable expectations and not see this as all or nothing, now or never. Gather your data, prioritize your actions, and slowly move forward. You know that there are lots of people like us outside the inner circle of "whales", and some within I'm positive, who are going to be in basic agreement on this. The big question is how, how much, and how soon? I'd say a good start would be the elimination of downvoting all together forcing everyone to start focusing exclusively on the positive.

I don't think it would be fair to put any kind of cap on rewards because of posts like this one (which, in fact, I think should have made more!):

Yes it is an interesting problem that is for sure. We shall see what changes are made. It will take time but I do think we need some goverance

And let's get rid of downvoting. Who cares if a couple of nitwits go off on a tangent? What's important is that the majority of us move forward together in the positive. The most important enemy of positive action is the downvote. Get rid of it and those nitwits off on their own can no longer cause harm to others.

I agree, but I don't think we can totally obliterate it as it is needed for certain types of content. I think the "flag" sends the wrong message we should have a thumbs down for routine bitching and a flag for illegal content

Okay, a flag for illegal content, and/or content expressly disapproved by Steemit.

But the negative voting, as in censorship, is something I don't like at all. And it's a financial waste of resources to boot!

I totally agree, there should also be a penalty applied for simply acting like a dickhead.. like losing a time out on a failed challenge in football.

Make it simple and just get rid of it.

Its an absolute joke dude, since your previous about the flagging I've been doing my bit but it seems that the more I looked into it the more shit I found gaming the system. I was happy in my world of music making but now I'm seeing just how much this site is being exploited.

Very interesting indeed, and seems like it would benefit oneself to just deposit a significant amount to make it worthwhile and then just game the system right along with them.. Pretty crazy for sure..

Both @checkthisout and @grumpycat are new. Around a half a million is what "they" brought on board - estimated prices at the time.

One of the first Steemit slogans was "Blogging is the new mining". Essentially that's absolutely true. The rewards pool is mined and then distributed. If you don't have anything to say, I guess you can only upvote your own nonsense. On the other hand, everyone has something to say, to contribute, so maybe this something that needs a little direction . . . and it might be a "How To" that turns into something useful for many more in the future.

How to see a reasonable return on your investment and support the community's focus on quality at the same time (thus also ensuring the long term success of your investment too).

  • Commenting and the value of your comments about topics you know well
  • Introduction and informative posts (e.g. updates on where your votes are going, etc)
  • Interesting tidbits of knowledge
  • Etc., etc,

Everyone has something good to say.

P.S. I'm going to happily and rightfully give myself full power upvotes on both of my comments here! 🙂

Yeah, that is somewhat crazy the way they are doing it.. I would be a bit more deceptive I think and go to old old post and upvote my comments there, little here, little there.. nothing big.. if it were my intention to game the system on the down low.. Create a couple accounts to vote myself up as well.. I am curious how this problem will end up being addressed that is for sure.

And to go to all that trouble to hide what can't be hidden!

I do it openly. 50% of my VP for me, 50% for others contributing quality content. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't rewarding myself. Wouldn't have ever powered up. The fact is that this is now one of the best ways "to mine" that there is! I've been mining since late 2012, and I'm thrilled to be here, "mining", and producing something of value in return too! With practically no carbon footprint! Doing something I enjoy, but mind you, I've been on BBs, Forums, even done a [sucessful] stint on Disqus (with other 3rd party publishing as well) and I gave them all up simply because my time is better rewarded doing other things (as anyone who's ever tried to run a profit on the internet well knows, as you well know). The only reason why I'm here is the financial coupling. Even though it still pays horribly, at least I've got some sort of justification. 😆

And it might just turn out to be as revolutionary as we think it might be.

BB's, wow that brings me back to my wildcat days and tradewars.. lol back in the 9600 modem days.. Yeah I have been in the game for a while, grabbed my first BTC sub $100... remember when coinbase opened up.. Yeah it has been something to see this industry grow, and perhaps you are correct, 50/50 may be a good idea and smart way to do things. Right now I'm spending 95 percent or more on everyone else.. not that my .04 really helps but my rep can a little bit for the 25 club. I may change as I grow more on the platform. See how I feel as I start smashing milestones, 10k ,25k, etc.

BB's, wow that brings me back . . .

Yeah, I was referring to my blogging experience, originally unrelated to crypto, and dating back, back before the word blogging ever existed. 😮

And I gave it up because, even though I had many a happy reader, I made no money doing it and I could no longer justify giving so much away for free.

BTW, I will be upvoting your comments in this thread as well since I consider it to be a very good conversation that I judge as being valuable to the community - certainly worth much more than the 15 or so measly dollars we'll take home as a result . . . but like I've been saying, something is better than nothing.

Exactly what is said as I think it

true, very true

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

I think pretty much no one is understanding the true purpose of what you are doing here.

Anyway, I hope the SBD price corrects asap.

What about Steem’s TA?

steemit is really full of sheeple, pull your head out the clouds minnows, your being played!

I appreciate your analysis


If this really happens it is not hard to become a millionaire after all haha.. hope it really happens. even I don't have sbd right now I am happy to be a part of steemit

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

Please resteem or promote to finally a good witness that cares about this platform and isnt afraid to stand up to berniesanders....haejins followers upvote my posts and resteem....
.if your a whale or dolphin delegate to me your SP so i can stomp bernie aka justin for good...i delegated all my steempower to haejin already im weak

Red Flag for this bot ! and Flaaaags for @berniesanders!!

I would love that fingers crossed that will happen!

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

Valuable info, but what normally helps me to understand your technical analysis is reading through all the place holder comments on your posts. Keep up the good work!

so that's where you get all your SBD from. You comment on @checkthis out and then he answers you with massive self-upvoting. Clever. Very clever.^^

Dump those SBD for STEEM or fiat === SBD correction, indeed very clever :P

good analysis!! go to the moon

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

This is some of the most informative videos on Steemit. I wished more steemians shared ideas about earning more income.

Thanks checkthisout. I always feel smarter after reading your posts. Please keep sharing your thoughts. interesting post

Strong SBD is great for people like me who run contests on Steemit because I can give fairly decent prizes at the moment!

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

Honestly if that happens it would be like Christmas and my birthday at the same time lol

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

hope this happens

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

wow, It will be great for all of Steemit users. Thanks dear for your awesome post.

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

I Following to your post. Upvote and resteem.

Don’t stop posting 😂
Let’s continue STEEMING 🍻

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

maybe i dont get it?

Then why not help SBD correction voting for other people's comments/posts? I wouldn't mind if you start with this one.

that would be awesome

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

Wait till the end of first week.....2nd week of januart is the christmas for sbd 😍

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

I appreciate your analysis

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

Looks like quite a promising prediction :-)
$25 per SBD :-)

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

Yeah it was quite a mooning prediction but it is still very possible, considering that SBD was almost $15 recently.

This is hilarious. Your experiments make us ask the question:

What is valid content?
What proves one brain in the current "proof-of-brain" distribution system?

That's some deep philosophy there.

Your technical analysis is spot on, given that it is simply low-effort bullshit content. But that's point, isn't it? Genius. The natural progression from no-effort to low-effort.

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

That sure is a hopeful curve analysis.... I will pray as well.

Could certainly use the help.

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

That will be AWESOME! Fingers crossed @checkthisout!

I wish your prediction be true. I am also seeing this up above 20$ in jan 2018.

I earned a lot from SBD. So i say thanks to SBD always.

Now i have started my blog here. I hope you will lile it.

Underwater photoshoot at Bali - A heaven on earth.
Visit Santa's official office at SANTA CLAUS VILLAGE in Finland

It was a joke. (This is helping SBD correction)

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SBD project very nice...
i thing this month we will go top...
steem work amazing...
thanks for sharing...

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